Tips To Find Cheap Flights

One of the easiest ways to making sure your next holiday starts on a high is knowing that you’ve saved money on your airfares, no matter if you’re flying interstate, across the Tasman or to Europe, Asia or America. The money you save by booking the best airfares might even then go towards spending another night or two away. Here we lift the lid on 10 simple tips that can help you find and book the best value flights.

1. Know What Is Available

Forget flipping between dozens of open tabs on your computer or smartphone to find which airline has the best-value flight. The easiest way to uncover the cheapest flights is a side-by-side comparison. Using Webjet allows you to do just that. You can compare airfares between full-service and low-cost airlines; routes with one or two stopovers; and departure times. Not only does having all your options accessible in the one place mean you can locate and book the best deal, but it also means you spend less time planning the logistics and more time researching the fun parts about your holiday. 

2. Lock It In

There are a lot of factors that go into fluctuating airfares, and flight prices can jump in a matter of minutes. Protect yourself against missing out on the cheaper flight by using an online travel agent that honours the price of your preferred airfare for a set time window. Webjet’s Booking Price Guarantee holds the price of your chosen flight for 30 minutes while you rustle up your passport or confirm travel dates with family and friends. And if your flight sells out during that time and you have book a more expensive airfare? Webjet covers the cost up to $1000 per booking. 

3. Be Flexible With Dates

If you’re not yet locked into dates for your holiday it can mean great things for finding a cheaper flight. Being flexible with your travel dates allows you to take advantage of cheaper airfares on days when airlines and flights aren’t as in-demand or full. This can be especially helpful when booking popular flight routes, such as between Melbourne and Sydney, to Bali or to London. Even having the freedom to leave a day earlier or later can see you save. 

 4. Get In Quick

When you are bound to travelling on certain dates – or you have your heart set on visiting a festival or event – it can pay to get in early and book your cheap flights sooner rather later. Airfares for peak periods, such as school holidays or sporting events, tend to be pricier due to increased demand, but the cost of these flights can inflate even more the closer that the departure date approaches. That said however, take care not to book too far in advance*. Also keep an eye out for early bird promotions and deals.

 5. Fly into a Smaller or Quieter Airport

London’s Heathrow Airport is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for travellers searching for cheap flights to Europe. But did you know that airfares to major international hubs can be more expensive than flights into smaller airports? A factor at play here is airline capacity and airport taxes. So, flying into a lesser airport can pay off; leaving the money you save on airfares to cover the cost of any ground transportation. For example, try flying into Amsterdam rather than London and then use the savings to jump the English Channel. Likewise, research an alternative airport if you’re travelling to a destination for a major event. However, the reverse of the above can also be true (airfares into major airports are cheaper) so make sure to do your research and compare thoroughly.

6. Embrace One-Way Flights

There is no rule saying that you must book return flights every time you travel. Booking two or more one-way flights is one of the most under-the-radar tips for saving money on flights. This trick may not help just your bank balance though; it can also be an easy way to book the most convenient departure and flight times.

 7. Take Your Pick of Airlines

In keeping with the mix-and-match flight trick mentioned above, another way to save money on airfares is to book your one-way flights with different airlines – whichever carriers offer the cheapest airfares. Potential savings can become even more pronounced if one or some of your flight legs can be booked with a low-cost domestic carrier.

8. Stay In The Loop

Have your finger on the pulse with sales, deals and specials by following online travel agents on social media and subscribing to their emails. Travellers who receive Webjet’s email travel updates are often the first in-the-know about incredible airfares and new deals. Make sure you don’t miss out by signing up here

9. Follow The Deals

Allow the best value deals and airfares to guide the destination of your next holiday. Broadening your holiday horizons and being opening to travelling to new or different destinations means more options – and an increased chance of finding cheaper flights. Want a beach holiday? Don’t limit yourself to just Bali or Queensland. Look out for deals to destinations such as Fiji, Phuket, the Philippines, Japan and New Caledonia.

10. Don’t Knock Off-Season

Flights to a destination during its peak travel period are bound to be more expensive. But that’s where knowing a country or city’s shoulder seasons comes in handy. Even better is a willingness to travel during off-peak season. Think during late autumn or winter for Europe holidays, or September and October for a trip to Bali. Travelling during the off-season often has the added benefit of fewer crowds and lower accommodation prices too. Tip: don’t be put off by travelling to a destination in its ‘rainy season’ as this can be an umbrella term for short, albeit intense, rain showers.