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Fri 01 Jul 26 Jun
Sat 02 Jul 20 Jun
Sun 03 Jul 20 Jun
Mon 04 Jul 20 Jun
Tue 05 Jul 27 Jun
Wed 06 Jul 27 Jun
Thu 07 Jul 21 Jun
Fri 08 Jul 21 Jun
Sat 09 Jul 22 Jun
Sun 10 Jul 22 Jun
Mon 11 Jul 20 Jun
Tue 12 Jul 22 Jun
Wed 13 Jul 27 Jun
Thu 14 Jul 27 Jun
Fri 15 Jul 26 Jun
Sat 16 Jul 27 Jun
Sun 17 Jul 27 Jun
Mon 18 Jul 27 Jun
Tue 19 Jul 21 Jun
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Thu 21 Jul 27 Jun
Fri 22 Jul 27 Jun
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Mon 25 Jul 21 Jun
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Wed 27 Jul 27 Jun
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Fri 29 Jul 27 Jun
Sat 30 Jul 27 Jun
Sun 31 Jul 23 Jun
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Departure Date
Fri 01 Jul
Updated on 20 Jun
$853 ONE WAY
Sat 02 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$842 ONE WAY
Sun 03 Jul
Updated on 23 Jun
$756 ONE WAY
Mon 04 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$742 ONE WAY
Tue 05 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$487 ONE WAY
Wed 06 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$487 ONE WAY
Thu 07 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$497 ONE WAY
Fri 08 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$557 ONE WAY
Sat 09 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$487 ONE WAY
Sun 10 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$547 ONE WAY
Mon 11 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$439 ONE WAY
Tue 12 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$414 ONE WAY
Wed 13 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$414 ONE WAY
Thu 14 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$469 ONE WAY
Fri 15 Jul
Updated on 26 Jun
$544 ONE WAY
Sat 16 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$559 ONE WAY
Sun 17 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$690 ONE WAY
Mon 18 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$485 ONE WAY
Tue 19 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$524 ONE WAY
Wed 20 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$463 ONE WAY
Thu 21 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$744 ONE WAY
Fri 22 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$502 ONE WAY
Sat 23 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$571 ONE WAY
Sun 24 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$526 ONE WAY
Mon 25 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$451 ONE WAY
Tue 26 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$414 ONE WAY
Wed 27 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$394 ONE WAY
Thu 28 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$372 ONE WAY
Fri 29 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$419 ONE WAY
Sat 30 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$394 ONE WAY
Sun 31 Jul
Updated on 27 Jun
$434 ONE WAY

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Cheapest one-way price for the current month from $372
Cheapest one-way price over next 6 months from $336
Cheapest month November 2022
Most expensive month June 2022
Average flight time 3h 15m

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$1 AUD =

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Auckland Guide

With more than 1.5 million residents, the city of Auckland certainly has a lot to offer. It is the largest urban area in New Zealand, and it is located on the Northern Island. Being the economic, cultural, and educational centre of the country, a lot of beautiful sights and tours can be made. Landmarks such as the Sky Tower, Harbour Bridge and the Auckland Art Gallery – Toi o Tamaki are just to name a few.

With over a hundred flights from Brisbane to Auckland a day, there will be no need for you to plan way ahead. Stay awhile and find out how you can make the best out of your journey.


Things to do in Auckland

Various Cultural and Artistic Collections

As a cultural capital of sorts, Auckland offers a great and insightful view into their rich culture. From galleries filled with traditional and modern art, to stunning architecture and beautiful landmarks, you will definitely never get bored. Make sure to leave some extra time, because walking around the city is a part of the exhibit.

The Famous Auckland Sky Tower

It is a landmark you absolutely cannot miss, even if you wanted to. The Sky Tower is a 220-meter-high observation and telecommunication giant. The special thing, of course, is the 360-degree view possibility. A cocktail lounge, a bar, and a restaurant await at the top. So, make sure to go and grab a bite, while enjoying some of the best views there are in the world.

Get a Glimpse of History

Auckland is surrounded by volcano cones, 48 to be exact. The ancient Maori people used to make settlements near the cones. Nowadays, you can be a part of the tour and learn about Maori tribes, and have a picnic on a volcano cone. Getting a small adrenaline rush while learning stuff is a great way to spend a day.

When is the Best Time to Visit Auckland?

The city of Auckland is pretty much sunny most of the year. However, if you would like to visit Auckland in the peak time, consider the period between December and February. Now, this period is considered somewhat more expensive, so make sure to save money and time by booking cheap flights from Brisbane to Auckland. Consider avoiding the month of May, being that it is least sunny, and the coldest month of the year.

So, to get you money`s worth out of flights from Brisbane to Auckland, any time of the year may be suitable, although March to May, and September to November are the best periods, considering the price and the weather.

Flights from Brisbane (BNE) to Auckland (AKL)

As mentioned before, there is over a hundred flights from Brisbane to Auckland every day. That info alone tells us of the popularity of the destination. Auckland is a big city, with lots of attractions to see and enjoy, and its location and weather make it even more so. The mix of cultures is a beautiful sight to be seen, and is certainly not to be missed.

Flights from Brisbane to Auckland are offered by many companies, bigger and smaller ones. Direct ones last as short as 3 hours, and longer ones are more likely to last around 9 hours on average. You can book flights from Brisbane to Auckland easily and travel by: Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand, China Airlines, Qantas Airways, Jetstar etc.


Departing from Brisbane Airport (BNE)

Getting to Brisbane Airport (BNE)

The Brisbane Airport is the main international airport for South East Queensland, and the municipality of Brisbane. For the convenience of getting to the airport from the city as quickly as possible, you can go by car, Uber or a taxi, using the Airport Link tunnel. On an average day, the traveling time using this route is around 30 minutes. Keep in mind that some tolls may apply along the road, and that a taxi from the Central Business District costs between AUD 45 and AUD 55.

If, however, you prefer using the train to get to the airport, feel free to catch a ride in the Airtrain. This way you trip to the Brisbane Airport (BNE) will last about 15-30 minutes, and a one-way ticket costs just under AUD 20. Either way, from the city centre to your flight from Brisbane to Auckland, you will travel about 30 minutes on average.


Parking Options at Brisbane Airport (BNE)

The most recommended parking option at the Brisbane Airport (BNE) would be the AirPark. This parking system is provided by the airport itself, and is safe and affordable. However, there is a mini-trip of sorts to the terminals, but the Brisbane Airport (BNE) made it easier by establishing a shuttle service that runs 24/7. There is a short park and a long part option, depending on your requests.


Which International Terminal will your Flights to Auckland (AKL) Depart From?

The cheap flights from Brisbane to Auckland you book will almost always depart from the T1 international terminal, being that it is the only international one at the airport.


Arriving to Auckland Airport (AKL)

Among the three biggest airports in New Zealand you will find the Auckland Airport (AKL). This airport cooperates with over 30 international airlines and is connected to 46 international destinations, with the yield of over 150 international flights per day. When arriving to Auckland Airport (AKL), travelling to Auckland is easy and convenient if you follow WebJet’s transportation, airport, car and hotel guide!


Getting to Auckland City Centre From the Auckland Airport (AKL)

The AKL airport itself is located somewhere between the cities of Auckland and Manukau. Having the distance in mind, the Auckland Airport organized a 24/7 transportation service called SkyBus, which will take you to the Auckland city centre for about NZD 18. For the same price, you may take a public bus as well. The bus and the SkyBus service cost the same, charging NZD 18 for adults, and NZD 6 for children, with the only difference being that the public bus goes only throughout the daytime.

There are dedicated spots for taxis, and the price of taxis vary, but the standard price to the Central Business District is NZD 38.

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