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Bali City Guide

The tropical island of Bali is located in Southeast Asia. The island and province belong to the country of Indonesia. Bali has been a very attractive tourist destination for decades, with good reason. The rich flora alone is an enchanting sight for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. From Bali Airport (DPS) you only have a short trip to most eastern resort towns.

Tourists would often have repeat visits to experience the many things Bali has to offer, like Asian and Mediterranean cuisines cultivated on the island. You can go to Bali for the unforgettable views from the mountain tops. For the adventurous traveller there are plenty of safaris and diving opportunities, and for the curious, mystical temples with interesting architecture and even more interesting legends.

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Things to do in Bali


Bali’s coastal region is a bounty of underwater life and sights. Tulamben is a small coastal village on the East coast of Bali. There hundreds of scuba divers descend into the clear waters to see the tropical fish, colourful reefs and most of all to explore the wreckage of the “Liberty”- a US transport ship that was sunk during WWII.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

While there are many naturally beautiful places in Bali, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to visit the Rice Terrace in Tegalalang. The small village of Tegalalang is located just north of Ubud. The Rice Terrace is special as it was cultivated on a small cliff creating a unique and wonderful view. Tourists can also ride the giant swing that goes over the Rice Terrace, providing an exhilarating experience.

Tanah Lot Temple

Out of the many temples located on Bali, Tanah lot is definitely one of the important sea temples. It is located in Tabanan, the western region of Bali. Though it takes about 45 minutes to reach the Temple from Kuta, there are plenty of day tours that can take you there. Once there, you can see the interesting rock carvings, the temple itself and hear the legend of how a temple came to be on a lone rock just off the coast.

When is The Best Time to book flights to Bali (DPS) from Brisbane (BNE)?

While you are planning your trim from Brisbane (BNE) to Bali (DPS) you need to consider the weather before booking your flights to Bali (DPS) from Brisbane (BNE). The weather in Bali can be divided into two big seasons – the wet and dry season. The wet season can last from October to late March. Because of the humidity and rainfall, there are much fewer visitors on the island during the wet season.

The dry season usually last from May to about September. The height of the tourist season usually hits in the months of July and August. That’s when the prices are usually highest as well, if you want to avoid expensive flights Brisbane (BNE) to Denpasar (DPS) then you would want to travel during the mid-season.

Prices on Bali can go down even by 50% from April until June, depending on the month. September is also a good time to visit, even though there are some small showers during the day, you can still plan around them and have a good time.


Cheap Flights to Bali (DPS) from Brisbane (BNE)

Many tourists take trips to Bali to see the natural beauty of the island and recharge their batteries from everyday life. Its unique culture, archaeological sites, lush nature, tropical sea life and more has been attracting visitors for years. It’s not uncommon for people to make return trips as well.

Daily, there are about 30 flights to Bali (DPS) from Brisbane (BNE). There are a few direct flights will take you from Brisbane (BNE) to Bali (DPS) in around 6 and half hours. The direct flights are offered by JetStar, Malindo Air, Virgin Australia and Qantas Airways.

Departing from Brisbane airport (BNE)

Brisbane Airport (BNE) is the main international airport for South East Queensland and the municipality of Brisbane. This airport services 31 airlines that offer flights to 50 domestic and 29 international destinations.

Getting to Brisbane Airport (BNE)

The fastest way to reach the airport by car, taxi or uber from the city is by the M7 – AirportLink tunnel. Some tolls may need to be paid along this route. If there is no traffic, you can get there in around 25 minutes. A taxi from the Central Business District to the airport would cost between AUD 45 and AUD 55.

Another good way to travel to the airport is by Airtrain. These trains run ever 15 minutes to half an hour, depending on peak hours. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the airport from the city. The cost of a ticket depends on where you board, but a 1-way ticket from central station is les than AUD 20. You can check the prices, timetable or even pay for the tickets on the Airtrain website. With these options you will be on your Brisbane (BNE) to Denpasar (DPS) journey in no time.


Parking Options at Brisbane Airport (BNE)

Parking is not a problem at Brisbane Airport (BNE). The best options for short trips are the ParkLong car parks located at the domestic and international terminals.

The most affordable option for longer trips is the AIRPARK, the last constructed car park at the airport. Yes, it is a little farther away from the terminals, but there is a shuttle bus service that runs 24/7 and can take you to and from the terminals.


Which International Terminal Will Your Cheap Flights to Bali (DPS) from Brisbane (BNE) depart from?

Your cheap flights to Bali (DPS) from Brisbane (BNE) usually depart from the international T1 terminal.


Arriving at Bali Airport (DPS)

Once your flights to Bali (DPS) from Brisbane (BNE) has landed, you can pick up your luggage and prepare to leave Bali Airport (DPS). Luckily there are many options for you to leave Bali Airport (DPS) without a hassle. The capitol of Bali is Denpasar and is relatively close to the airport. That’s why foreigners call the airport Denpasar Airport (DPS) as well.

The airport is part of the small city of Tuban. While your flights to Bali (DPS) from Brisbane (BNE) has come to an end, now its time to start the next part of your adventure. Getting to your hotel.


Getting from Bali Airport (DPS) to Your Hotel

The biggest part of your journey from Brisbane to Bali is flights to Bali (DPS) from Brisbane (BNE). If you need to go to Denpasar, you should know there are no flights Brisbane (BNE) to Denpasar (DPS). If your original journey needs to take you to the capitol, then the last leg of your Brisbane (BNE) to Denpasar adventure should be done by shuttle bus or taxi. The taxi ride should cost around AUD 20 or less, depending on the season.

Another way for you to accomplish the last part of your Brisbane to Denpasar trip is to rent a car, scooter, or pay for an Uber. Tourists are fond of a shuttle bus service known as Plus Priority. You can purchase one of their cards at the airport for about AUD 35, and that card is valid for 5 days of travel. This shuttle bus company covers a lot of Bali and they have regular routes you can check online. You can hop on or off at any of their stops, as long as you have one of their cards. If you have a return flights Brisbane (BNE) to Denpasar (DPS) planned in the future, you can keep the card for the next trip as well.

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