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Departure Date Last Updated^
Sat 20 Aug 14 Aug
Wed 24 Aug 13 Aug
Sat 27 Aug 13 Aug
Sun 28 Aug 15 Aug
Mon 29 Aug 14 Aug
Tue 30 Aug 14 Aug
Wed 31 Aug 15 Aug
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Departure Date
Sat 20 Aug
Updated on 14 Aug
$1,740 RETURN
Wed 24 Aug
Updated on 13 Aug
$1,466 RETURN
Sat 27 Aug
Updated on 13 Aug
$1,342 RETURN
Sun 28 Aug
Updated on 15 Aug
$1,361 RETURN
Mon 29 Aug
Updated on 14 Aug
$1,308 RETURN
Tue 30 Aug
Updated on 14 Aug
$1,288 RETURN
Wed 31 Aug
Updated on 15 Aug
$1,147 RETURN

Route information for flights from Canberra to Bali

Cheapest return price for the current month from $1,147
Cheapest return price over next 6 months from $588
Cheapest month November 2022
Most expensive month September 2022
Average flight time 6h 5m

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Top Experiences for Visitors

Visit the Many Temples

The Balinese are very spiritual people, and they have the temples to prove it. All across Bali, there are intricately-designed Hindu temples that you can visit and admire when you’ve booked Canberra to Bali flights. Uluwatu Temple is perched on a cliff in southern Bali and is one of the island’s most famous temples, particularly at sunset. Tanah Lot is located right in the ocean, offering a completely different experience to many of the other temples. Some other popular temples to visit with your flights Canberra to Bali include Saraswati Temple, Goa Gajah, Pura Tirta Empul, and Ulun Danu Bratan Temple.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Animal lovers will enjoy all of the wild monkeys that can be seen after arriving on flights Canberra to Bali. In order to view lots of monkeys in their natural habitat, pay a visit to the Monkey Forest in Ubud. This sanctuary is home to more than 600 Balinese Long-Tailed Monkeys. The monkeys are not enclosed, so you can watch them as they climb the trees, play with each other, and go about their daily life. The monkeys are used to having people around, and many of the sociable and curious monkeys will come right up to you. If you’re lucky, one may even hop onto your shoulder!

Hike Through Rice Fields

Head inland from the coast, and you can experience a completely different side to the island when you have flights Canberra to Bali. In place of beaches and ocean, you can witness vivid green rice fields. You can often spot people working in rice fields, and many welcome international visitors. The Tegallalang Rice Terraces are well-known and are made up of staggered tiers. If you are looking to experience both rice fields and ocean in close proximity of each other, you could base yourself in the beautiful seaside town of Canggu. Some other stunning rice fields to visit when you book Canberra to Bali flights include Jatiluwih, Rendang, and Pupuan.

Get a Massage

Bali is the epitome of relaxation. In addition to visiting the beaches, rice fields, and temples after arriving to Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS), experience the ultimate relaxation by getting a traditional Balinese massage. Spas and massage parlours can be found throughout any major town in Bali, and an hour-long massage will only set you back about $10 AUD. For an even more unforgettable experience when you’ve booked tickets to Bali from Canberra, you could get a massage while overlooking the beach or a rice field.

Visit the Gili Islands

While technically part of Lombok, the Gili Islands are a popular side trip when you have cheap flights Canberra to Bali. The three small islands can easily be accessed from Bali by ferry. While some people choose to visit the Gili Islands as a day trip, a few days will allow you to fully experience them. There are three Gili Islands to choose from: Gili Trawangan is known for its nightlife; Gili Meno is a secluded and romantic hideaway; and Gili Air is a hybrid of the other two. There are no motorised vehicles in the Gili Islands, but each one is compact and walkable. In addition to lounging on the beach and enjoying sunsets over mainland Bali, head into the ocean to experience the snorkelling that the islands are known for.


Etiquette Tips

Be careful not to step on religious offerings on the streets.

When you’ve booked cheap flights to Bali from Canberra, you will often see religious offerings on the streets. A small bowl is constructed with palm leaves and filled with flowers, incense, food, and various other items that locals wish to offer to the gods. These offerings are an important symbol of Balinese spirituality, and it is considered disrespectful to step on them. Always be careful to look where you are walking.

Haggle prices while shopping in a market.

Balinese vendors will always price items higher than what they are worth. This is because haggling prices is a common practice in Indonesia. Rather than settling for the original price, try haggling the price down a bit. When you have Canberra to Bali return flights, haggling can be exciting and creates a fun dynamic with the locals.

Never touch a Balinese person’s head.

Locals view the top of the head as a sacred part of the body. It is viewed as disrespectful to touch the head of anyone who isn’t a close friend or family member when you’ve booked Canberra to Bali flights.

Don’t use your left hand to touch someone or hand something to them.

Like in many Asian cultures, the left hand has traditionally been associated with personal hygiene. While hygiene practices have modernised for the most part, there can still be a stigma to using the left hand. Even if you are left-handed, try to avoid using your left hand with locals once your flight has arrived to Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS).

Dress modestly when visiting a temple.

Balinese temples encourage visitors to wear conservative clothes, and both men and women are required to wear a sarong to cover the legs. When you have booked Canberra to Bali return flights, you can bring your own sarong or rent a sarong from the temple. Sandals and bare shoulders are ok, but swimsuits or cropped tops should be covered with a more modest top.


The Best Time to Visit

With a tropical location in Southeast Asia, Bali experiences both a wet season and a dry season. The wet season takes place between November and March, with December and January experiencing the most rain. Weather-wise, this isn’t the best time to book cheap flights Canberra to Bali. During these months, tropical rainstorms are common, and most days will experience at least a light drizzle. To accompany the rain is a high level of humidity. While the weather during the wet season isn’t ideal, it is Bali’s low season. There are less tourists compared to other parts of the year, and you are more likely to score a deal on accommodation as well as cheap flights to Bali from Canberra.

The enjoy the best of Balinese weather, plan your Canberra to Bali flights for the dry season between April and October. Temperatures are hot during this season, but humidity levels are low. July and August are the busiest times to visit Bali, so plan your holiday for the beginning or end of the dry season to avoid the crowds.

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