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Alice Springs Guide

The Best Time to Visit on Flights to Alice Springs

In the beginning stages of holiday planning, it may be a good idea to know what to expect in each season and what months are best for finding cheap flights to Alice Springs. The extreme Red Centre weather can cause dramatic temperature changes. Summer days are typically hot with daily temperatures reaching up to 45°C but nights can drop drastically – even into sub-zero temperatures. It’s a good idea to bring a sweater or coat when packing for flights to Alice Springs. Autumn days cool off a bit with daytime temperatures ranging between 12 to 27°C. Crowds and temperatures drop off in May making it the perfect month find cheap flights to Alice Springs. June through August experience cold days and dramatically colder nights. Daily highs only get up to 20°C while nights can drop below 0°C. Spring brings warmer days with temperatures ranging between 14 to 30°C.

Top Experiences For Visitors

No matter the reason for arranging flights to Alice Springs, a host of activities and memorable experiences awaits. Find cheap flights to Alice Springs on Webjet and splurge on a camel riding excursion. As one of the Outback's most iconic experiences, you can ride along the amazing red heart of the country on the back of these desert residents. You will pass Ironbark and Mulga trees and vast clay flats as well as hear the calls of an array of birdlife. Tours can be arranged for nearly any time of day, but to have the best experience in the rugged scenery, schedule a sunset desert ride when you book tickets to Alice Springs. Families, newlyweds, or solo thrill-seekers can get a bird’s-eye view of the desert when they arrange for a hot air balloon adventure after booking their flights to Alice Springs. Most excursions take off before sunrise to give passengers the best views - don’t forget a camera to capture this unforgettable experience. No visit to Alice Springs is complete without a visit to the iconic Uluru. Reserve your spot for a sunrise tour upon locking in your flights to Alice Springs and get ready to enjoy a sunrise breakfast and watch the massive spectacle of Uluru come into view. No matter if you’re on a romantic retreat, family holiday, or solo adventure, the up-close look at the rock’s red surface as the sun rises is an experience you will never forget.

Best Things To Do on Weekends

Flights to Alice Springs can be great for weekend getaways. The area is home to an array of indoor and outdoor activities for travellers of all ages and fitness levels. As soon as you leave Alice Springs Airport (ASP), you’ll be greeted by the MacDonnell mountain range. Stop off at a roadside lookout to snap a few photos of the breath-taking range that stretches more than 600 kilometres and boasts amazing gorges and gaps. If you found a hotel in the city centre when you booked cheap flights to Alice Springs, drop off your luggage and head to Olive Pink Botanic Garden. The Garden was founded in 1956 as an arid flora reserve and showcases more than 600 central Australian plants including rare and threatened species. Bring a good pair of binoculars and a set of walking shoes and on your return flights to Alice Springs to trek the many trails throughout the Garden. Self-guided trails guide you through the garden and up Annie Myers Hill where you will have amazing views of Alice Springs, the Todd River, and the MacDonnell mountains. Visitors may also see a variety of birds and even Euros while strolling through the grounds. If you’re famished from your flights to Alice Springs, hop into the Bean Tree Café inside the garden for a filling, locally sourced meal. Be sure to plan a sunset camel ride when you schedule your airfare to Alice Springs and enjoy a sunset ride after the garden tour. You’ll be surrounded by sights and sounds of Western Australian wildlife as you lope through the desert. End your first day with one of the many vibrant nightclubs in and around the city centre. Your second day in Alice Springs should definitely include a stop in Todd Mall. The area is home to Aboriginal art shops, coffee shops, local boutiques, vintage shops, and souvenir kiosks. Hopefully you have room in your suitcase to bring back all the incredible finds on your return flights to Alice Springs. From Todd Mall, head to the Alice Springs Desert Park. The adventure safari and hands-on museum brings you up close to kangaroos, emus, and other incredible wildlife. Walk through the aviaries and a gigantic predator-proof nocturnal house to see the endangered bilby, echidna and mala. Remember to bring a floppy hat and comfortable clothing before heading over on flights to Alice Springs if you plan to visit MacDonnell National Park after the safari tour. Tour MacDonnell National Park to see the rock amphitheatre and black-footed wallaby at Simpsons Gap. Then head to Standley Chasm for a cooling stroll beneath ghost gums, cypress pines, and acacias. From there, trek up to Mount Sonder lookout to view Central Australia from one of the highest peaks. When you’ve had your fill of photos and trails, cool off in Ellery Creek Big Hole before returning to your hotel.