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Top Experiences For Visitors Who Have Booked Tickets to Athens

Greece is a dream destination for travellers across the world. Its incredible history, rich culture and lively atmosphere draws in thousands of visitors on return flights to Athens every year. To make the most out of your cherished holiday, find cheap flights to Athens on Webjet and use the savings to splurge on a memorable excursion…or two. A classical Greece tour will take you on a four-day tour of the most coveted sites in Greece. The tour begins in Athens where you’ll see the Corinth Canal and into the Peloponnese to see the ancient Mycenae ruins and the Epidaurus theatre. Day two begins in Olympia where you will dive into the history of the ancient Olympics and see where they were held. Day three begins in Delphi where you’ll visit the Delphi Archaeological Museum then travel through central Greece to Meteora. The morning of day four kicks off with a guided tour of two of Meteora incredible rock top monasteries before returning to Athens. Book this all-inclusive tour when you purchase your tickets to Athens to save time and money on hotels and travel expenses. For a guided tour of the Temple of Poseidon arrange a day trip to Cape Sounion when you plan your airfare to Athens. You’ll enjoy the scenic road along the Saronic Gulf as you ride in an air-conditioned coach toward Cape Sounion. You’ll hear detailed information about the cape and how it provided the perfect landscape for the temple which was built between 444 BC and 440 BC. The first thing you’ll see as you at Poseidon’s Temple, is the large white pillars perched above the sea. As you explore the ruins, you may come across the signature of Lord Byron that was carved in the early 1800’s. One of the most highlighted experiences for travellers booking flights to Athens is a guided Acropolis tour. Of course you can visit all the sites in the Acropolis on your own, but a guided tour offers a deeper insight to the details and historical relevance of each temple and site. A guide will explain the names and meanings of the sites as well as touch on mythology, lifestyles, and drama of the ancient Greeks. You’ll visit the ancient citadel and ascend the sacred hill where you will be surrounded by views of modern Athens as well as other well-known landmarks. Tourists on late spring or summer flights to Athens should take advantage of the warm weather with a luxury catamaran cruise. Relax in the warm sun as you cruise along the Athens Riviera. You can snorkel and swim in the blue waters or simply bask in the picturesque atmosphere of the Saronic Gulf as the Mediterranean breeze cools you off. Most tours include adult beverages, Greek wine, and a full meal including Greek barbecue and an array of appetizers. Save money with cheap flights to Athens on Webjet and relish in this once in a lifetime experience.

The Best Time to Visit with Flights to Athens

The summer months between June through August are hot and can be quite uncomfortable. The daytime temperatures can reach up to 33°C, and the summer is also peak tourist season. Anyone looking to travel in the summer should plan their hotel, excursions, and flights to Athens well in advance. If you’re planning winter flights to Athens, pack an umbrella and warm clothing. December through January experience quite a bit of rain and temperatures rarely rise above 13°C. If you don’t mind the cold rain, winter is the best time to find the best deals on hotels and cheap flights to Athens. The best time to travel on flights to Athens is in spring or autumn. Springtime temperatures between March through May can be as low as 5°C and as high as 24°C. Autumn days between September through November rarely reach above 26° C. Crowds dissipate in spring and autumn giving tourists on flights to Athens a bit more elbow room at major attractions.

Best Things To Do on Weekends

If your holiday in Greece includes a stop in Athens, there is a bevy of activities to fill your schedule. Before you book cheap flights to Athens, you may want to have an idea of what you want to see and accomplish in the short time. And be sure to pack comfortable shoes before heading out on flights to Athens if you want to see the iconic Acropolis and surrounding attractions. After you arrive at Athens International Airport (ATH), head straight to the Acropolis. You can see the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Nike, and the Temple of Hephaestus, the Erechtheion, and other ancient landmarks on your first day in Athens. Grab a bite to eat, grab a few mementos, and stroll through the Flea Market at the nearby Plaka. Nearly everyone searching for cheap flights to Athens can appreciate the ancient history surrounding the city on their first day. But not everyone knows of the hidden gems near the major landmarks. Get up early on day two and climb to the top of Philopappos Hill for panoramic views of the Acropolis and surrounding Athens. Pack a light breakfast and watch as the sun rises over the mountains, slowly awakening the city. After breakfast, head down the hill to the Prison of Socrates. If you research the prison when searching return flights to Athens, you may discover a bit of debate as to whether Socrates was actually held captive at this particular prison. No matter what side of the debate you find yourself, this historical landmark is worth a visit. Read Plato’s apology on the bench outside the prison then walk a little farther on the path toward leros Naos Agios Dimitrios Loubardiaris. This small Byzantine church may look like it’s about to crumble to the average passer-by. But the inside is a treasure trove of rich Grecian history waiting to be admired. The single sloped arch roofed Basilica was built in the 9th century when Greece was under Ottoman occupation. When the Turkish governor realised the Greeks were holding celebrations inside the church, he ordered his troops to fire upon it using the cannon known as Loumbarda. But just before the cannon fired on the church full of people, a large bolt of lighting came from the heavens, destroying the cannon and gunpowder magazine. The church still remains.

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