Explore Autumn in Korea

In Korea, autumn lasts from September until November. Mild days and clear weather make these months some of the most pleasant of the year and are a great time to visit. Head to the mountains for some of thebest autumn travel spots. Here, the landscape glows under crisp cobalt blue skies with vivid red and gold leaves covering the lush mountain ranges. The leaves change colour at slightly different times every year, usually occurring in late September throughout the northern regions and gradually moving southward.

Autumn in Korea. Exciting things to see and do.

SeoulSeoul Tour

Seoul is the vibrant capital of Korea and a popular tourist city. It's jam packed with countless things to see and do. Visit traditional royal palaces; enjoy the fabulous food and nightlife or head to the hip and happening shopping districts. Seoul is a city with so much to offer that it may be difficult to know where to start, so get the most out of your stay and check out the attractions on-board the Seoul City Tour bus. An onboard multilingual audio guide will give you detailed descriptions of each point of interest, so you won't miss a thing



Get your credit card ready because shopping never stops in Seoul. Most shops including markets stay open late into the night. Shopping areas such as Dongdaemum and Myeongdong even have massive stages where young performers showcase their talents.

Learn to make Kimchi

Kimchi Festival

Kimchi is the national dish of Korea and is served with every meal, including breakfast. Spice up your life and learn to make your own Kimchi. The Kimchi-making Experience Centre in Gwangju is a great place for beginners and you can join the massive outdoor Gwangju Kimchi Festival as well.

Please click here, to learn more about Gwangju World Culture Kimchi Festival: 13-17 October

Temple stay

Temple Stay

The Korean temple stay program offers an escape from the stress of city life within the surrounds of a serene Korean Buddhist mountain temple. Embrace the life of a monk for a day or two. Learn how to meditate effectively, eat traditional temple food and experience a Korean tea ceremony. The temple stay program will clear your mind and revitalize your soul.



Autumn is perfect season for hiking in Korea. The ideal time to see the autumn leaves change is from mid-October to mid-November. Many locals enjoy hiking trips during this period, together with friends and family. Join in and finish off the day with a well-earned dip in one of the many hot springs. The extreme contrast of cold mountain air and warm spring water is a sensory experience you won’t want to miss. And the mineral-rich water has many health benefits.



A recent Seoul City survey of nearly 4,000 people revealed that most tourists believe Korean food is the city's main attraction, and with good reason. Korean food is not merely served as one dish, but rather a collection of tasty meals and side dishes for friends and family to enjoy together. It is plentiful, diverse, rich in flavour and interactive. A typical meal can include vegetables, rice, Kimchi and sizzling barbecued beef, pork and chicken. Kimchi pancakes are also a favourite. You'll find fish and shellfish on the menu as well, largely due to the oceans bordering the peninsula. Mackerel, hairtail, croaker and Pacific herring are popular choices and used in hearty soups and stews as well. So dive in and take your taste buds on a journey not to be missed. Just remember to leave room for desert as well. Koreans love sweets and there are all sorts of treats on offer. Try a traditional rice cake known as 'Tteok', they come in all sorts of different colours, shapes and flavours. Or indulge in some Korean confectionary known as 'Hangwa’.

Please click here to learn about Jeonju Bibimbap Festival: 18-21 October

UNESCO world Heritage Sites


Korea’s World Heritage Sites will take you on a magical journey back in time. Get on an ancient adventure trail and take in the beauty of Korea’s palaces and natural wonders.

Explore unique Buddhist art in Gyeongju or see the Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty up close. Korea is blessed with 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it a holiday destination like no other. Marvel at Changdeokgung Palace right in the heart of Seoul or head to the mysterious Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes, formed over 120 million years ago.

Click here to learn about Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival: 5-7 October

Autumn Festival & Events

Here are just some of the many exciting festivals and events on offer throughout autumn in Korea.

Gwangju Biennale: 7 Sept – 11 Nov

Gwangju World Culture Kimchi Festival: 13-17 October

Jeonju Bibimbap Festival: 18-21 October

Busan International Film Festival: 4-13 October

Andong Mask Dance Festival: 28 Sept – 7 October

Busan Jagalchi (Seafood festival): 11-14 October

Seoul International Fireworks Festival: October

Gyeongju Traditional Drinks/Rice Cake Festival: October

Hot Autumn Travel Deals

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