Sichuan Airlines - Holiday in Chongqing & Chengdu

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Experience the magnificent giant pandas at the Chengdu Breeding research base. Learn about the history of the giant panda at the panda story cinema and museum, or visit the nursery for an up close encounter with some baby pandas! Fun for the whole family during a once in a lifetime experience.
Located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, Sichuan, China's fifth largest province, has an area of 485,000 square kilometres and a population of more than 87.5 million. The terrain of the province is bowl-shaped, which contributes to a varied natural environment and unique landscapes.

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Chongqing is located in southwest china, on the upper Yangtze river. This beautiful modern city has seen tremendous economic development while still maintaining a picturesque natural landscape. Chongqing is widely referred to as the ‘Mountain City’ largely due to its hilly terrain. The city is known for its dense forests with unique flora and fauna, vast mineral resources and river.
Why not experience a beautiful Yangtze River cruise beginning in Chongqing, drift downstream and take in the incredible Three Gorges.

Sichuan Airline

Sichuan Airlines has a fleet of over 73, Airbus330 aircrafts, with 160 routes operating domestically and internationally. Sichuan is a full service airline and was ranked first in Passengers’ Rating of Civil Aviation Award.