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Major Events and Festivals

If you’re booking plane tickets to Bali from Rockhampton in March, it’s a good idea to look at the Saka calendar and Nyepi Day. Nyepi Day is the beginning of the Saka New Year and is observed across the island. Many businesses shut down for the day, causing many travellers on Rockhampton to Bali return flights to spend the day at their hotel, resort or accommodation. However, in the days before and after the New Year the island is a bustle of activities, celebrations, and more! Make arrangements for holiday flights Rockhampton to Bali in June to take part in the largest Balinese art festival. During the Bali Arts Festival you can see colourful parades, as well as take a peek at various literature, painting, culinary and fashion competitions. You may even witness children performing the customary ngelawang and the sounds of gong kebyar while the locals perform traditional dances. Be prepared to pick a side if you’re planning to attend the Gypsy Land Music Festival with your cheap flights to Bali from Rockhampton. This techno music driven festival is artfully decorated into two worlds: a euphoric Wonderland and the dystopian Badlands. Festival goers are encouraged to dress in their best attire and immerse themselves in either world throughout the duration of the celebrations. Throughout the months of June through August, any traveller arranging cheap flights Rockhampton to Bali may be able to witness the colourful transformation of the Sanur skies. The Bali Kites Festival occurs throughout the island with tournaments and celebrations taking place every weekend. The Bali Kites Festival is a way for the locals to offer thanks to the gods for their harvests and features kites in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. Travellers on Rockhampton to Bali flights in late October or early November can take part in a vibrant celebration in Bali’s most luxurious neighbourhood. The Nusa Dua Fiesta is a week-long celebration featuring local art, cultural exhibitions, antique automobile shoes, food stalls, handicraft vendors, live music, and sporting events. This otherwise exclusive area is open to the public during this festival which allows visitors on Rockhampton to Bali flights to take advantage of the pristine beaches.

Packing Tips

You won’t need to pack a lot of heavy clothing for your flights Rockhampton to Bali. While the idea of spending an entire holiday on a fabulous island may bring string bikinis and casual clothing to mind, you will need to pack at least one conservative outfit. If you plan to explore the island after arriving on cheap flights to Bali from Rockhampton, you’ll need to cover your body from your shoulders to your knees. Especially when touring Hindu temples and sacred sites such as the Elephant Cave and the pool of Tirta Empul. Lightweight clothing such as breathable cotton or linen is best suited for anyone who plans on seeing outdoor attractions when arriving on Rockhampton to Bali flights Quick drying fabrics that can be washed and hung to dry in your room overnight can help keep your suitcase light and leave room for all the unique finds you may snag in the boutiques and markets. Of course you won’t want to head out to Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS). without sun protection. If you do forget to pack sunscreen or a wide-brimmed hat, the island certainly has enough shops available where you can pick up most utensils and toiletries. You will certainly want to make room in your luggage for high-quality mosquito repellent.Activated charcoal is also great to have in the unfortunate event of food poisoning or even traveller’s belly. An ideal way Aussies on flights Rockhampton to Bali can help prevent travel related illness is to clip a small container of hand sanitiser on a bag. Sanitising your hands after exchanging money, before and after meals, and any physical interaction with others can reduce your chances of becoming ill while on holiday.

Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss

One of the most famed landmarks visitors on cheap flights Rockhampton to Bali plan to see is the monkey forest in Ubud. This nature preserve is home to more than 500 monkeys and three 14th-century temples. Explore the grounds, snap photos of the curious monkeys, and take in the sights of the surrounds. Ubud Palace is another must-see site for incoming visitors on cheap flights to Bali from Rockhampton. The palace dates back to the 1800s and features incredible gardens and highly detailed architectural elements. If you stick around after sunset, you can witness live music and dance shows. Tanah Lot Temple is one of the most photographed sites for many visitors on flights Rockhampton to Bali. The Hindu temple sits on the top of a large rock formation that has separated from the mainland. You can reach the temple at low tide by walking along the sandy shore. When the tide rolls in, the waters rise and surround the temple creating one of the most breathtaking sights. Nature lovers and bird watching enthusiasts with tickets to Bali from Rockhampton can head to Bali Bird Park. The park is located in Batubulan and features a wide array of birds from all over Indonesia including colorful parrots and birds of paradise.

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