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Tips for First-Time Travellers to Bali




Take precautions to avoid “Bali Belly.”



When you book flights to Bali from Gladstone, don’t purchase food that has been sitting out; always opt for a meal that will be cooked fresh for you. Also be sure to only drink bottled water as the tap water isn’t safe to drink.




Hire a private driver for day trips.



Public transport is available between the major towns of Bali, but it’s not always the most reliable to accompany your Gladstone to Bali flights. For a great day out, you can hire a private driver for about $50 to $60 AUD for the day for your group. The drivers are locals and often have great tips on what to see and where to eat. You can also hire a driver to pick you up from Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS) after your Gladstone to Bali flights.




Be careful not to step on offerings on the street.



Balinese people are very spiritual, and you will regularly see offerings on the street between your Gladstone to Bali return flights. They are made of palm leaves, flowers, incense, and food. They are religious symbols that are very important to the locals, and it is considered disrespectful to step on one.




Eat at “warungs” for the most authentic food at local prices.



When you book cheap flights to Bali from Gladstone, step out of your comfort zone to try some local foods. Some popular Indonesian dishes to try when you have Gladstone to Bali flights are mie goreng, nasi goreng, satay skewers, nasi campur, and babi guling.




Vendors expect you to haggle prices.



When you are shopping at a market or a small local shop, vendors will purposely start with a high price, because it is customary in Bali to barter prices down.





Cafes and Restaurants




Revolver Cafe



This popular coffee shop is a stone’s throw away from Seminyak Square. The cafe prides itself on its high quality Australian-style coffee. In addition to coffee, Revolver serves a variety of pastries, sandwiches, burgers, and smoothies to enjoy when you have cheap flights Gladstone to Bali.




Betelnut Cafe



This stylish cafe is located in the town of Canggu, within easy reach of the beach and some of the town’s rice fields. The cafe specialises in acai bowls and smoothies and also serves up wraps, burgers, and fresh seafood.




Warung Adji



If you are looking to experience local Balinese food when you have flights Gladstone to Bali, always seek out restaurants with “Warung” in the name. Warung Adji is a restaurant in central Ubud that serves up traditional Indonesian meals and desserts. The menu also features Indonesian noodles that you can order in different levels of spiciness ranging from 1 to 12 – the super spicy noodles are not for the faint hearted!







Barbacoa is a Seminyak hotspot that specialises in Latin American food. All of the food is barbecued and cooked over fire, creating a unique atmosphere. The restaurant features a variety of Latin American dishes, such as tacos, tapas, barbecued meats, and seafood ceviche. The restaurant is also located beside a small rice field, which offers some great views while you eat.




Clear Cafe



Clear Cafe serves up fresh and healthy food in the heart of Ubud. The cafe offers a relaxing Balinese atmosphere to visitors with Gladstone to Bali flights with couches, quiet music, and a friendly staff. The drinks menu includes coffees, milkshakes, flavoured ice tea, smoothies, and fresh juice. The food menu offers just as much variety with a healthy take on lots of international favourites, including pancakes, wraps, curries, sushi, pasta, and pizza.




How Much Time to Spend in Bali




Bali is such a diverse island, that you could easily book cheap flights Gladstone to Bali and spend several months exploring every corner of the island. Australian travellers are able to visit Indonesia for up to 30 days without needing a tourist visa. If you have the time, flights Gladstone to Bali Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS) for a month will give you the opportunity to see the lively beach towns in southern Bali, the artistic town of Ubud, the quiet northern side of the island, and the nearby Gili Islands. While tickets to Bali from Gladstone for a month-long visit would be incredible, it is not always realistic. In order to get a good experience for the different sides to Bali, plan cheap flights to Bali from Gladstone for about seven to 10 days. Also, rather than spending your entire holiday at the same hotel, break up the trip between two or three Balinese towns for completely unique experiences.



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