Frankfurt, Germany

Main River in Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in Germany and has been the financial capital for centuries. Frankfurt is a popular destination for visitors to Germany. Compare flights to Frankfurt with Webjet and save!

When to Visit

Frankfurt has a temperate sometimes humid climate with rainfall common throughout the year. Temperatures vary between 10°C and 30°C. July is usually the hottest month. Visiting Frankfurt is most enjoyable during late spring or early autumn. Summer in Frankfurt is generally avoided because of the high heat and frequent rain.

Saint Bartholomeus' Cathedral

Saint Bartholomeus is a gothic style Cathedral in Frankfurt that was constructed between the 14th and 15th centuries. Saint Bartholomeus is the main church of Frankfurt. The church was the site used to elect kings of the Holy Roman Empire and to crown the Roman-German emperors. Destroyed in 1867 by a fire and rebuilt as it stands today, the cathedral’s vast history and distinct architecture keep visitors coming to Frankfurt.

Römer - Frankfurt City Hall

Located at Römerberg (the city hall plaza), the Römer is a collection of houses that were later connected to form the town hall as it is today. The Römer was partially destroyed in World War II and later rebuilt.

Botanical Gardens

The Palmengarten was established in 1868, on 50 acres close to the centre of Frankfurt. The garden displays a large collection of beautiful plants throughout the year. The gardens feature the largest greenhouse complexes with an amazing collection of tropical plants, orchids, palms, ferns and succulents. The gardens host a variety festivals and concerts for the people and visitors of Frankfurt throughout the year.


Frankfurt is the heart of Germany which makes it the perfect arrival destination for travellers wanting to explore Germany. Travelling to Europe from Frankfurt is easy, through an excellent system of railways, airlines and motorways. Frankfurt boasts Germany's largest and most functional international airport.

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