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Tue 01 Oct
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$1,784* RETURN
CX Airlines
Thu 03 Oct
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$1,706* RETURN
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Mon 07 Oct
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AI Airlines
Mon 14 Oct
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$1,707* RETURN
CX Airlines
Tue 15 Oct
Updated on 23 Jun
$1,708* RETURN
CX Airlines
Wed 16 Oct
Updated on 18 Jun
$1,710* RETURN
CX Airlines
Fri 18 Oct
Updated on 24 Jun
$1,415* RETURN
CZ Airlines
Mon 21 Oct
Updated on 19 Jun
$1,417* RETURN
CZ Airlines
Tue 22 Oct
Updated on 18 Jun
$1,417* RETURN
CZ Airlines
Tue 29 Oct
Updated on 22 Jun
$1,708* RETURN
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Wed 30 Oct
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CX Airlines
Thu 31 Oct
Updated on 19 Jun
$1,784* RETURN
CX Airlines

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Route information for flights from Melbourne to Amsterdam

Cheapest return price for the current month from $1,415*
Cheapest return price over next 6 months from $1,051*
Cheapest month November 2024
Most expensive month November 2024
Average flight time 22h 5m

Amsterdam Guide

Tips for First-Time Travellers to Amsterdam

Plan Your Stay Weeks In Advance

Amsterdam is famous for its beauty, energy and history. It’s no wonder almost 6 million people travel to the little European city every single year. But with so many tourists, the town can struggle to keep up with accommodation needs (especially over the summer months when Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) is flooded with visitors). For this reason, your best bet is to book your stay as soon as you can. Planning where you’re going to stay before you book your tickets to Amsterdam from Melbourne can also ensure a better location, without paying inflated rates.

Get Yourself An Amsterdam Pass

The Amsterdam Pass is a single card that gives you access to more than 30 of the city’s most popular tourist experiences as well as unlimited access to the hop-on, hop-off boats and buses that make their way through the streets and canals. Depending on your budget and schedule, you can choose from a list of different packages. If you’re looking to book your Melbourne to Amsterdam return flights, maybe take a look at getting your Amsterdam Pass too.

Beware Pickpockets

Just like any other major city, Amsterdam has its share of petty crime. Generally, there’s no reason to worry about personal safety, but the city centre and popular tourist spots do see opportunists taking their chance. Make sure all of your important documents are safely stowed before you leave Melbourne Airport (MEL) and keep your eyes peeled when you’re out and about in Amsterdam, especially on crowded streets.

Rent Your Own Bike

The best way to really get to know Amsterdam is by renting and riding your own bike. Having a full, 360-degree view of the city’s iconic architecture is an experience you’ll never forget. It must be said, the locals do ride with purpose and speed, so keep talk to someone about the general rules of the road before you hit the streets. If you feel a bit out of practice, it’s best to get a few rides in before you book your tickets to Amsterdam from Melbourne.

Public Transport and How To Get Around


The train lines in Amsterdam are well known for being both efficient both comfortable. They operate from 8am to 23:59 every day, with six trains leaving the station for local destinations every hour. Tickets are reasonably priced and can be purchased online, but remember that any tickets bought online will need to be printed for your trip. The journey from the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) to the city centre takes about 15 to 20 minutes.


Travelling around Amsterdam using the trams is both fun and convenient. The slow speeds, comfortable ride and big windows offer travelers a great way to explore the city and all of its beauty. There are 14 tramlines with 400 stops between them. There are many different types of tickets on offer for the tram, which can be bought online. If you think this may be one of your preferred modes of transport while you’re in Amsterdam, why not get yourself an unlimited ticket (1 to 7 day ticket from €7.50 to €34.50)? Unfortunately, there are no trams to or from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS).


Buses run to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) every 15 minutes for most of the day. Within the city centre, buses make their way all around the city and surrounding areas. You’ll even be able to travel to your preferred destination between 12:30am and 6:30am, with 11 buses doing their rounds during this time. Again, the Amsterdam Pass or the I Amsterdam Card are the best ways to pay for these bus rides, so be sure to do some research after you’ve bought your flights Melbourne to Amsterdam.


Flights Melbourne to Amsterdam are extremely long, especially if you’re flying via the UAE. The best way to get your blood pumping again, once you’ve made your way from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS), is by renting a bicycle to ride around the city. Companies like Yellow Bike offer bicycle rentals from as little as €12 for 24 hours.





The most convenient way to travel from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) is by taxi. A flat rate of about €39 will get you from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) to the city centre in about 15-20 minutes. Taxis are a great way to get around the city and its surrounds, but they can be a bit pricey. If you’ve already booked your flights Melbourne to Amsterdam and you’ve started planning your trip - maybe consider other modes of transport for getting around the city.



Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss

Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House is one of the most famous houses in the world. For €10 (adult ticket) you’ll have the opportunity to explore rooms and halls in which the young Anne Frank wrote her iconic diary while in hiding during the Second World War.

The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is one of the world’s most revered art museums. Many people book their tickets to Amsterdam from Melbourne with this particular experience in mind. With more than 8,000 objects on display within the art and history collection, a visit to the museum is a great way for anyone booking return flights Amsterdam to gain a greater appreciation for the city’s rich and historic story. The museum is located at the Museum Square in the borough Amsterdam South, close to the Van Gogh Museum.

The Van Gogh Museum

How could one mention Amsterdam without considering the hugely influential Vincent Van Gogh. The Van Gogh Museum takes you on a journey through his trials and triumphs, giving visitors an experience that will leave them feeling like they knew the man himself. The beautiful building is located at the Museum Square in the borough, Amsterdam South.

Dam Square

Dam Square is often considered the heart of Amsterdam. The large town square, at the epicentre of the city, is always bustling with activity. Whether you’re looking to visit the Koninklijk Paleis (Royal Palace), Nieuwe Kerk or go shopping at De Bijenkorf, it’s definitely one experience you can start getting excited about while looking for your cheap flights to Amsterdam.

Etiquette Tips

Don’t Light A Cigarette At Coffee Shops

Most people book their flights Melbourne to Amsterdam already knowing all about the city’s vibrant and edgy culture. And while the world famous coffee shops are known for serving and allowing the recreational use of marijuana, they’re not as welcoming with cigarettes. In fact, it’s considered quite rude to do so. If you’re really looking to light up, there are designated smoking areas dotted around the city.

Don’t Photograph The Girls

Amsterdam’s red light district has become a cornerstone of the city’s tourist offering. No matter where the visitors who arrive at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) come from, there’s a good chance they’ll make their way to there to have a look around. The ladies in the windows of the red light district and their iconic backlit scenes draw their fair share of onlookers, but tourists should know know that taking pictures of the ladies is taboo.

Look Out For Cyclists

The Dutch don’t just cycle for fun and exercise like most people. It’s their way of getting around. It’s how they commute. This means that Amsterdam locals have developed their own pace and set of rules when riding their bicycles. When you’re looking for cheap flights to Amsterdam from Melbourne, consider preparing by doing a bit of reading up about the rules and etiquette.

Best time to visit Amsterdam


The best time to visit Amsterdam

Tulips are in bloom around the outskirts of Amsterdam from mid March to early May and the flowering signals the beginning of tourist season. King’s Day on 27 April is a huge celebration, bringing large crowds and a spike in hotel prices. Summer weather can be a mixed bag so always come prepared by packing layers and a light rain jacket. Avoid visiting in August if possible so you won’t have to contend with longer queues and higher accommodation prices. Amsterdam is a football-loving city and the season is in full swing from August to May. Look out for matches featuring local club Ajax or the national team. Temperatures and prices drop from November until February, and visiting during winter can be a great time to find cheap airfares from MEL to AMS. Those that do travel during winter can wrap up warmly and explore any festive markets.



Departing From Melbourne

Melbourne Airport (MEL) is the second busiest airport in Australia, and international departures leave from terminal 2. There are currently no direct flights from Melbourne ( MEL) to Amsterdam (AMS), and common stopover locations on this route include Sydney, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Hong Kong and London. Flight time is usually upwards of 23 hours, and airlines offering cheap airfares from MEL to AMS are British Airways, Etihad, Singapore Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Cathay Pacific.



Getting to Melbourne Airport

Leaving Melbourne CBD for the airport? Take the Melbourne City Express bus operated by SkyBus. This is convenient and hassle-free and buses run 24/7 every ten minutes, every day. Give yourself 30 minutes for the trip. If you are travelling during peak times add an extra 15 minutes. Get your one-way ticket for $19 online, at a ticket booth or from a touch-screen kiosk. Buses are the only form of public transport connecting Melbourne Airport with the city. Taxis are available and normal fares vary between $55 and $75 AUD. Rideshare services like Uber are also available in Melbourne.



Parking at Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport boasts 24,000 public car parking spaces and offers three choices for travellers. Choose from the budget Value Car Park, the convenient Long Term Park and the premium Terminal Car Park. Parking facilities are inclusive with parking bays allocated for disabled parking, motorbikes and bicycles.



Where to Park at Melbourne Airport

Plan ahead and pre-book online to get the best rates. Drive up options get you complete flexibility.


  • Value Car Park: This is the cheapest option for picking up and dropping off and when staying extended periods, like during your dream European holiday. A week will cost $99 AUD. Prices include the free 24/7 shuttle bus service that departs to and from the terminals every 10 minutes.
  • Long Term Park: This parking area offers easy pedestrian access to the terminals or you can hop on the free 24/7 shuttle bus. Affordable drive-up rates start from $25 AUD per day. A week-long stay may begin from $99 AUD.
  • Premium Terminal Car Park: Choose from Premium, Business or Valet options. Premium parking drive up rates start from $369 AUD for a week.


Arriving in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s main airport is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS). It is a significant passenger and cargo airport, and is also the hub for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.



How to Get from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Your Amsterdam Hotel or Accommodation

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) has efficient transport links into the city and the other parts of the Netherlands. The quickest, most convenient and economical way to get into the city is on the train. The station is located directly underneath the airport and trains run 24 hours a day. The trip to central Amsterdam takes 20 minutes and a single train ticket to Amsterdam Central costs less than €5 ($8 AUD). If you prefer a bus, look out for the Amsterdam Airport Express (bus 397) or Niteliner (N97). Services run every seven minutes and a single ticket from AMS to the city will cost €6 ($9.40 AUD). The Schiphol Hotel Shuttle can drop you at just about any hotel in Amsterdam. Follow the Amsterdam Shuttle Desk signs to arrival hall four. The fare is €13.50 ($21.22 AUD) and average transfer time is about 45 minutes, depending on traffic. Follow the signs to the official taxi ranks and catch a metered cab. Drivers accept credit cards, cannot refuse luggage and will issue a printed receipt. The taxi journey may cost €39 ($61.30 AUD)and take around 15 minutes, depending on traffic flow. Uber is available in Amsterdam.

Things to do


Things to do in Amsterdam

Begin your discovery of Amsterdam on a high-brow note and visit one of the city’s museums. See Rembrandt’s The Night Watch at Rijksmuseum and then wander the Van Gogh Museum, which has the largest collection of his work. Get to the Anne Frank House early to avoid mammoth queues and see the annex where the Frank family hid during WWII. Bikes are a big deal in Amsterdam and having your own set of two wheels is one of the best ways to explore the city. Pedal along the canals and picnic in Vondelpark when your legs need a rest. Fuel up with pannenkoeken and enjoy a draft at the Heineken Experience or another of Amsterdam’s micro-breweries. Amsterdam’s canals also provide the backdrop for fantastic festivals such as King’s Day and Amsterdam Pride when the waterways are lined with throngs of spectators. There is plenty to do as the sun begins to set. Amsterdam’s nightlife is the stuff of hedonistic legends, no matter if you prefer to leisurely sip cocktails or dance into the wee hours.