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Major Events and Festivals

Look to travel on cheap flights to Antigua in late April to be a part of the iconic Antigua Sailing Week. The festival has been the major social scene for locals and visitors since 1968. Several races can be watched throughout the week including the Guadalupe to Antigua regatta from Falmouth Harbour. You’ll want to bring a colourful costume along on your flights to Antigua and dance the night away at Lord Nelson’s Ball which is held at the end of Sailing Week. Plan ahead and reserve your flights to Antigua for Easter weekend to watch the island sky come alive with colourful kites. Adults and children alike create masterful kites to celebrate the new season. One of the most anticipated events on the island is the Antigua and Barbuda International Cricket Fest. Snap up deals on cheap flights to Antigua for the November event which draws in teams and fans from across the world. Come early to watch the afternoon coaching sessions or stick around after the match for a lively celebration filled with food, music, and good times.

Tips for First-Time Travellers With Flights to Antigua

Australians on flights to Antigua do not need a travel visa when arriving at V.C. Bird International Airport (ANU). You will, however, need to show proof of your return flights to Antigua, show confirmation of accommodation, and provide evidence that you can maintain yourself during your stay. Clearing customs should be a breeze, but it’s important to note that all camouflage clothing is prohibited in Antigua and Barbuda and will be confiscated. After finding cheap flights to Antigua on Webjet, get an idea of what you want to do and where you want to visit while on the island. The dress code on the island is generally informal but beach attire is not appropriate anywhere in town, in shops, or in restaurants. And some hotels or fine dining establishments may require an evening jacket and tie for men and a dress for women. Be sure to include tipping and gratuities in your budget when purchasing airfare to Antigua. Those in the service industry highly depend on tips from tourists and many restaurants and hotels automatically add a 10% gratuity fee. The standard tip for servers and taxi drivers ranges between 10 to 15%. Most of the hotels on the island are set up to use 220 volts so be sure to pack a voltage adapter for your utensils for your holiday. If you want to carry cash around on the island, it’s a good idea to exchange your AUD for the Eastern Caribbean (XCD) prior to your flights to Antigua.

Top Experiences For Visitors with An Airfare to Antigua

If you’re searching cheap flights to Antigua for a relaxing holiday, there are plenty of beachside resorts that will cater to your needs. To see many of the island’s natural wonders, arrange a catamaran cruise when you purchase tickets to Antigua. The cruise glides along the coastline highlighting natural areas like the Pillars of Hercules, Bird Island, and Devil’s Bridge. You’ll then arrive on Green Island where you can relax in the sun, snorkel the reef, or swim in the warm clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. From there, you’ll sail to English Harbour to discover the history surrounding the site. On your way back, you’ll cruise the western coast of the island to see the pristine white sand beaches and crystal-clear bays. Most tours include an island barbecue on Green Island as well as transfer to and from your Antigua hotel. If you’d rather take the helm yourself, plan a self-drive boat excursion when you arrange flights to Antigua. Excursions include a quick tour of the island, an in-depth orientation and safety training for the 2-person inflatable boat, and snorkelling equipment. A guide will lead the way (in a separate boat) through the Jolly Harbour marina and into the ocean where you can rev the engine and charge toward Cade’s Reef. Once at the reef, you and your partner can spend 45 minutes exploring the vibrant fish and marine life inside Antigua’s National Marine Park. As you return to the marina, you can take in the views of Darkwood Beach, Ffryes Bay, and Valley Church Bay. But the ride back isn’t just for sightseeing. This excursion allows you to test out awesome boat tricks such as water doughnuts and figure eights with the supervision of your guide. If you want a bit more excitement with your flights to Antigua, arrange an Eco-Adventure excursion. Visit the secret areas of Antigua’s North Sound to explore a myriad reefs, mangroves, and natural rock formations. Conservationists booking this excursion with their return flights to Antigua will appreciate learning about the scientific turtle project and sustainable reef ball system developments on Maiden and Guiana islands. Once you pass the islands, you’ll head to Hell’s Gate island to explore the famed bridge, caves, rock formations, and natural jacuzzi. Spend some time snorkelling the reefs, jump off the natural bridge, or relax beneath the Caribbean sun before heading to Bird Island for some of the most incredible views of North Sound. Snorkel the beautifully preserved Bird Island reefs before enjoying a complimentary island lunch.

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