Cardiff, United Kingdom

Cardiff Castle the medieval castle of Wales

The capital of Wales

Cardiff is a popular destination to visit at any time of year whether visiting Wales or other destinations around the United Kingdom. It has a year-long calendar of exciting, major sporting, musical and cultural events and festivals, such as the Cardiff Festival. Cardiff offers outstanding museums, theatres, plenty of nightlife, shops and over 330 parks and gardens.

Things to do

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle is one of Wales leading tourist attractions. Situated in the very heart of the capital, alongside city centre shopping and the magnificent Bute Park, the Castle's enchanting fairytale towers conceal an elaborate and splendid interior.

Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay is the home of many sites: the Oval Basin, Lightship 2000, the Victorian-style Pierhead Building. Recently, the bay area has been redeveloped into a stunning commercial precinct, with a lovely water side development filled with restaurants, cafes and shops.