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Airlines that fly to Amsterdam from Australia include Emirates Airline, Lufthansa, Virgin Australia, Etihad Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and more.

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Need to know

Throughout the 17th century, the Netherlands led the way in science, art, trade and military strength. As a global superpower and cultural hub, much of the Netherland’s energy was centred on its capital city, Amsterdam. Today’s Amsterdam has diversified its strengths; not only is it one of Europe’s leading financial centres, it’s also one of the continent’s most exciting holiday destinations. With an abundance of history, culture and art, as well as an envelope-pushing party scene, there’s nowhere in the world quite like Amsterdam.

There’s so much to see and do in Amsterdam—all you have to do is narrow down the options. Culture geeks can browse the extensive collection of Dutch art and history on display at the Rijksmuseum, or head straight for the country’s most famous export at the Van Gogh Museum. Beer lovers can get a behind-the-scenes look at one of the world’s most popular lagers by joining an interactive tour at the Heineken Experience. Those who aren’t fussy can simply wander through Amsterdam’s narrow streets and soak up the city’s old-world charm. Whether you’re more likely to queue outside Anne Frank House or the thumping nightclubs of Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein, Amsterdam will always find a way to stop you in your tracks.

Amsterdam’s vast network of canals and bridges has earned it the nickname ‘Venice of the North’. Just outside the city centre, you can find a very different kind of aquatic landscape in the aptly named Waterland area. Witness traditional farmhouses and entire towns, such as Beemster, sitting atop polders reclaimed from lakes. The sand dunes and forests of nearby Zuid Kennemerland National Park are home to lots of flora and fauna, including toadstools, deer, hedgehogs and highland cattle. For a breath of fresh air inside the city, simply take a cue from the 10 million people who visit Vondelpark (a 45-hectare public park near Leiden Square) every year.


Getting around

Amsterdam is known for being a city of bike lovers, with at least as many bicycles as people. Experienced cyclists will no doubt enjoy the city’s bike-friendly infrastructure; novice riders, although not unwelcome, may find the speed and agility of the traffic a little intimidating. Fortunately, the centre of Amsterdam is compact and extremely flat, making it a breeze to explore on foot. The city’s tram and metro lines are easy to understand and run smoothly, and there are also several free ferries which travel from the Centraal Station jetty to Amsterdam North.

Amsterdam’s waterfront location and oceanic climate lend themselves to relatively mild temperatures. Winter will see nighttime temperatures drop to around zero, while summer days will climb to an average of 22°C. Peak season occurs in the summer, and the city is generally swamped with tourists by August.

Visiting Amsterdam on either side of this period (April to May; September to October) will allow you to enjoy a calmer atmosphere and reduced rates. Plus, as many postcards will attest, Holland is especially beautiful in the spring. Note that Queen’s Day and Liberation Day are marked by week-long celebrations and festivals in late April and early May; this can either be a drawcard or a deterrent, depending on your tastes.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is located about 15 km from the centre of Amsterdam. Flights travel to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol from a range of destinations, including Los Angeles, Beijing, Paris, Moscow, Edinburgh and Budapest. A taxi to the city will take about 25 minutes, while a train should get you there in 15 minutes or less.

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