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Departure Date Last Updated^
Fri 03 Apr 20 Mar
Sat 04 Apr 17 Mar
Mon 06 Apr 22 Mar
Tue 07 Apr 19 Mar
Sat 11 Apr 18 Mar
Sun 12 Apr 24 Mar
Mon 13 Apr 20 Mar
Tue 14 Apr 19 Mar
Wed 15 Apr 18 Mar
Thu 16 Apr 18 Mar
Fri 17 Apr 23 Mar
Sat 18 Apr 26 Mar
Wed 22 Apr 30 Mar
Thu 23 Apr 18 Mar
Fri 24 Apr 17 Mar
Tue 28 Apr 30 Mar
Thu 30 Apr 24 Mar
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Departure Date
Fri 03 Apr
Updated on 20 Mar
$1,379 RETURN
Sat 04 Apr
Updated on 17 Mar
$1,302 RETURN
Mon 06 Apr
Updated on 22 Mar
$1,447 RETURN
Tue 07 Apr
Updated on 19 Mar
$1,667 RETURN
Sat 11 Apr
Updated on 18 Mar
$1,417 RETURN
Thu 01 Jan
Updated on 01 Jan
Mon 13 Apr
Updated on 20 Mar
$1,328 RETURN
Tue 14 Apr
Updated on 19 Mar
$1,323 RETURN
Wed 15 Apr
Updated on 18 Mar
$1,380 RETURN
Thu 16 Apr
Updated on 18 Mar
$1,126 RETURN
Fri 17 Apr
Updated on 23 Mar
$1,402 RETURN
Sat 18 Apr
Updated on 20 Mar
$1,417 RETURN
Wed 22 Apr
Updated on 30 Mar
$1,331 RETURN
Thu 23 Apr
Updated on 18 Mar
$1,322 RETURN
Fri 24 Apr
Updated on 17 Mar
$1,136 RETURN
Tue 28 Apr
Updated on 30 Mar
$1,390 RETURN
Thu 30 Apr
Updated on 24 Mar
$1,316 RETURN

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Route information for flights from Sydney to Athens

Cheapest return price for the current month from $1,126
Cheapest return price over next 6 months from $907
Cheapest month May 2020
Popular month October 2020
Average flight time 21h 45m

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$1 AUD =

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If you ever wished to explore the wonders of the Mediterranean at an affordable price, Athens is the ideal destination for you. The city offers a rich mix of ancient history, warm, passionate people, and crowded beaches. Many tourists the world over take flights to Athens Greece to experience it all.

Athens can truly take you back in time, as some of the monuments, located within the city itself, originate all the way from ancient Greece, and are preserved even to this day. The city is also well-developed and serves as the centre of Greece, as almost one third of its population resides in the area.

This gem of the Mediterranean will also pleasantly surprise you with some amazing dishes, for which Greece is famous for. Enjoy the sunset stroll along the beach with Sirtaki music gently playing in the back, you will truly feel like you are in a movie.

If this sounds like the ideal vacation for you, Webjet’s air finder is here to help you start your Greek adventure and find perfect Sydney (SYD) to Athens (ATH) flights, just for your needs.


Things to do in Athens

Theatre of Dionysus

If you’re a theatre fan the first thing you need to do after the long trip from Sydney to Athens is to visit the Theatre of Dionysus. You will go absolutely mad for this place, as this is the oldest theatre in the cradle of civilization! Ever read the renown ancient Greek comedies and tragedies? Well, all of them were likely crafted for this very stage. Originating all the way back to the sixth century BC, the temple was built to honour Dionysus, the god of wine. You heard that right, the Greeks had a god of wine!

The Roman Agora

During one of our Sydney (SYD) to Athens (ATH) flights you might’ve gotten a chance to learn a little about the history of Greece. If so, you know that the country was later ruled by the ancient Roman civilization, and their monuments are worth exploring as well. Perhaps the greatest of them all is the Roman Agora, a grandiose, ancient market where you can see the contrast in Greek and Roman architecture.

Philopappos Hill

Your trip from Sydney to Greece can also begin with the best view of Athens, the Philopappos Hill. Having a rich history itself, it also offers a deep view into the past, as well as a spectacular view of the Acropolis and the rest of the city of Athens.

When is the best time to book flights to Athens Greece?

Thanks to the wonderful Mediterranean climate, taking flights to Greece from Sydney is a good idea throughout the year. The peak summer season might not be advisable as the temperature can get scorching while tourists are aplenty. This is why going from Sydney (SYD) to Athens (ATH) is best during the spring, or autumn, as the weather will still be very warm and pleasant, and sightseeing will be an easier task thanks to fewer tourists.


Cheap Flights to Athens (ATH) from Sydney (SYD)

With Athens being one of the prime destinations of the Mediterranean, Webjet made sure that the options are aplenty, so there are over 100 flights to Athens (ATH) each day. You can find pricier options, as well as fairly cheap flights to Athens (ATH) from Sydney (SYD) and almost all of them have the return option as well.

Departing Sydney Airport (SYD)

Your journey from Sydney (SYD) to Athens (ATH) will begin in Sydney Airport. The airport itself is relatively close to the Sydney’s city centre. By using Sydney’s airport, you can connect to 89 international and domestic destinations. Airlines like Qantas Airways, Virgin Australia, Jetstar Airways and others use Sydney Airport as a hub.

Getting to Sydney Airport (SYD)

Finding your way to the Sydney Airport should be a fairly easy task, as the airport itself is situated less than 10 km from the CBD (Central Business District). Of the many transport options you may take, a taxi would be the most convenient one, and naturally, the most expensive one, as this luxury will cost you anywhere from AUD 40 to AUD 50. If you have the Opal transport card, taking the bus, or the train will be a more economical option.


Parking options at Sidney Airport

The Kingsford Smith airport (SYD) offers plenty of parking options for flights to Athens. For the nearest distance to the T1 international terminal you may choose the P7 parking building, which will cost $61 for 24 hours. There is also a cheaper, express pick up option, at around $51 per 24 h. This service is also free if you plan to stick around for less than 15 minutes.


From which terminal will flights to Greece from Sydney depart from?

Most of the flights to Athens Greece will depart from the international T1 terminal. Be sure to check the online terminal map of the airport before your cheap flights to Athens (ATH) from Sydney (SYD) if you haven’t used this terminal before.


Arriving to Athens airport (ATH)

At the end of our Sydney (SYD) to Athens (ATH) flights you will find yourself at the Eleftherios Venizelos airport, the busiest one in all of Greece. Needless to say, traveling from Sydney to Greece deserves a proper escort to your hotel as well, and the airport made sure to enable you to find this.


Getting from Athens airport (ATH) to your hotel

Long flights to Greece from Sydney will leave you craving for a proper rest, so make sure to find your transportation in advance. The public bus is the cheapest option, coming it at just 8 AUD for a person. 

If, however flights to Athens were too exhausting and you want the quickest, most comfortable option there is also the airport taxi service. You may also choose to save up money while still enjoying comfort by taking the metro, and starting your trip from Sydney to Greece with an insight into the lives of the natives.

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