Cruises From Cadiz, Spain

Tucked into the southwest of Spain, Cadiz is the capital of the country’s Costa de la Luz. Cadiz has often been referred to as the most underrated city in Spain’s Andalusia region, because although it is small, it has a lot to offer. Cadiz is located on a narrow peninsula off the mainland of Spain and is surrounded by water on three sides. The city has some gorgeous beaches and water views. Cadiz is teeming with history everywhere you look, between its castle, cathedral, and El Pópulo – the charming old quarter. The people of Cadiz are known for their sense of humour and are often considered some of Spain’s friendliest people. In addition to its history and beaches, Cadiz has an exciting food scene. You’ll find food markets dotted throughout the city and more tapas restaurants than you could imagine. Fish is the main specialty in Cadiz, with some of the city’s classic dishes being seafood paella, oysters, and fresh prawns. Other must-try food and drink are churros and sangria. The culture of Cadiz is so unique compared to the larger cities of Spain, making it the perfect place to start your Spanish cruise.


Need to Know About Cadiz Port

Cruises from Cadiz are available to embark in the Puerto de Cadiz. The port is centrally located and can be reached from much of the city on foot. If you are travelling from outside of Cadiz, the port is located right next to the city’s main train and bus station. Trains can be caught from neighbouring towns as well as Seville. If you are travelling from another part of Cadiz, local city buses 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 stop directly beside the port. If you are travelling to your cruise by car, parking garages are available nearby on Avenida del Puerto and at the city’s train station.

For a quick journey to your ship on the morning of departure, you could plan to stay close by the night before. Several affordable hotels are available near the Cadiz Port, such as Cadiz Inn Apartment, Apartamento el Balcón de Cadiz, and Hotel Las Cortes de Cadiz.


Things to do in Cadiz Before You Embark

Castle of San Sebastián

The Castle of San Sebastián is seen as the icon of Cadiz. It is located on a small peninsula just off the main part of the city. The castle was built in 1706 as a way to protect the city from invasion. Due to its peninsula location, the castle appears to sit directly on the sea. While the castle wasn’t constructed during the Middle Ages, its design is distinctly medieval with thick stone walls and fortifications. Visitors can walk through the castle grounds to admire its design and learn more about its history. Entrance to the Castle of San Sebastián is free and also provides stunning views over the sea.

Cadiz Cathedral

The Cadiz Cathedral is a beautiful hybrid of baroque, rococo, and neoclassical architectural styles. Construction of the cathedral began in 1722 and took more than 100 years to complete. At the time the cathedral was built, trade was booming between Spain and Latin America, leading the cathedral to be nicknamed the “Cathedral of the Americas.” Within the cathedral, visitors can see paintings and artefacts from old cathedrals and monasteries of Spain.

Playa La Caleta

Overlooking the Castle of San Sebastián, this beach has been of importance since Ancient times. It was once the place where Ancient Romans and Phoenicians docked their ships while visiting the city. Today, Playa La Caleta is a relaxing beach that is popular among both locals and visitors for its tranquil location. Off the shore, beachgoers can see boats sailing past and view the Castle of San Sebastián.

Parque Genovés

Parque Genovés is a sprawling seaside park on the northern edge of Cadiz. The park has lots of green space and paths, making it a great place to go for an afternoon walk. Interestingly, the sand that was used to create the paths through the park is the same sand that can be found in the region’s bullfighting arenas. As well as plants and nature, several sculptures dot the park as well. A notable spot to visit within Parque Genovés is the grotto, where you can see a waterfall and lake alongside large dinosaur sculptures. In addition to local plants, the park is also home to interesting plants from other parts of the world.

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