Cruises From Torrevieja, Spain

Located in the southern end of Spain’s Costa Blanca, you’ll find the beautiful resort town of Torrevieja. This small city experiences much lighter crowds compared to many of Spain’s other coastal cities, making it the perfect place to experience authentic everyday Spanish life. With a seaside location, Torrevieja is particularly known for its many beaches. Visitors can relax by the Mediterranean and also spend time exploring the parks and museums of the city. Torrevieja is also home to an impressive food scene with an abundance of local restaurants and tapas bars. Along with Spanish staples like paella, visitors can experience the fresh seafood that Torrevieja is particularly known for. With its relaxing and laid-back atmosphere, Torrevieja is the perfect place to begin your cruise around Spain and the Mediterranean.


Need to Know About Torrevieja Port

There is a small port in Torrevieja that accommodates cruise ships. Torrevieja Port is located just south of the city centre. In order to reach the port, you can make the 15 minute walk or catch a local bus. All seven of the local bus routes pass through a stop right next to the port. If you are heading to your cruise from nearby Alicante, buses are available into Torrevieja regularly throughout the day. Torrevieja also offers a car park onsite for cruise passengers who are arriving by car, and more affordable parking is available at a large car park nearby on Paseo Dique de Levante.

In order to reach your cruise easily on the morning of departure, you could opt to stay at a nearby hotel the night before. Several budget-friendly hotels and serviced apartments are available near Torrevieja Port, such as Apartamentos Marina Internacional, Hotel Fontana Plaza, and Marble Apartment.


Things to do in Torrevieja Before You Embark

Las Salinas de Torrevieja

This dreamy attraction is located just outside of central Torrevieja. It consists of a large lake that is bright pink in colour. The vibrant hue is caused by microorganisms and a particular seaweed that live in the water. The lake is shallow and safe for swimming, making it the perfect place for a walk through the water or an afternoon dip. The water of the lake is salty and has properties that make it beneficial in exfoliating and softening skin. The water of the lake isn’t the only pink you’ll see there. There is also a colony of about 2,000 flamingos who call Las Salinas de Torrevieja home.

La Mata Beach

Torrevieja is well-known for its beautiful beaches. One of the most popular to visit in the area is La Mata Beach. This beach is about 5 kilometres (3 miles) up the coast from central Torrevieja and has been referred to as one of Spain’s top beaches. The beach is well-known for its clear water, water activities, and beachside cafe scene. While spending the day at La Mata Beach, visitors can lounge in the sun, go surfing, play volleyball, and even go pedal boating in the Mediterranean.

Parque de Las Naciones

Parque de Las Naciones is a favourite among locals who want to escape the busyness of the city centre for a little while. The park offers a tranquil environment, making you feel as if you could be in the Spanish countryside. While walking through Parque de Las Naciones, you’ll notice lots of interesting birds, including peacocks, parrots, and roosters. It’s the perfect place to go for a lunchtime picnic or a relaxing afternoon walk.

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