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Bangkok Guide

Top Things to Do and See

No matter when you choose to book your tickets to Bangkok, there are certain landmarks you cannot miss. Bangkok is home to the largest outdoor market in Thailand, where you can find anything and everything. Chatuchak Market spans across 27 acres and houses more than 8000 stalls. It is open every Saturday and Sunday and attracts more than 200,000 people a day. Visitors landing on cheap flights to Bangkok should spend a few hours perusing the stalls that sell everything from handcrafted quilts and baskets, to fresh produce and street foods. If you fancy shopping in the air conditioning, head to the MBK shopping centre. The modern shopping mall in the city is eight storeys high and is home to more than 2,000 stores. If you’re coming in on flights to Bangkok to score deals on name brand items, MBK is the place to go. The top floor of the mall holds a multi-screen theatre, a karaoke lounge, 3D Trick Art Museum, computer games arcade, and a variety of restaurants and cafes. If you’ve booked flights to Bangkok in the wet season, MBK is the perfect place to avoid the rain. But perhaps the most iconic landmark visitors coming in on cheap flights to Bangkok want to see is the 48-metre golden Buddha statue housed in Wat Traimit. The temple can be a bit challenging to get to via public transit, but a metered taxi can bring you to the temple at any time. When you first lay eyes on the large golden structure, you will understand its draw. The statue weighs more than five tons and is made completely of gold. Appropriate clothing is required, but you can wear socks to protect your feet from the hot marble flooring.

The Best Time to Visit With Cheap Flights to Bangkok

In your research for cheap flights to Bangkok, you’ll find the city is known to be hot and humid most of the year. This can greatly affect your holiday if you’re not prepared. Be sure to pack lightweight clothing, such as linen or light cotton, that can dry quickly overnight. If you’re travelling on flights to Bangkok between July through October, be prepared for rain and elevated humidity. Daily temperatures rarely dip below 32 °C making it hard to enjoy any outdoor excursions. However, if you don’t mind scorching heat and high humidity, monsoon season is the best time to score big savings on airfare to Bangkok. Just remember to pack sunscreen and drink plenty of bottled water on holiday. March through June are the hottest months to visit with April seeing the highest levels of rain. But if you’re able to snap up flights to Bangkok in April you’ll be treated to a colourful Thai New Year celebrations across the city. Winter months between November through March experience the lowest levels of humidity and the coolest days. Some nights can even drop to 16°C giving everyone a much needed respite from the hot days. This peak travel season means a rise in hotel prices and increased airfare to Bangkok. If you’re hoping to travel in the peak season, book your hotel, excursions, and tickets to Bangkok well in advance.

Tips for First-Time Travellers Flying on Flights to Bangkok

If it’s your first time on flights to Bangkok, you may be in for quite a shock if you don’t know what to expect. The streets of Bangkok can be simultaneously filled with a mix of Buddhist monks, tourists, and regulars of Patpong (the red light district). This mix of personalities can create a chaotic, yet exhilarating setting for those travelling in on return flights to Bangkok for the first time. The mix of ancient temples and modern buildings and shopping malls only adds to the mystifying personality of the city. But once you dive in to the charms of the city, you’ll discover the diverse culture of the locals is actually what makes the city so alluring. As soon as you clear Customs and Immigration at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), head to the ground floor to find the outdoor taxi queue. There will be taxi drivers inside the airport who will offer to drive you, but they are not regulated and will charge you more than necessary. The attendant at the outdoor kiosk will write down your information in Thai and arrange for a licensed taxi to take you to your destination for a fair price. Once you’ve arrived at your hotel, head straight for a DTAC shop to purchase a local SIM card for your smartphone. Having internet connection will allow you to grab a taxi, get directions, find hours for temples and landmarks, and check public transit information. Find cheap flights to Bangkok on Webjet and use the savings to invest in a small passport pouch or money carrier that will fit beneath your clothing. This will set your mind at ease when roaming through busy markets and crowded temples. It’s also a good idea to carry small, 20 baht notes as opposed to larger 1,000 baht notes as many taxi drivers, market vendors, and street vendors will not be able to break larger bills. As hot as it gets in the city, you may be tempted to pack slinky tanks and short shorts before departing on flights to Bangkok. That attire is acceptable inside your hotel, however, there is a strict dress code enforced in town and in temples. Men and women must cover their shoulders and all areas above the knee. And finally, first timers on return flights to Bangkok needn’t be alarmed when the National Anthem blasts through the city at 8am and 6pm each day. This is just another part of the Thai culture that makes Bangkok so wonderful.