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Auckland Guide

Compare Cheap Flights from Canberra to Auckland

Located near the top of New Zealand’s North Island, Auckland is the largest city and cosmopolitan hub of the country. Auckland is situated right between two harbours and has earned itself the nickname ‘City of Sails’ thanks to the number of boats and water activities throughout the region. The city is full of natural beauty, and just on its doorstep are endless outdoor activities and day trips to keep you entertained. Within the city, there’s an interesting culture to explore with great restaurants, shopping, cafes, and nightlife. Auckland is a great city to visit if you want to travel internationally and experience a unique culture without having to go too far.

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Best time to visit Auckland

The best time to visit Auckland

Auckland experiences mild weather all year, making anytime a good time to book cheap flights from Canberra to Auckland. Summer in Auckland is warm and sunny with little rain. There are lots of festivals held during this season, and it is also the busiest time to visit the city. Since it’s high season for tourists, hotel rates increase during the summer.

For a quieter experience, plan to visit Auckland in spring or autumn. Temperatures are comfortable, and there is little rain. It is also less busy than the summer, so you’ll be able to find a better deal on a hotel and flights.

For a bargain, book cheap airfares from Canberra to Auckland in the winter. Winter gets cold in Auckland, and it rains fairly regularly between May and August. While weather isn’t perfect, there is still the occasional warm and sunny day. Winter is also the best time to score cheap flights from Canberra to Auckland and great deals on hotels.


Departing From Canberra

Canberra Airport is located 7 kilometres (4.3 miles) east of the CBD, making it quick and easy to get to. The airport serves all of the ACT, as well as nearby areas of regional New South Wales.

Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia, Qantas, and Emirates all offer cheap airfares from Canberra (CBR) to Auckland (AKL). Each day, there are about 55 return flights from Canberra to Auckland and close to 400 CBR to AKL flights each week. There are currently no direct flights from Canberra to Auckland Airport (AKL), but a flight with a short stopover can get you there in 5 hours 25 minutes. Flights from CBR to AKL include a short stopover in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane.

Getting to Canberra Airport

In order to reach the airport without blowing the budget, use the city’s ACTION bus service. Buses run 7 days a week between the city bus station and Canberra Airport. Catch bus 11 or 11A, which will get you to the airport in about 15 minutes. Bus tickets cost $4.80AUD, and you can use your MyWay card for a lower rate.

Alternatively, you could catch a taxi or an Uber for a direct ride from your home to the airport. A taxi will get you from the CBD to the airport in about 10 minutes. A taxi fare costs about $23AUD from the CBD. Taxis also offer affordable rates from other parts of the ACT as well. A taxi from Gungahlin costs $47AUD, and taxi fare from Tuggeranong is $53AUD.


Parking at Canberra Airport

Canberra Airport offers both indoor and outdoor car parks that are a quick walk from the terminal. The airport also has a $35AUD weekend special, offering a discount to customers who are having a quick weekend getaway to Auckland.

Where to Park at Canberra Airport

• For the most budget-friendly option, park in the airport’s outdoor car park. Rates cost $72AUD for three days and $130AUD for a week. Use the red or yellow car parks to obtain these rates.

• To protect your car from the elements, Canberra Airport also offers an indoor car park. Rates cost $90AUD for three days and $175AUD for a week. The indoor car parks are marked in green and blue.


Arriving in Auckland

Auckland has one major airport that receives flights from Australia. The airport is made up of two terminals – an International and a Domestic. Auckland Airport (AKL) is located about 25 kilometres (15.5 miles) south of the CBD and offers several convenient ways for you to get into the city.

How to Get from Auckland Airport (AKL) to Your Auckland Hotel or Accommodation

The most cost-effective way to get from Auckland Airport (AKL) to the CBD is on the city’s SkyBus. The SkyBus runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Buses depart every ten minutes, and tickets can either be purchased in advance or right at the airport for the same price. The main SkyBus stop is near the harbour on Customs Street East, but there are also stops available along Queen Street, Dominion Road, Symonds Street, and Mount Eden Road. One-way tickets are $18NZD ($16.65AUD), and if you plan to take the SkyBus back to the airport at the end of your trip, return tickets are $32NZD ($29.65AUD). The SkyBus has complimentary WiFi and will get you to the Auckland CBD in 40-60 minutes depending on traffic.

For a direct ride to your hotel, you can book a Super Shuttle from the airport’s International Terminal. A shuttle from the airport to the CBD costs about $25NZD ($23.15AUD) per person for a shared ride. If you are travelling with a group, you can book a private shuttle for $125NZD ($115.75AUD) into the CBD. Super Shuttles can seat up to eleven people. If you are staying outside of the CBD, a Super Shuttle is the best way to get to your hotel. A shuttle to Ponsonby is $25NZD ($23.15AUD), a shuttle to Newmarket is $35NZD ($32.40AUD), and a shuttle to Mount Eden is $35NZD ($32.40AUD).

A taxi to the CBD takes less than a half hour. You can catch a taxi outside of door 8 in the International Terminal. There are several different taxi companies that pick up from the airport, and each offers fixed rates into the CBD. Cheap Cabs offers the lowest rate of $38NZD ($35.20AUD). The other taxi companies offer a fixed rate of around $65NZD ($60.20AUD) from Auckland Airport (AKL) into the CBD.

Things to do

Things to do in Auckland

Sky Tower

The Sky Tower is the tallest structure in Auckland and it dominates the city’s skyscape. The Sky Tower can be seen from many different points around the city. For the best views over Auckland, head to the top of the Sky Tower. There is an observation deck, as well as some restaurants where you can take in the incredible views of the city, harbour, and mountains. Adrenalin junkies can buy tickets for the heart-racing SkyWalk or SkyJump experiences.

Mount Eden

Mount Eden is a dormant volcano located just outside of Auckland’s CBD. It’s the highest natural point in the city. Take the quick (but challenging) walk to the top of Mount Eden for some amazing views of the Sky Tower and CBD and to get a good look into the centre of the volcano.

Auckland Domain and Wintergardens

Every city needs some nice green space and in Auckland, one of the best places to see nature is in the Auckland Domain and Wintergardens. The Wintergardens are located within the Domain and have lots of beautiful and colourful plants. They even have one special flower that only blooms once every ten years. Crowds flock to the Wintergardens to get a look at the famous, but not-so-nice-smelling flower. The Wintergardens have indoor greenhouses as well as outdoor gardens, so even if you visit in winter, you can see lots of tropical flora.


Ponsonby is located on one of the hills outside of Auckland’s CBD and is considered to be one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Auckland. Ponsonby is beautiful to walk around, and being located on a hill, it has some great views of the city. The neighbourhood is full of some of the best shopping in Auckland as well as many restaurants and bars.


Catch a ferry from the CBD and you’ll cross the harbour to Devonport in just 12 minutes. Hike up Takarunga and North Head for a great outlook over the harbour and the city. Within the town centre of Devonport, there is a chocolate factory and some great homeware and antique stores to check out. Before catching the ferry back into Auckland, be sure to spend some time walking along the Devonport side of the harbour for some skyline views.

Waiheke Island

New Zealand is known for its delicious wine. One of the best places to go wine tasting in the country is on Waiheke Island, which is a 35-minute ferry ride from Auckland’s CBD. The small island has more than a dozen wineries you can visit, plus some nice restaurants and boutique shopping. If you visit in a warmer month, Waiheke Island is also a popular spot for water sports, including paddle boarding and kayaking.

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