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Barcelona Guide

Know Before You Go

  • On Sundays, shops and restaurants in Barcelona will shut their doors for the day. Spend the day at the beach or head to the park for a picnic.
  • Tipping is not expected in Barcelona. Unless you receive exceptional service, a few coins are more than enough to say thank you.
  • Bread at restaurants is not complimentary. If you nibble away at the rolls your waiter puts on your table, it will be added to your bill.
  • Barcelona has a free public WiFi network throughout the city. You can connect at hotspots, public access points or various municipal amenities. Most bars and restaurants also offer free Wifi if you need to catch up on emails during your trip.
  • If you want to visit Barcelona's many museums, check the date before you go. Many of the best museums offer free entry once a month or every Sunday between 3pm and 8pm.
  • Barcelona runs on a different schedule compared to other European countries. Lunch is usually around 2:30 pm and dinner is between 8 pm and 11 pm. If you show up at a restaurant earlier, it's likely they won't even be open.

Getting Around Barcelona

  • An excellent way to explore Barcelona is by Bicing. It's a bike sharing system with a network of over 400 stations across the city. It takes the hassle out of navigating public transport and lets you travel to your destination at your own pace.
  • If you want to get around the city quickly, the Metro system is your best bet. The trains are reliable, and at €2.15 for a single journey, it's good value for money. The service operates Sunday to Thursday from 5am to midnight and Friday to Saturday from 5 am to 2 am.
  • Barcelona has an extensive bus network consisting of more than 100 buses and over 80 routes. Tickets cost €2.15 a trip and running times and frequency depend on the route. The city also has a night bus service that runs from 10:40 pm to 6 am.
  • If you plan on using different types of public transport to get to your final destination, buy a T10 ticket. It will let you transfer between the bus, metro or tram and only deduct one trip from your card as long your trip is shorter than one hour and fifteen minutes.
  • The city also has a fleet of 11,000 taxis to take you around Barcelona. The basic rate begins at 2€, and each additional kilometre costs 1€.

When is The Best Time to Visit Barcelona?

The best time to visit Barcelona is from May to June during the short spring season. Temperatures are low, but still warm and there are several festivals to attend. Prices for accommodation and airfare are still reasonable and have yet to inflate for the impending summer rush.

The summer months of July to August are Barcelona's high season. Temperatures, humidity and prices are at their highest as tourists pour into the city. Expect hour long lines for any tourist attractions and to struggle to find affordable accommodation if you haven't booked in advance.

Tourist season slows again during the cities autumn months of September to October. Hotel prices will be lower than in the summer months, and the city starts to empty out. But if you are planning any outdoor activities, keep in mind that October does see more rain than other months in the year.

The cheapest time to visit Barcelona is January to February. Accommodation prices and airfare are more affordable for budget travellers, and you'll be able to find a cheap hotel near the beach. The cold weather also thins out the crowds at tourist attractions like Parc Güell or Sagrada Familia, so you won't have to waste time standing in long lines. 

Airports in Barcelona

Barcelona has three airports that you can choose from. Deciding which one all depends on your budget, how much time you have and what you want to see.

Barcelona–El Prat Airport

El Prat is the main airport in Barcelona. It is located 12 km from the city centre and is the second largest and busiest airport in the country. It's a hub for Air Nostrum, EasyJet, Norwegian Air International, Ryanair and Vueling.

A taxi from El Prat into the city centre will cost €25.00 with a supplement of €3.10 and will take about 20 minutes. Other public transport options include the RENFE train for 3€ and the Aerobus express bus service for 5€. Both options have a travel time of 25 minutes depending on traffic.

Girona-Costa Brava Airport

Girona-Costa is a cheap alternative to Barcelona's main airport. Budget airlines like RyanAir operate 62 flights from here, making it a great option for travellers on the budget. But if you decide to fly in or out here, you need to flexible. The airport is located 91 km from Barcelona, and you'll need time to transfer to the city.

A bus from Girona-Costa into the city will take 1hr 15min and cost 21 for a round trip.

There is also a train from the airport that you could take if you want to see The Dalí Museum in Figueres. You could break your journey up by stopping there before catching another train into Barcelona.

The only other option to get from the airport into the city is to rent a car. If you are travelling with friends, this can work out cheaper.

Reus Airport

Reus is a small airport located 75 km from Barcelona. It is a base for Ryanair and also offers cheaper flights than the main El Prat airport.

To get into the city, you can catch a bus with a private company called Hispano Igualadina. Fares are €23 for a round trip and will take 90 minutes to reach Barcelona.

There is also an option to rent a car, but the bus is the more affordable if you are travelling on a tight budget.