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Auckland Guide

Auckland City Guide

Auckland is a popular gem in the world of tourism. The city can be found in the northern island of New Zealand. It stretches across two harbors on a not-so-narrow stretch of 29,000km that encompasses about 50 islands and over 40 volcano cones. Because of the plentiful land, diverse geography and miles of costal shores, it is no wonder people who book cheap flights Melbourne to Auckland return with fond memories from their trips.

All of this marvellous nature is then met by a modern, urban city with plenty to offer in the way of galleries, museums, concerts, nightclubs, and so on. The native Maori people call the city Tāmaki Makaurau – which translates to the maiden that is desired by 100 lovers. This is, of course, referring to the very fertile and desirable lands that Auckland has represented throughout history.

Want to visit an exotic land with a diverse landscape and vibrant nightlife? Book your Melbourne (MEL) to Auckland (AKL) trip today with Webjet – a quick and painless tool for finding deals for airfares.

Things To Do in Auckland (AKL)

Sky Tower

Auckland offers plenty of sights and scenery to its visitors. One of which is its iconic Sky Tower. It is the tallest manmade structure in the Southern Hemisphere, being more the 300m high. You can get breathtaking views; award-winning restaurants and they even have a gift shop. For those brave enough you can even jump off from the viewing platform at 192 meters above Auckland's CBD.

Tawharanui Regional Park

If you are nature lover, you may enjoy a nice walk and tour at Tawharanui Regional Park famous for its picturesque coastline and Open Sanctuary where they preserve different kinds of rare birds. No pets are allowed at the sanctuary for obvious reasons.

Rangitoto Island

If you are looking for something unique to Auckland you can always hire a kayak to visit a dormant volcano not too far from downtown Auckland at Rangitoto Island. You can also get there by ferry. There you can walk up the old lava flows and be treated to amazing views of the harbor and city once you reach the summit.

SEALIFE Aquarium

While in Auckland you can also check out the world’s largest penguin colony exhibit. The little cuties can be found at Kelly Tarlton’s SEALIFE Aquarium. Besides the cute penguins you can see the biggest species of stingray on the globe, an underwater aquarium of colourful fish, take a look at sharks at feeding time or even book a shark dive for yourself.

Best time to visit Auckland

When is The Best Time to book cheap flights from Melbourne (MEL) to Auckland (AKL)?

To make the most out of your trip from Melbourne to Auckland, you need to consider a few things, for example, summer in New Zealand coincides with the busiest tourist season from December to March. You can expect high temperatures, rare showers and the prices for flights and loggings also go up.

The best time to visit would be during the shoulder months between the seasons, which are from March until May, and September through November. During this period there are fewer crowds, mostly sunny weather (except for May) and it’s the best time to catch cheap flights from Melbourne (MEL) to Auckland (AKL). With Webjet’s service, you can have your pick of travel times and dates for your flights Melbourne to Auckland.

Cheap Flights From Melbourne To Auckland

Auckland is an attractive location for local and international tourists alike. It’s a pure example of why New Zealand is a unique and exotic place to visit. No matter your preference - beautiful beaches, green mountains, dormant volcano cones or pristine islands – Auckland has something to offer for everyone.


With around 30 flights a day at 2 different airports, you can easily find a good flight to this enthralling part of New Zealand and begin your adventure in less than 4 hours. You can book your trip with Qantas, Air New Zealand or Virgin Australia for the shortest flights and use Webjet to help you find the most economical airfare choices. Ready for your amazing trip? Here’s all you need to know before you fly from Melbourne to Auckland.


Departing from Melbourne Airport

Getting to Melbourne Airport

The fastest way to get to Melbourne’s main airport – Tullamarine- is by car or taxi. The journey can take 20 – 40 minutes depending on your starting position and traffic. The airport itself is located 25 km north-west of the city CBD. If you are going by car you can take the Tullamarine Freeway, but this may require you to have CityLink and you may have to pass some tolls as well.

A metered taxi ride or car service can run you AUD 55-65 from the CBD and the ride itself would take 25 minutes with no traffic.

If you are a more budget-concerned traveler, you can always take the SkyBus service which runs 24/7 and has multiple pick-up stops. The ride costs AUD 19 per person and lasts 30-45 minutes, and also, you can buy tickets online. They can drop you off at T1, T3, and T4. The T2 terminal is within walking distance from T1 and T3. Once you book your cheap flights from Melbourne to Auckland, make sure to create travel plans for going to and returning from the airport.

Parking Options at Melbourne Airport

For shorter trips to Auckland, you can use the Value car parks which give a better price but are open car parks. To get from the car park to the terminals you can use their free 24/7 shuttle bus service. For a longer stay the Value car parks and Long stay car parks have the same affordable price ranges and both offer free 24/7 shuttle bus services every 5-10 minutes.

If you require a covered car park service your best option is the car parks directly across the terminals themselves, however, these options are twice as expensive if not more. But they are the best choice if you are in a hurry to catch flights Melbourne (MEL) to Auckland (AKL).

Which International Terminal will your Melbourne (MEL) to Auckland (MEL) flight depart from?

All international flights from Melbourne to Auckland depart from Terminal 2. Be sure to check the online Tullamarine terminal map so that you can get to your flights Melbourne to Auckland on time.

Arriving at Auckland Airport (AKL)

Having safely landed from your cheap flights Melbourne to Auckland return will seem like an unwanted chore once you relax in this tourist destination. The Auckland Airport is just 13km to the south of Auckland’s city centre. Because New Zealand is a popular destination, Auckland Airport services a lot of travellers, even up to 15 million during 2013. Because of the many tourists, there are plenty of transportation options available to visitors.

Getting from Auckland Airport (AKL) to Your Hotel)

To get to your hotel from the Auckland Airport you can choose between buses and metered taxis. There are several bus services to choose from, depending on where your hotel is located. For hotels located in the CBD zone, you can always take the SkyBus service for AUD 18. You can buy the tickets online, in one of their kiosks or even from the bus driver. You can use the same service when you are making cheap flights Melbourne to Auckland return plans, and need a ride to the airport.

Metered taxi services can get you to the centre for around AUD 65 depending on the taxi company, distance, and traffic. A taxi shuttle could be a slightly cheaper option at around AUD 35 for a single person. Taxis and shuttles can be found outside of the arrivals area – door 8.

Looking to hire a car while in Auckland? You can choose from a few car services conveniently located in the terminal buildings or in the surrounding area.

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