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Amritsar Guide

What are the dos and don’ts of visiting Amritsar?

Do leave a tip for service professionals

When you book tickets to Amritsar for your trip to India, keep in mind that it’s commonplace to tip anytime you receive a service. 10% is standard, but consider tipping a bit extra if service is particularly good. When planning your budget after booking flights to Amritsar, be sure to build in any gratuities you plan to leave for restaurants, taxis and hotel staff.

Don’t openly carry food

While exploring the city between your return flights to Amritsar, you’ll quickly discover that the region is home to a thriving population of wild monkeys. You’ll even spot monkeys just while walking down the streets in the centre of Amritsar! Don’t carry food in your hands, or it might be snatched by one of these cheeky creatures.

Do carry a scarf to wear at religious sites

Many of the top attractions to explore after flights to Amritsar are religious landmarks. Both men and women are required to cover their heads while visiting at a majority of the local temples and religious landmarks. This is particularly important at the Golden Temple.


What are the best things to do in Amritsar?

Wagah Border Ceremony

When you book tickets to Amritsar, plan a day trip to the Wagah Border Crossing for a unique cultural experience. The Wagah Border is one of the busiest land crossings between India and Pakistan. To reach the border after your flights to Amritsar, you can catch a public bus or a taxi from the city. If you visit the border shortly before sunset, you can view a fascinating military performance between the forces of India and Pakistan. The ceremony features drills and dances that highlight both the rivalry and the camaraderie between the two nations. People gather on both the Indian and Pakistani sides of the border to watch the daily Wagah Border Ceremony. Note that you can only cross the border if you have applied for and received a Pakistani travel visa before your flights to Amritsar.

Golden Temple

When you book airfare to Amritsar, make sure the Golden Temple is on your list of things to see. This landmark is one of the most iconic places to see in Amritsar. The Golden Temple has been a destination for religious pilgrimages since the 1570s. It features both Hindu and Islamic architectural styles and has a marble base, but the most striking parts of the temple are its golden panels and a large dome that’s topped with 750 kilograms of pure gold. While visiting the Golden Temple after your cheap flights to Amritsar, admire its exterior and then head inside to view beautiful shrines and religious artefacts.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum

Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a prominent leader of the Sikh Empire in the early half of the 19th century. Throughout his life, he introduced new reforms and infrastructure that positively affected the lives of the local population. Learn more about this man and what he accomplished by visiting the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum after your flights to Amritsar. The museum was built in the Ram Bagh Palace, which was where Maharaja Ranjit Singh once lived. While exploring the museum between your return flights to Amritsar, you’ll see paintings and artefacts that portray the history of both the Maharaja and the Sikh Empire.


What is the cost of visiting Amritsar?

When preparing for your return flights to Amritsar, you may want to exchange some dollars to rupees. Many local vendors don’t accept international bank cards, so it’s always a good idea to have some local currency on you. $1 AUD equals about 49 rupees.

When you book your airfare to Amritsar, you can also use Webjet to reserve your accommodation in the city. On average, a hotel room in the city centre costs about $100 AUD per night. Budget travellers can also find options for as little as $20 AUD per night.

Transport is another cost to factor into your budget. There is currently no public transport available from Amritsar Airport (ATQ). The best way to reach your hotel is by catching a taxi after arriving on cheap flights to Amritsar. A taxi to the city centre costs about 300 rupees (about $6.10 AUD). Once you are in the city, you can opt to get around by public transport. Fares on the Amritsar Metrobus range between 15 and 25 rupees (between 30 and 50 cents AUD) based on distance travelled.

Soak up local culture by trying as much regional food and drink you can find after cheap flights to Amritsar. Typically, a meal from a traditional restaurant costs 150 rupees (about $3.05 AUD), and domestic beer and lattes in the city typically cost about 100 rupees ($2.05 AUD). It’s also important to be careful when ordering street food in India. Ask locals and your hotel staff for recommendations, and only eat food that is cooked fresh to order.