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Albany Guide

A Brief History

There’s a reason history buffs, photographers and nature lovers head to the Rainbow Coast on flights to Albany. The colonial town is full of original buildings housing historically significant relics and stories of Western Australia. Albany was originally used as a British military outpost in 1826 to avert any claims to Western Australia by the French.

Tourists travelling to Western Australia on cheap flights to Albany will ultimately find themselves strolling along Stirling Terrace. This was the main thoroughfare in the town and is named after Governor at the time in 1832. The town began to grow and in 1885, railway construction between Perth and Albany began bringing an influx of new settlers and prosperity. King George Sound held tactical value and when tensions grew between Britain and Russia in the mid 1880’s, Britain reached an agreement to build a defensive position in Albany. With a gold rush bringing in more than 500 passengers a week to the area, very little minerals and farming opportunities existed in the area, thus emerged the whaling industry. Book a tour of the Historic Whaling Station along with your return flights to Albany to discover more of this lifestyle that lasted until 1978.

Life settled down in the early 1900s, but World War I brought Albany into the spotlight once more. Albany was the departure port for the ANZAC troops heading to Gallipoli in December of 1914. And Albany was also the location of the first dawn service commemorating ANZAC Day following the war. Book flights to Albany for ANZAC Day to witness a truly special service honouring the fallen men.

Aside from being the site of the National ANZAC Centre, Albany is home to the Patrick Taylor Cottage, the oldest dwelling in Western Australia. Searching for cheap flights to Albany may also include information on the National ANZAC centre in Princess Royal Fortress which showcases weaponry and a glimpse of the lifestyles of soldiers.

Landmarks and Monuments You Can’t Miss

Anyone on flights to Albany should plan to spend at least one day inside Torndirrup National Park. With its granite cliffs and sandy beaches to the stunning views and nature trails, Torndirrup is certainly the most talked about National Park in the Rainbow Coast. North of the park is Princess Royal Harbour and to the east, you’ll see King George Sound. But it’s the spectacular natural land formations that draw in travellers on flights to Albany each year. Torndirrup rests on more than 4,000 hectares of land and features the famed ‘The Gap’, ‘Natural Bridge’ and ‘The Blowholes’. History buffs, WWI enthusiasts, and patriotic Aussies should head to the Desert Mounted Corps Memorial after arriving on flights to Albany. Port Albany is where the ANZAC troops set sail to battle at Gallipoli so it’s only fitting to memorialise the site. Climb to the peak of Mt Clarence to find the memorial that honours the members of the Australian Light Horse, Australian Flying Corps, the New Zealand Mounted Rifles, and the Imperial Camel Corps. Save on cheap flights to Albany and book a below deck tour of the Replica of the Brig Amity. This was the ship that brought the first settlers to Albany. A tour below deck showcases cargo holds, sleeping quarters, mess hall, and general information on living conditions.

Top Things to Do and See With Flights to Albany

Find and book cheap flights to Albany with Webjet to leave room in your budget for a visit to Albany's Historic Whaling Station. Pre-book your tours when you purchase plane tickets to Albany and spare the hassle of waiting in line. The station offers incredible insight to the history of whaling and its economic impact on the town. You can see a huge blue whale skeleton as well as scrimshaw art and the famed marine animal art collection inside the once prominent whaling station. Perhaps the highlight for visitors coming on flights to Albany is the chance to step aboard a real life whaling ship – the Cheynes IV. If you’re booking an airfare to Albany for a fun and enriching holiday, take a peek inside The Albany Convict Gaol and Museum. This eerie site was home to many infamous prisoners such as Frederick Bailey Deeming who was thought to have been Jack the Ripper at one point. Pack your camera before heading out on your flights to Albany to snap photos of the living conditions and grounds that housed one of the oldest farms in Western Australia. Old Farm in Strawberry Hill is a beautifully preserved set of buildings that allow a glimpse into real life for early farmers in the early 1800s. After arriving at Albany Airport (ALH), head over to the Western Australia Museum. See exhibits on nature conservation, indigenous people and their culture, as well as WWI memorabilia. Entrance to the museum is free and is a great experience for visitors of all ages.