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Albany Guide

What is the history of Albany?

Albany is one of the oldest settlements in Western Australia, so there’s a vast history to experience if you book tickets to Albany for your next holiday. Albany was established in 1826 as a military outpost of New South Wales – more than two years before settlements were built in Perth or Fremantle. For many years, Albany was the only deep water port in southwestern WA, which made it a prominent hub for ships travelling between Australia and Britain. In the late 1800s, Albany’s population boomed when it became a gateway for the gold rush of WA. A few decades later, Albany became even more prominent when it was the final port of call for ANZAC troops leaving for Europe to fight in WWI. Today, the city is notable as the home of the National ANZAC Centre. Through various attractions and heritage buildings, there are many ways to experience the city’s history after your flights to Albany.


What can you do in Albany over the weekend?

Old Gaol Museum

Pay a visit to the Old Gaol Museum after your flights to Albany to learn about the city’s convict history. The gaol was first opened in 1852 and housed inmates who were transported from Britain. However, it differed from many other convict prisons around the colony because it also served as a hiring centre. Inmates could receive their ticket out of gaol by getting hired for skilled labour. The gaol operated into the 1930s and was restored as a museum in the 1990s. After arriving on cheap flights to Albany, visit the Old Gaol Museum during the day to learn about its convict past. Alternatively, you could head to the museum at night for a haunted ghost tour.

Torndirrup National Park

After your return flights to Albany arrive, take a day trip south of town to this beautiful national park. Torndirrup National Park is located on a peninsula and features some of the most diverse landscapes in the region. The park is most recognised for its unique rock formations, such as the Gap and Natural Bridge. Another feature of the park is the Blowholes; granite crevasses that regularly shoot water into the air. Various flora and fauna can also be seen throughout Torndirrup National Park and differs based on what time of year you plan flights into Albany Airport (ALH). Colourful wildflowers bloom between October and January, and whales can often be spotted offshore from May to October.

Middleton Beach

After arriving on flights to Albany, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the number of beautiful beaches nearby. Middleton Beach is located just east of the CBD, making it an easy spot to visit when you have return flights to Albany. The beach is sheltered by the headlands of King George Sound and the waves are generally calm, making for good conditions for swimming and snorkelling. Middleton Beach is bordered on the northern edge by Emu Point and by Ellen Cove in the south. Each of these spots feature stunning views over the beach and ocean. Visitors with flights to Albany can also enjoy waterfront views along the 5-kilometre (3.1 mile) Middleton Beach boardwalk that hugs the coastline from Ellen Cove back into the city.

Albany Heritage Park

Head to the Albany Heritage Park after your cheap flights to Albany to view historic monuments and take in a panoramic view over the city. Albany Heritage Park is located east of the CBD on the peaks of Mount Clarence and Mount Adelaide. Some of the landmarks that can be seen in the park include the National ANZAC Centre, Princess Royal Fortress, and the Avenue of Honour. Since the park is located atop two hills, this is also where you can catch some of the best views over the city and coastline after your flights to Albany.


When is the best time to visit Albany?

Albany experiences four distinct seasons; you can have a very different holiday based on what time of year you book airfare to Albany. In the summer, Albany’s temperature averages about 25°C during the day, but this can sometimes reach about 38°C. Summer is high season and many interstate visitors book tickets to Albany for their holidays. If you’d like to avoid the crowds, plan your return flights to Albany outside of the summer months. Spring and autumn experience pleasant temperatures of about 20°C with vibrant nature; pastel blooms come to life around Albany in spring and golden foliage takes over the trees in autumn. If you book airfare to Albany for the winter months, expect brisk temperatures of about 11°C and a bit of rain. Winter is the low season, making it a great time to find cheap flights to Albany and deals on accommodation.