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Travelling with Children

It won’t be hard to plan a few kid-friendly activities when arranging flights to Ahmedabad for your family. Children and car lovers of all ages will revel at the sight inside the Vintage Car Museum. The museum boasts a collection of more than 100 vintage luxury cars and gives details of their history. Many of the rare automobiles were owned by Rajas, Maharajahs, and even Indian Princes. The city is internationally known for its kite festival so it’s only fitting for travellers on flights to Ahmedabad visit the Kite Museum. The museum features a collection of traditional Japanese hexagonal Rokoku kites as well as a 5-metre long kite showcasing the famous Garba dance. You will find an extensive exhibit showcasing the many materials used to create kites including paper, nylon, and cotton. Hand-painted kites, geometric shapes, animal patterns, and miniature kites are on display and visitors are given an in-depth history of kites and how they were used throughout history. Save on cheap flights to Ahmedabad and pre-book entrance to Gujarat Science City. Budding scientists can spend hours exploring all elements of science. Get your bearings in the reflective mirror hall or discover the laws of motion on the interactive exhibits and rides. Science City also features a nature room complete with rare birds and a separate butterfly enclosure. Purchasing plane tickets to Ahmedabad can also include tickets to Marinar’s Wonderland. Amusement rides, a snow arena, and a water park come together in one place to create an adventure paradise. The water park features rides, splash ponds, and interactive exhibits. The highlight of the water park is the Aqua Ball, where you can push yourself across the water in an oversized balloon, dive into the cool water to escape the heat and humidity, or get up close to your favourite characters in the 5D cinema. The Snow Park allows you to experience the hills and valleys of the Alps without the heavy clothing and gear. You’ll forget about the heat outside while you’re in the middle of a snowball fight or slipping down an icy slope in the -5°C arena.

The Best Time to Visit

Temperatures in Ahmedabad remain relatively high throughout the summer months, from March through June. Daily temperatures hover between 44° and 47°C and can be very dry. The scorching heat tends to stave off many tourists. However, if you can handle the heat, summer travel is the best time to find the best deals and cheap flights to Ahmedabad. Just remember to load up on sunscreen and light, flowy clothing before heading out on your flights to Ahmedabad in the summer. Peak travel times for those looking for tickets to Ahmedabad occurs in monsoon season. July through September see cooler days averaging 35°C with increased humidity. Despite the heavy rains in August and September, the streets are alive with activities and Hindu festivals. If you’re hoping to take part in or witness the incredible colours, music, and dancing during the festivals, book hotels and airfare to Ahmedabad well in advance. Travelling to Ahmedabad’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (AMD) in the winter months between October through March is ideal for anyone planning outdoor adventures. Tourists take advantage of the 29°C temperatures by enjoying meals at open-air cafes and food stalls. Winter is a great time to snap up deals on return flights to Ahmedabad and take in the sights on foot.

Major Events and Festivals

Festivities bring about a wonderful mix of culture, tradition, and fun in your holiday. Plan flights to Ahmedabad in January, July, or October to witness the amazing celebrations and festivals across the city. Flights to Ahmedabad in October can put you in the middle of the most exciting festival of the year. Navratri is a 10-day celebration showcasing the vibrant culture of the Gujarat region including the self-purification ritual of Durga Puja. Travellers on cheap flights to Ahmedabad can join in the celebrations and dress in ethnic Gujarati costumes and dance the Garba and Dandiya with the locals. Secure airfare to Ahmedabad for January for the most colourful festival in India. The International Kite Festival, also known as Uttarayan, takes place on January 14 each year and draws crowds from across the world. While the sky fills with magnificent kites in an array sizes, colours, and shapes, the streets below are a buzz of activity. This is a great opportunity for those coming in on flights to Ahmedabad to taste some of the finest Indian dishes including the local’s favourite vegetable dish, Undhiyu. Scheduling return flights to Ahmedabad in June or July will allow you to witness one of the most sacred annual festivals in the Gujarat region of India. Rath Yatra begins as the Chief Minister of Gujarat cleanses the streets with a traditional Pahind Vidhi ceremony along the streets of Ahmedabad. A procession led by highly decorated chariots of Jagannath carried by devout Hindus follow the Chief Minister. The pomp and circumstance as well as reverent prayers offered up during this festival is an experience that will remain etched in your memory for years to come.

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