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What should you know about travelling with children to Adelaide?

Ready for a holiday with the whole family? Book cheap flights from Sydney to Adelaide and get ready for a whole lot of fun for travellers of all ages.

Go wild

There are several different places where you and the little ones can get a front-row look at, and play with, some wonderful wildlife. Head into the gorgeous Adelaide Hills, just 20 minutes' drive from the city centre, to visit Cleland Wildlife Park. There you'll be able to see wombats, koalas, dingoes and more. As opposed to a traditional zoo, many of the animals roam freely in their natural habitats within the grounds.

Even closer to the Adelaide CBD is the Adelaide Zoo. Just a 15-minute walk from the heart of the city, the zoo is home to more than 2,500 animals and has been welcoming visitors for more than 130 years. The tykes will love seeing everything from alligators to meerkats to the quokkas and tigers that call the second-oldest zoo in Australia home.

Go swim

If you've spent any time in Sydney, you certainly won't be a stranger to its great beaches. But don't forget to pack your swimmers and some sunscreen when you book your cheap flights from Sydney to Adelaide. That's because there are several great beaches within a short trip of the city. Glenelg Beach is about a 20-minute drive or 50-minute tram ride from the CBD. Less than a 15-minute drive up the coast is Henley Beach, while Semaphore Beach is another 15-minute drive north.

Go climbing

You won't have to leave the city limits to find outdoor fun and adventure once you fly from Sydney to Adelaide. TreeClimb gives new meaning to the term urban jungle, with a range of treetop courses and zip lines available for the kids to strap in and explore. As an added bonus, there's education material positioned around the park so children can learn more about the natural habitats in and around Adelaide.


What’s the best way to get around Adelaide?

Adelaide doesn't have the sprawl of Sydney, which makes getting around the South Australian capital a bit easier. That means after you travel from Sydney to Adelaide flights, you won't have to worry much about how you're going to get from Point A to Points B, C, D and beyond.

Public transportation is run by Adelaide Metro, which presides over the city's bus, train and tram systems. If you're going to be using public transportation often during your stay, the most convenient option might be to pick up a rechargeable metroCARD online. Alternatively, you can buy single MetroTickets on board trains and trams and at many bus interchanges, though you cannot purchase tickets aboard buses themselves. Also, remember that the entire Metro system is cashless, so you'll have to use a credit card to buy tickets or a metroCARD after you fly from Sydney to Adelaide.

All that being said, Adelaide is known for its flatness, making it an excellent landscape for walkers, joggers and cyclists. Consider travelling by foot if you have the time and the weather is nice.


What are Adelaide’s neighbourhoods like?

West End

The West End is considered by many to be Adelaide's coolest neighbourhood, home to a huge range of hip cafes, bars and restaurants. With laneways full of art and music, the West End really comes alive when the weather's nice, with patrons spilling out into the walkways in revelry.

North Adelaide

Looking out over the CBD, North Adelaide is home to some of the most beautiful homes in the state. On a nice day, you can do a lot worse than walking the 30 minutes from the CBD up into this gorgeous suburb, passing the famed Adelaide Oval on the way. Once there, you'll be able to amble by gorgeous residences before ducking into some of the fantastic nearby restaurants. Stop by North Glover Playspace before you head home on your Adelaide to Sydney flights and let the kids run around.

Semaphore, Henley Beach and Glenelg

While each of these suburbs has its own flavour, they all share the lifestyle that comes with proximity to fantastic beaches. Those taking flights from Sydney to Adelaide will appreciate the breezy vibes of these neighbourhoods that aren't quite as packed out as the biggest coastal hotspots in New South Wales.


Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Adelaide from Sydney?

Adelaide is located approximately 1,375 kilometres west of Sydney.

How long is the flight time from Sydney to Adelaide?

Non-stop flights from Sydney to Adelaide take approximately two hours.

Which airlines fly from Sydney to Adelaide?

Jetstar, Virgin and Qantas all operate return flights from Sydney to Adelaide.

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