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Athens Guide

Athens can only be described as one of the oldest, most precious jewels of the Mediterranean. The city is often considered to be the historical capital of Europe, with its history ranging all the way to the primordial settlements of Europe, specifically from the Neolithic age. With cheap flights to Greece from Melbourne, you can be there to see the beauty yourself.

Named after the Greek Goddess of wisdom and war, modern Athens is a blend of its cultural heritage, and the modern age. It is by far the largest city in Greece with around 3 million people, almost a third of the country’s entire population.

Athens is a city that you simply must explore. The ancient temples and monuments of a long-lost civilization are a sight to behold, and the overall atmosphere of the city is unlike anything in the world.

Give your senses a treat by trying out some of traditional Greek cuisine in some of the many restaurants in Athens. Your meal will be accompanied by the pleasant sea air, and by the sounds of traditional Greek music playing somewhere in the distance. Greece is truly a special experience, especially if you book cheap flights to Athens from Melbourne.

If this was enough to convince you to visit this Mediterranean “goddess”, Webjet is here to help you find cheap flights to Athens (ATH) from Melbourne (MEL) easily. Your Mediterranean adventure can begin with a breeze.

Things to do in Athens

The Acropolis

Ever wanted to travel back in time to get a taste of the ancient world? Well now you can, and all you need to do is visit Acropolis, the most famous landmark in the entire country of Greece. After all, the anticipation to see the historical wonders of Greece during your flight from Melbourne (MEL) to Athens (ATH) should be remedied by seeing the grandest of them all.

Officially recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site, Acropolis is the core of Athens and served as its fortified town, back in the Bronze Age. This spectacular place will take you straight to the Greek Classical age, with mesmerizing buildings such as the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena and the Erectheion.

The Ancient Agora

The landmark of the Ancient Agora offers another chance to witness some of the wonders of ancient Greeks, as it holds place to the Temple of Hephaestus, the most well-preserved temple in Greece. You can also visit the museum of the Agora, a reconstructed building. Agora is also connected to the Acropolis by a very short walk and is right next to the Roman Forum.

Syntagma Square

To see the best of what modern Greece has to offer, you should check out the Syntagma square. Some of the grandest places here are the Parliament building, as well as the Grande Bretagne Hotel, which was restored recently. Another event that you cannot miss is the changing of the guards right in front of the Parliament building, which occurs every hour.

Best time to visit Athens

When should you plan your trip from Melbourne to Greece

The recommended time to visit Athens is between the months of March and May, or from September to November. The most prevalent weather conditions during these months will be sunny, warm, but not too hot, and most importantly there will be fewer tourists, and sightseeing will be a pleasure.

Athens’ winter is also not a bad choice, as it is mild, and pleasant, thanks to the Mediterranean climate. If, after all, you decide to visit during summer, between June and August, prepare to go through hordes of tourists, which might make your trip a bit uncomfortable.


Flights to Athens (ATH) to Melbourne (MEL)

While there are no direct flights from Melbourne (MEL) to Athens (ATH) there are still some affordable options. There are cheap flights to Athens (ATH) from Melbourne (MEL) offered by Scoot however these do come with a long stop in Singapore. If, however, you want to have a shorter trip from Melbourne to Greece you may take one of the offers from Qatar and Etihad airways, which have more stops, but also have the total traveling time cut in half, coming in at around 22 hours, however the price is also doubled.

Departing from Melbourne airport (MEL)

Getting to Melbourne airport (MEL)

There are a couple of ways to get to the Tullamarine Airport (MEL). One is by the freeway, but this might be a pricier option due to tolls. A cheaper solution would be the SkyBus, a bus service which works non-stop and operates on many locations. With a price of around 20 AUD it’s certainly the cheapest option to get to your flight from Melbourne (MEL) to Athens (ATH). Another choice is the taxi service, which will cost you around 60 AUD.

Where to park at Melbourne airport (MEL)

The most economy friendly option for parking prior to your flight from Melbourne to Greece are the open-air Value car parks. While this option won’t get you directly to the terminals, there are shuttle bus services which can do this for you. The shuttle bus leaves fairly regularly, every 10 minutes at most.

Which International Terminal will your flights to Athens from Melbourne depart from?

If you decided to book the Etihad or Qatar Airways, your flights to Greece from Melbourne will depart from terminal T2.

Arriving to Athens airport (ATH) and getting to your hotel

Upon arriving, after taking one of the many cheap flights to Greece from Melbourne we have here on Webjet, there are several choices on how to get to your hotel. These include the public bus, the cheapest option, which will cost you only 8 AUD per person. If, however, you prefer to take a more comfortable, faster ride after your long flight from Melbourne to Greece, an airport taxi service is also available, however this might cost you up to 60 AUD for a ride. Lastly, there is the metro as well, a sort of a middle ground option, with a price of around 15 AUD for a one-way ticket.