Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

The ‘backyard’ is one of Australia's most important outdoor areas. As our own backyards get smaller, it's time to look beyond the back fence. Fortunately, there's a solution. Our backyard is bigger than Wales and it’s called Kakadu National Park This adventure wonderland is found just 3 hours drive on the Arnhem Highway from Darwin.

Walk through stunning sandstone galleries of ancient Aboriginal rock art, swim under massive waterfalls, or cruise the scenic Yellow Water - a billabong abundant with wildlife. Kakadu National Park is one of just a few World Heritage sites, listed for both its natural and cultural values.

Kakadu has a range of accommodation options in and around the national park region. Options include camp grounds, hotels and luxury resorts.

So much to do

Experience a vast landscape with no fences or boundaries, where crocodiles, snakes and other wildlife exist virtually uninterrupted by the activities of man.

With more than 1600 plant species recorded in Kakadu. It's flora is among the richest and most diverse in Northern Australia. The diverse environments of the national park support an astonishing array of animals, a number of which are considered rare, endangered or endemic.

Our backyard is home to the world’s oldest living culture who has told their story through art, song and dance for over 50,000 years.  Learn about the area’s social, cultural and natural history by visiting one of the many world-famous rock art galleries with a Kakadu guide or purchase regional modern and traditional aboriginal art from one of the art centres.

Stand atop terracotta sandstone escarpments and overlook lush green wetlands. Enjoy wildlife cruises along rivers and billabongs surrounded by paperbark forests and multitudes of birds and wildlife, or swim under surging waterfalls in pandanus-lined, crystal rock pools. Bushwalkers can enjoy the many walking trails through spectacular landscapes. Established camping areas are close to most of Kakadu’s main attractions.

A visit to Kakadu National Park will place you within a timeless environment where nature rules. Be sure to check out the many Kakadu and Arnhem Land tours. Become part of our story, and then go home with your own.


From basic hotels to 5 star luxury, there's a range of accommodation near Kakadu National Park to meet your budget.

Getting to Kakadu National Park via Darwin

To get to Kakadu National Park fast, fly to Darwin from most major cities in Australia including: