10 Ways to Find Cheap Flights and Save

1. Planning ahead will save you

The cheap airline tickets always sell first, rewarding organised travellers. Often business people are caught out with meetings at late notice when there is no choice but to book an expensive airfare. The Webjet Deal Finder helps you find cheap airfares from available airlines up to 6 months in advance for international flights. You can also compare domestic flights from leading airlines on one screen for travel in Australia, to Fiji, Bali and New Zealand.

2. Be flexible with your travel dates

Flexibility with your travel dates often means that you can take advantage of cheaper airfares on days when the airlines aren't as full. Traditionally domestic airlines offer lower priced flights mid week (Tuesday-Wednesday). International airline flights and prices vary greatly from day to day. The Webjet Deal Finder allows you to compare international flights on one screen from the leading airlines.

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3. Avoid travelling during peak season

Travel during school holiday periods is often expensive but there are options for you. Travelling towards the end of the summer school holidays could see you find some shoulder season deals. If you don't have children then wait until the school holidays are over. Airlines and hotels offer great deals during off peak times and your savings on flights and accommodation could be significant. The key message here is don't travel when everyone else is.

4. Compare airlines - Mix 'n' Match

Compare available flights and airfares from different airlines. If you are flying in Australia, Fiji or New Zealand you can often save even more by flying one airline on your departing flight and selecting a different airline on your return journey. These cheap flights are commonly referred to as 'Mix 'n' Match' flights. Webjet's unique technology makes it easy to compare airlines whether flying domestic or to and from New Zealand and Fiji.

5. Check airline schedules

Not every airline flies every day of the week, and it is often these carriers that have the cheaper fares. It's useful to check airline schedules to ensure you are selecting the correct departure and return days. For example, cheap Jetstar international flights depart and arrive on selected days of the week.

6. Ask about taxes and airline surcharges

Make sure your quoted airline ticket price includes taxes and surcharges. Some advertisements for cheap international flights don't include taxes and fees. Depending which airline you choose, you could end up paying hundreds more! Webjet displays all international and domestic fares with taxes and airline surcharges included.

7. Get more out of your trip

Stopovers and Land & Leave Flights are now available at Webjet, allowing travellers far more flexibility. Many visitors to London stop over for a few days in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok or Dubai depending on the airline, which is a fantastic way to see another country at a small cost. Land & Leave Flights are perfect if you're going on a touring holiday. For example you could fly into London, make your way to Rome by car or bus and then fly home from Rome without having to travel back to London.

8. Consider alternate airports

Airfares can be much more expensive when flying into large international airports, usually due to airport taxes and airline capacity. Compare flights to other airports surrounding your desired destination. For example, you could save several hundred dollars by flying into Amsterdam instead of London and the savings will more than cover your ground transportation.

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