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Basel Guide

What should I know before visiting Basel?

Basel is located on the border of three countries

While Basel is technically in Switzerland, it also sits on the borders of France and Germany. In fact, Euro Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport (BSL) is located just over the border in France. Make the most of Basel’s great location and plan to spend a bit of time in each of these three countries when you book tickets to Basel. Take advantage of Europe’s great train network to take day trips to nearby cities, such as Colmar, France and Freiburg, Germany.

Switzerland is not in the EU

Although all of its neighbouring countries are part of the European Union, Switzerland has always been independent from the EU. Therefore, it uses its own currency rather than the euro. The currency you’ll use after arriving on flights to Basel is the Swiss franc (CHF). 1 franc equates to about $1.50 AUD. And while Switzerland isn’t in the EU, it is in the Schengen Zone. This means you can travel visa-free between Switzerland and the majority of countries in mainland Europe.

Switzerland uses a unique power adapter

While packing for your cheap flights to Basel, be aware that Switzerland uses a different power adapter than all other European countries. While most European countries use plug type E, Switzerland uses type J. If you’ll be visiting several countries after your flights to Basel, consider investing in a universal travel adapter that can be used in every country.


What are the best things to do in Basel?


One of the best ways to learn about the city’s history is by exploring Alstadt while holidaying on flights to Basel. Alstadt is the city’s Old Town and is scenically located on the banks of the Rhine River. There are countless attractions to explore around this neighbourhood when you have return flights to Basel, including City Hall, Marktplatz, and Basel Minster. Modern shops and restaurants serving local food are scattered between the attractions, making this one of the best areas to explore while visiting the city after cheap flights to Basel.

Basel Minster

While strolling through the city after your flights to Basel, it’s almost impossible to miss Basel Minster. The medieval cathedral features two red sandstone towers that dominate the city’s skyline. Basel Minster was first built in 1019 and features both Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles. While visiting Switzerland on return flights to Basel, admire the church from the banks of the Rhine, then head inside to see medieval artefacts and artwork. Tickets to enter Basel Minster cost 4 francs ($5.90 AUD) and include the opportunity to climb the towers where there is a panoramic view over the city.


During the Middle Ages, Basel was surrounded by two layers of fortified city walls. Spalentor was one of the several city gates that offered passage through the outer layer of city walls. Today, it is one of three remaining city gates and is considered by many to be the most beautiful. For a stunning view overlooking the gate, you can even book a room at Hotel Spalentor. Reserve a room at this hotel with Webjet once you’ve booked airfare to Basel.


What is the cost of visiting Basel?

Switzerland is infamous for its higher cost of living, when compared to some of its European neighbours. When you book cheap flights to Basel with Webjet, those savings will come in handy to put towards dining out, sightseeing, and any transport costs for your holiday. Once you have booked airfare to Basel, you can save even more by booking accommodation through Webjet as well. There are a variety of hotels available in central Basel with an average nightly rate of about $200 AUD.

After arriving on flights to Basel, you can take advantage of a wide network of public transport. Single-ride tickets in the city centre cost 3.80 Swiss francs ($5.60 AUD). You can also catch public bus 50 from the airport for the same fare. If you’d prefer to catch a taxi from Euro Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport (BSL), the average cost into the city centre is 50 francs ($73.80 AUD).

While planning for your return flights to Basel, make sure to set aside some cash to indulge in the city’s great food and drink scene. A meal from a local restaurant typically costs about 25 francs (about $37 AUD). A latte or cappuccino from a local cafe will cost you about 4.50 francs ($6.65 AUD), and a pint of domestic beer from a pub costs about 6 francs ($8.85 AUD).