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Antigua Guide

What should I know before visiting Antigua?

Antigua uses two currencies

The official currency of Antigua is the East Caribbean dollar (XCD), but the US dollar (USD) is widely used as well. After your flights to Antigua, you’ll discover some local vendors prefer to use XCD while others prefer the USD. It’s a good idea to keep a bit of each currency on you at all times after arriving into VC Bird International Airport (ANU).

Plan to spend a day or two in Barbuda

Antigua has a sister island located a short distance north. Barbuda is smaller than Antigua but is a beautiful spot that’s worth visiting. When you have airfare to Antigua, you can plan a day or two in Barbuda by making a 90-minute ferry trip between the islands. Some must-visit spots in Barbuda include Two Foot Bay, Martello Tower, and Princess Diana Beach.

Spend Sunday evenings at Shirley Heights

When you book return flights to Antigua, plan to spend a Sunday evening at the Shirley Heights Lookout. A barbecue kicks off at 4pm every Sunday and is accompanied by live music, which continues into the night. Spending a Sunday at Shirley Heights is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture after cheap flights to Antigua, as you’ll have opportunity to try authentic island cuisine and get to know some locals. Shirley Heights also provides an unforgettable view over the island and ocean, particularly at sunset.


What are the best things to do in Antigua?

Devil’s Bridge

Stunning beaches and rock formations make up the coastline around Antigua. One of the most famous coastal landmarks to see after cheap flights to Antigua is Devil’s Bridge. This spot is on the eastern side of the island and is a natural rock arch bordered by the Atlantic. During high tide, you can watch as waves crash over Devil’s Bridge and blowholes project ocean water into the air. You can even walk over Devil’s Bridge while holidaying on flights to Antigua if you visit during low tide – just be careful as the rock can get slippery.

Nelson’s Dockyard

When you book airfare to Antigua, plan to spend a bit of time in the capital St. John’s. One of the city’s top heritage sites is Nelson’s Dockyard in the English Harbour. After the English settled a colony in Antigua in the 1630s, this harbour was established as a naval base. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, several important buildings were constructed along Nelson’s Dockyard, including naval housing, a guard house, and various shops. While visiting Nelson’s Dockyard after your flights to Antigua, you’ll see many of these heritage buildings as well as a small museum, shops, and restaurants.

Half Moon Bay

A trip to the Caribbean is not complete without a snorkelling excursion. When you book tickets to Antigua, you’ll have a wide variety of snorkelling locations to choose from. One of the most beautiful snorkelling spots is Half Moon Bay on the eastern side of the island. It has a crescent shape, which shelters the beach and coral reefs from strong currents and waves. Rent some snorkelling gear and head into the water to explore the reef and underwater world. Half Moon Bay tends to go under the radar by most travellers, so it’s a great place to go for a quiet, local experience when you have return flights to Antigua.


What should I pack for Antigua?

Whether you book tickets to Antigua in winter or summer, you can expect warm weather with plenty of sunshine. Pack clothing you would typically wear for a tropical getaway, such as shorts, t-shirts, sandals, and sunglasses. A swimsuit is another essential as some of Antigua’s top attractions are its beaches and coral reefs. The island is also teeming with fantastic hiking opportunities, so be sure to pack a pair of sturdy walking shoes for your flights to Antigua.

A plug adapter is essential to keep your devices charged and ready to use. Antigua uses a Type B plug, which is used across much of North America. You may also want to pack an underwater camera or waterproof phone case for your return flights to Antigua – if you go snorkelling, you’ll see views you’ll definitely want to remember!


How much time should I spend in Antigua?

Embrace the local spirit of Antigua and allow yourself to explore at a slow and relaxed pace. To experience everything the island has to offer, book cheap flights to Antigua for about seven to 10 days, taking some time to visit the smaller island of Barbuda as well. After spending some time on these islands after your flights to Antigua, you could continue your holiday to another part of the Caribbean. Book a cheap flight through Webjet to visit another idyllic Caribbean island such as Martinique, Puerto Rico, or Barbados.