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Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss

Sky Tower

Once arriving on flights Perth to Auckland, you can’t miss the Sky Tower. It is one of the most prominent features of Auckland’s cityscape and is easily pinpointed from almost anywhere around the city and beyond. Make for the top of the Sky Tower for remarkable views worhty of any holiday happysnap. For an extra level of adventure after your cheap flights to Auckland from Perth, you could even walk along the top of the tower or jump off the Sky Tower in a 192 metre free-fall.


Rangitoto Island

To experience some nature after your cheap flights Perth to Auckland, take a day trip to Rangitoto Island. On the island, you can hike around one of the Auckland area’s famous volcanoes. The island is also home to some nice beaches, views of the city, kayaking excursions, and plenty of native plants and animals.


Mount Eden

There are several volcanoes to experience when you book Perth to Auckland flights, and one of them is right in the city. Mount Eden is a dormant volcano situated just south of Auckland’s CBD. Visitors with plane tickets to Auckland from Perth can hike up Mount Eden for a unique view over the city with the rim of the volcano in the foreground.


Waiheke Island

New Zealand is world-famous for its wine. After booking Perth to Auckland return flights, Waiheke Island is the place to go for a range of vineyards in a scenic location. The island is only 40 minutes from Auckland by ferry and offers a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition to vineyards, Waiheke Island has some great restaurants and plenty of water activities to enjoy.



If you want to experience some green space after arriving into Auckland Airport (AKL), pay a visit to the Wintergardens within the Auckland Domain. The gardens consist of beautiful plants and trees as well as greenhouses which house tropical flowers. For a unique experience, plan your flights Perth to Auckland around the blooming of the gardens’ Corpse Flower. It only blooms every seven to 10 years and brings in huge crowds despite its notoriously bad smell.



Auckland Activity Ideas For Those Travelling with Children

Auckland Zoo

A popular activity for families with Perth to Auckland flights is the Auckland Zoo, which is located west of the city centre. The zoo features a range of different animals, including native fauna and animals from all over the world. Visit during the day to see animals such as elephants, cheetahs, penguins, giraffes, and kiwi birds. Safari nights are also available for visitors with flights Perth to Auckland in order to see what the animals get up to after the zoo closes at the end of the day.


Butterfly Creek

Butterfly Creek is located right beside Auckland Airport (AKL) and is a popular destination for families with cheap flights to Auckland from Perth. A large butterfly house is the main attraction within the park. Children can also view and learn about a variety of animals, including crocodiles and native birds. There is also a Dinosaur Kingdom, which features 60 life-size and realistic dinosaur statues that kids love.


Waitakere Ranges Regional Park

The Waitakere Ranges are located in southwestern Auckland and make for a nice day out for families. Throughout the park, there are 250 kilometres (155 miles) of hiking and walking trails, which range in length and difficulty. Visitors with Perth to Auckland flights can enjoy the park’s black-sand beaches, waterfalls, and rugged nature.



Public Transport and How to Get Around

You’ll have no trouble making your way around the city after your cheap flights Perth to Auckland. The Auckland region features trains, buses, and ferries to help you explore. Train stops are available throughout the CBD and connect with neighbourhoods such as Mount Eden, Parnell, and Newmarket. There are lots of bus lines through Auckland, with the Link bus service offering an easy route for visitors with Perth to Auckland flights. The CityLink makes stops throughout the CBD, the InnerLink travels into suburbs such as Ponsonby, and the OuterLink journeys to Mount Eden as well as further out neighbourhoods. Since Auckland is located between two harbours, ferry travel is a popular mode of transport for visitors with flights Perth to Auckland. Ferries are available between the CBD and popular spots, including Devonport, Waiheke Island, and Rangitoto. Auckland also has plenty of taxis and Ubers to provide door-to-door service throughout the city and its suburbs.

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