Domestic Travel - Baggage allowances



The domestic airlines in Australia have different baggage restrictions for a range of fare types. To make it easier for you, we've combined all the information into one place. Compare Australian domestic airline baggage requirements and find what best suits you. For international travel, as the allowance differs by airline and routes, please contact your airline of choice directly.

Virgin Australia Baggage Allowance - Domestic

Virgin Australia’s everyday low fares for domestic flights allows you to travel with 7kg carry on baggage as well as the checked baggage options below, dependant on fare type and Velocity Membership level:

Fare type None / Red Velocity Member Silver Velocity Member Gold Velocity Member Platinum Velocity Member
Domestic Economy 23kg 23kg x 2 23kg x 2 23kg x 3
Domestic Business 32kg x 2 32kg x 2 32kg x 2 32kg x 3

Note: No single item may exceed 32kg. For all guests travelling on Economy fares, any piece exceeding 23kg will attract an overweight baggage fee. Customers have the option to pre-purchase up to two pieces of extra baggage before their trip.


Jetstar Baggage Allowance - Domestic

Jetstar are making fares cheaper for travellers with carry on only baggage options. Choose a Starter fare and travel light for a low price. 

  Starter Plus Flex Max
Carry on Combined weight of 7kg Combined weight of 7kg Combined weight of 14kg (each item may not exceed 10kg) Combined weight of 14kg (each item may not exceed 10kg)
Checked baggage
(option to purchase 15 - 40kg)
(option to purchase additional 20kg)
(option to purchase 15 - 40kg) 
30kg (option to purchase additional 10kg)

Note: There is a limit on the number of items you can bring and the size of your carry on bag. If you exceed these limits, charges will apply at the airport. No single bag by weigh more than 32kg.

Qantas Baggage Allowance - Domestic

Qantas is making domestic flights easy.  On any fare purchased, you can bring both carry on baggage (up to 10kgs for 1 piece or 14kgs for 2 pieces) and checked baggage in varying weights, depending on your Qantas Frequent Flyer status, with no extra fees:

  Adult  Qantas Club members & Silver Frequent Flyers Gold Frequent Flyers Platinum & Platinum One Frequent Flyers
Economy 23kg 32kg 32kg x 2 32kg x 2
Business 32kg x 2 32kg x 2 32kg x 2 32kg x 3


Note: No single piece can exceed 32kg. Exceptions to baggage allowances exist for certain destinations/aircraft.