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Sun 26 Jun 19 Jun
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Sun 26 Jun
Updated on 20 Jun
$1,414 RETURN
Mon 27 Jun
Updated on 19 Jun
$1,540 RETURN
Tue 28 Jun
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$1,600 RETURN
Wed 29 Jun
Updated on 18 Jun
$1,423 RETURN
Thu 30 Jun
Updated on 18 Jun
$1,489 RETURN

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Cheapest return price for the current month from $1,414
Cheapest return price over next 6 months from $398
Cheapest month October 2022
Most expensive month June 2022
Average flight time 9h 25m

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Compare Cheap Flights from Melbourne to Bangkok

Rich in history and culture, Bangkok will leave you breathless. Bangkok is the capital and largest city in Thailand and has something to offer all types of travellers. The city is full of history, amazing food, and some of the best nightlife you’ll ever experience. The landscape of Bangkok is beautiful, with a series of rivers and canals throughout the city. Bangkok is a very affordable city for Australian travellers, meaning you’ll be able to take advantage of all the activities available to you. You can never go wrong booking cheap flights from Melbourne to Bangkok with Webjet. 

With around 700 cheap flights from Melbourne to Bangkok available each week, you have plenty of opportunity to get to the cosmopolitan hub of Thailand. Many top airlines offer cheap flights from Melbourne to Bangkok Airport. Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Thai Airways, AirAsia, and Emirates all offer flights Melbourne to Bangkok. Several direct flights are available each day, getting you to Bangkok Airport in just over 9 hours.

Tips for First-Time Travellers to Bangkok

  • Keep small change and notes on you. Think about keeping a coin purse topped with smaller denomination notes and a handful of loose coins in your bag. Some street vendors may refuse to break larger notes and having a stash of coins or 20 baht notes means not having to make a dash to the nearest convenience store.
  • Follow the locals’ lead and stop for the national anthem. The Thai national anthem is broadcast across the city twice daily; at 8am and 5pm. Locals stop for the duration of the anthem and it is a sign of respect for travellers visiting on flights Melbourne to Bangkok to also pause whatever they are doing. 
  • Eat the street food, but only if it is cooked in front of you. A favourite thing for tourists in Thailand on cheap flights to Bangkok from Melbourne to do is roam the local markets and sink their teeth into street food. Many foods are safe to eat, however it is wise to only choose items that are cooked fresh-to-order in front of you. In particular, ask for any meats to be kept on the griddle for a few extra minutes. If eating in a restaurant, look for eateries that are busy with locals.
  • Carry a hotel business card or write your destination down in Thai. Having a couple of key locations written down in Thai on a piece of paper, to keep in your backpack or purse, will help side-step any language barriers when you get into a taxi or want to ask for directions.
  • Be aware of the ‘tourist price’ and the ‘local price’. Yes, tourists do get charged more than locals for certain services or items and it can be hard to avoid. Doing some research ahead of landing on flights Melbourne to Bangkok will help you know what prices to expect, which can be a useful haggling tactic.
  • Only use taxis with meters. One of the most common ways for tourists exploring Thailand with cheap flights to Bangkok from Melbourne to be ripped off is by overpriced taxis. Always use a taxi with a meter that reads a starting fare of about 35 baht. If you’re inclined to take a tuk tuk, make sure to agree on the price before setting out on the journey.

Major Events and Festivals

The Thai holiday and festival calendar is packed with celebrations that align with both Western events and traditional culture. Tourists booking Melbourne to Bangkok flights and whose travel dates coincide with these major events are welcome to partake in the festivities, however it is important to note that tickets to Bangkok from Melbourne during this time may be more expensive than other times of the year. Songkran is perhaps the biggest event on the calendar. This is the Thai New Year celebration and lasts for an entire week in April. Melbourne to Bangkok return flights for travel to Songkran should be booked well in advance. Do take note however that a tradition of Songkran are the friendly water fights – occurring right out in the streets! – and tourists often become easy targets. One of the next big holidays is the King’s Birthday, now happening on July 28 having recently shifted from December 5. Many businesses, banks and government offices close to observe this national holiday, however tourists in Thailand on flights Melbourne to Bangkok will find that some shops and restaurants remain open. Book cheap flights to Bangkok from Melbourne in time for the first full moon of November; this marks Loy Krathong and travellers will be able to catch the sight of decorative floats being sent out into the water. These offerings are said to cleanse bad luck. Other big events and festivals for those with cheap flights Melbourne to Bangkok to note on their itineraries include Chinese New Year (late January to mid-February), Wai Kru Day (June or October) and Bangkok Illumination Festival.

Top Experiences for Visitors With Flights Bangkok to Melbourne

No matter if you are a shopaholic or not, one must-have experience for every traveller aboard flights Melbourne to Bangkok is a visit to one of the city’s buzzing markets. The Thai capital is brimming with high-energy marketplaces and one of the best things to do in Bangkok is to head to Chatuchak Market on Saturday or Sunday. This is the largest weekend market in Thailand, spread across 35 acres and 8000 stalls. Those planning to pick up souvenirs to take back with them on Melbourne to Bangkok return flights should make sure to bring cash as to prevent a hurried search for an ATM. Another market to visit while in Bangkok is the Amphawa Floating Market, the second-largest of its kind in the city. The market can easily be visited on a day trip from Bangkok, and the markets are open from Friday to Sunday in the afternoon and evening. Travellers on flights Melbourne to Bangkok wanting the most out of their market visit can organise for a local guide to take them around.

Two of Bangkok’s must-see landmarks for visitors travelling on cheap flights to Bangkok from Melbourne are the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. The Palace complex covers a huge area – more than 200,000 sq metres, to be exact – and contains myriad opulent and intricately-adorned buildings once used by the Thai Royal court and the government. Be sure to wear dress that covers the shoulders and knees when visiting and beware of any scammers lurking outside the Palace gates. Wat Pho also requires visitors to dress modestly and is conveniently located adjacent to the Palace so travellers on flights Melbourne to Bangkok can tick off these sights in the same day. Wat Pho, or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, is one of the largest temple complexes in Bangkok. Its most revered claim to fame is, unsurprisingly, the reclining gold-laid statue of Buddha that comes in at 46 metres long.

More experiences to add to the itinerary of tourists with tickets to Bangkok from Melbourne include a scenic boat ride along the Chao Phraya River, an appointment for a traditional Thai massage, trekking to the top of the abandoned Sathorn Unique Tower, a meal in Chinatown, and watching the sunset from atop one of the city’s many rooftop bars. And other things to do in Bangkok include:

Bangkok National Museum

If you’re interested in learning about Thailand’s rich history, the Bangkok National Museum is a must-see. The museum’s relics include puppets, textiles, gold and precious stones, Khon masks, and royal funeral chariots. Take in the vast range of Thai art and artifacts on a self-guided visit, or go on a Wednesday or Thursday for a tour led by an English-speaking guide.

Wat Arun

While staying in Thailand, it’s crucial that you visit at least one of the country’s beautiful temples. Wat Arun is located about 3 km outside of the city centre, just across the Chao Phraya River. The temple is just as beautiful up close as it is from across the river. Named after Aruna, the god of dawn, the temple is covered in porcelain and ceramic tiles, making it especially stunning around sunrise and sunset, when the sunlight is muted.

Bang Krachao Gardens

Just outside of the city centre, you can visit these beautiful gardens that will make you feel like you’re a world away from fast-paced Bangkok. The Bang Krachao Gardens are made up of walking trails, lakes, and tropical jungle. The gardens stretch out along the Chao Phraya River, where you can see stilt houses that are unique to Thailand and very common in the area.

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