Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are a beautiful island nation that specialise in beach days, sunsets, eternal summers and offering travellers a tropical escape unlike any other. This pacific getaway can be filled with adrenaline and adventure, or kept simply sweet with laidback luxury and indulgence. Beautiful lagoons, vibrant markets, safe and exciting nightlife, beach bars and restaurants, award winning resorts, watersports and endless activities describe a getaway on the go. But the more discerning traveller can discover the peace and privacy that await them in the Cook Islands.

Each of the 15 islands that make up this nation have a natural glamour created by a combination of their white sands, crystal clear waters, coconut palms and mesmerizing mountainous backdrop. While travellers may at first be enticed by the raw beauty of these islands, it is the people and their laidback lifestyle that really set this destination apart. In this little piece of paradise, travellers can experience the luxury and excitement of travelling to an exotic destination, while fully immersing themselves in the culture of the Cook Islands people.

Simply said, there are some luxuries that money can’t buy, and you’ll find these in the Cook Islands. And the best part – it is so much closer and more affordable than you think, you can go from Sydney to beachside cocktails in just a matter of hours!