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Bangalore Guide

What are Bangalore’s most famous landmarks and monuments?

Bangalore Palace

There are several palaces to visit when you book flights to Bangalore. The most well-known is Bangalore Palace, in the heart of the city. The palace was built in 1878 and was modelled after the Tudor style of Windsor Castle in England. For several decades, the palace was home to Maharaja Chamarajendra Wadiyar. Today, visitors who have booked airfare to Bangalore can visit the palace to admire its elaborate stained-glass windows, fortified towers, Victorian-era furnishings, and sprawling lawns. Tickets to Bangalore Palace cost 460 rupees ($9.50 AUD).

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Bangalore is a bustling city where there’s always something going on. However, if you want to escape the chaos of the city for a bit in between your return flights to Bangalore, plan a visit to Lalbagh Botanical Garden. The garden is an oasis that spans 98 hectares in the city centre. Lalbagh was first established in 1760 and still features some of the original trees and plants. While holidaying on flights to Bangalore, stroll through Lalbagh Botanical Garden to see a diverse range of plants from France, Persia and Japan. You can also view the Lalbagh Rock, which is thought to be one of the most ancient rock formations on earth.

Bull Temple

If you’re interested in learning about Hindu culture after your cheap flights to Bangalore, plan a visit to Bull Temple. Also known as Dodda Basavana Gudi, the Bull Temple was built in 1537 to honour the Hindu demi-god Nandi, who is portrayed as a bull. The temple features striking Dravidian architecture and is thought to be the largest temple devoted to Nandi in the world. While exploring the city after your flights to Bangalore, visit Bull Temple to learn more about Hindu culture and see an enormous granite sculpture of Nandi.


What is the best way to get around Bangalore?

After arriving on cheap flights to Bangalore, you’ll have no trouble exploring the city by public transport. From the airport, both shuttle buses and taxis offer service into the city. Shuttle buses operate across 10 different routes; bus number 9 travels directly to Kempegowda Bus Station in the city centre.

Between your return flights to Bangalore, make the most of the city’s metro and bus networks. The metro in Bangalore connects to 40 stations across the city and suburbs. There are two metro lines: the Purple Line and the Green Line. These lines intersect at Majestic in the city centre and then extend to the outer reaches of Bangalore. Major stops along the metro include KR Market, City Railway Station, and Cubbon Park. While most locals and visitors prefer to catch the metro, public buses are also available around the centre and into the suburbs.

For a direct ride from point A to point B, you could also opt for a taxi or auto-rickshaw while holidaying on flights to Bangalore. Both taxis and auto-rickshaws operate all across the city and suburbs of Bangalore. Make sure to agree on a price in advance or ask your driver to turn on the meter to avoid being overcharged.


What is the cost of visiting Bangalore?

Once you have booked return flights to Bangalore, you can also use Webjet to make a hotel reservation. Webjet offers a wide range of accommodation options across Bangalore to meet the needs of every type of traveller. The average nightly rate for a hotel room is about $150 AUD. If you’re planning for a low-budget holiday after booking cheap flights to Bangalore, hotel rooms can be booked for as low as $20 AUD.

Transportation is another expense to keep in mind when you book airfare to Bangalore. The airport shuttle from Bangalore Airport (BLR) to the city costs 95 rupees (about $2 AUD). Alternatively, you could catch a taxi directly to your hotel for about 600 rupees ($12.40 AUD). Once you are in the city, you can catch the metro to make your way around. A single ride metro ticket ranges from 10 to 22 rupees (20 to 45 cents AUD), depending on how far you travel.

Food and drink are another important aspect to budget for when you book tickets to Bangalore. A meal from a local restaurant will typically cost about 200 rupees ($4.15 AUD). Beginning your morning with a latte costs about 120 rupees ($2.50 AUD), while treating yourself to a domestic beer costs about 150 rupees ($3.10 AUD).


How much time should I spend in Bangalore?

When you book flights to Bangalore, plan to spend two to three days exploring all that the city has to offer. From there, extend your trip by travelling further into the Bangalore countryside or booking a cheap Webjet flight to another Indian hub, such as Mumbai or Kolkata.