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Packing Tips

Bali experiences hot weather year-round, so you’ll want to pack lightweight clothing for your Karratha to Bali flights. This can include shorts, light tops, and sandals as well as lightweight dresses for women. Swimsuits, sunglasses, and a hat are other musts, especially if you are visiting the beach towns with your cheap flights Karratha to Bali. In rural Bali, there are several opportunities for hiking. If you will be visiting some of these spots, such as Mount Batur, make sure you pack some sturdy walking shoes as well for your flights Karratha to Bali.

When it comes to toiletries and cosmetics, less is more in Bali. With high levels of humidity, makeup and hair products won’t last well during the day. Only pack the essentials for your cheap flights to Bali from Karratha, and embrace your natural beauty! However, one item to take with you is sunscreen. Shops can drastically markup the price of sunscreen, because they know tourists will need it. To save money, pack some sunscreen from home… the higher the SPF, the better!

When it comes to technology, you will need to take a plug adapter on your cheap flights Karratha to Bali. The plugs in Bali have two rounded prongs, which are the same plugs used widely across mainland Europe.


Neighbourhood Overview







Located in southern Bali, Seminyak has become one of the most popular neighbourhoods for visitors with Karratha to Bali flights. Seminyak is located on the ocean and is home to several of the area’s most popular beaches, including Double Six Beach and Seminyak Beach. It’s also where you can visit some of Bali’s well-known beach clubs. Walk slightly inland from the beach, and there are lots of great shops and restaurants, particularly around Seminyak Square.







South of Seminyak and close to Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS), Kuta is known as one of the party hubs of Bali. It’s a popular neighbourhood for visitors who are looking to experience Bali’s nightlife scene. As well as bars, Kuta has a beautiful beach and scenic beach clubs. Compared to Seminyak, Kuta is considered to be more rowdy. It’s perfect for visitors with Karratha to Bali return flights who enjoy nights out, but if you are looking for a quiet experience, you may want to consider another of Bali’s coastal neighbourhoods.







Right in the heart of rural Bali, Ubud offers a unique experience to the island’s coast. Rather than beaches, Ubud has access to some of Bali’s most beautiful rice fields. There are lots of temples and markets throughout Ubud, offering a true Balinese experience for anyone with cheap flights Karratha to Bali. The town is also considered to be the cultural hub of Bali, attracting lots of artists and homeware designers. Ubud moves at a slower pace than much of Bali. Even if you do not stay here during your holiday, it’s a great area to visit on a day trip.







If you are looking for a combination of beaches and rice fields after your Karratha to Bali flights, Canggu is the place for you. Located north of Seminyak, Canggu offers a much quieter experience than its neighbours to the south. While Canggu has some nightlife, it is the ideal neighbourhood for visitors hoping to go cafe hopping rather than bar hopping. Canggu also offers convenient access to Tanah Lot Temple.







Uluwatu is another of Bali’s popular coastal neighbourhoods. The area makes up the southern tip of Bali. What makes Uluwatu unique are the limestone cliffs that line its beaches. The beaches are scenic and offer some of the best surfing in Bali. Then on top of the cliffs, you’ll find accommodation options, restaurants, and bars with gorgeous views of the ocean and Uluwatu Temple.





The Cost of Visiting




When you book cheap flights to Bali from Karratha, you can expect your money to go far. The currency in Bali is the Indonesian rupiah, which translates to a fraction of an Australian cent. 10,000 rupiah is equivalent to 99 cents AUD, and 100,000 rupiah is $9.88 AUD. An easy way to estimate prices in terms of Australian dollars is to remove the last four digits from the Balinese price that is posted.



Accommodation in Bali is affordable for Australian travellers, making it the perfect place to experience some luxury when you’ve booked tickets to Bali from Karratha. While extravagant villas are comparable in price to standard Australian hotel rooms, you can get a great room in the major Balinese towns for less than $70 AUD per night to go along with your cheap flights to Bali from Karratha. Some budget-friendly (but still upscale) hotels can even cost as little as $30 AUD per night.



When dining out, you will come across restaurants at all different price points. Typically, the chain restaurants and touristy spots will charge about $10 to $15 AUD per meal. However, head to one of the local restaurants when you have Karratha to Bali flights, and you can get some great deals as well as some delicious and authentic Balinese food. “Warungs” are the local restaurants in Bali and are most often found on side streets tucked away from the main tourist roads. If you aren’t sure where to go, seek the advice of some friendly locals. A traditional meal in a warung costs about $4 AUD, and a Balinese Bintang beer costs about $1.50 AUD.



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