Cruises From Alicante, Spain

Alicante is one of the major destinations to visit along Spain’s Costa Blanca. With a quieter and more laid-back atmosphere compared to some other coastal cities in Spain, Alicante is a great place to relax and enjoy Mediterranean life. With a seaside location, Alicante is known for its incredible beaches and views of the Mediterranean. Within easy reach of central Alicante, beautiful cliffs line the coastline. The city is also a hub for history, with some landmarks dating back as far as the Ancient Roman Empire. Visitors to Alicante can enjoy lots of contemporary culture as well, such as fascinating museums, boisterous markets, and a vibrant nightlife. The food scene is impressive in Alicante, showcasing fresh seafood and some of Spain’s most iconic food and drink: paella, tapas, and local wines. Alicante offers the perfect relaxed Mediterranean experience, making it the perfect place to begin your European cruise.


Need to Know About Alicante Port

Cruise ships from Alicante depart from Puerto Alicante a short distance south of the city centre. A free shuttle bus is available between central Alicante and the cruise terminal, making it easy to reach your ship. If you would prefer to walk, the cruise terminal is only 15 minutes from the city along the scenic marina promenade. Passengers who are arriving to Alicante by car also have access to a parking garage directly at Puerto Alicante.

If you would like to stay at a hotel near the port before your cruise departs, there are several affordable options nearby. Hotels include Hotel Sercotel Spa Porta Maris, Melia Alicante, and the ultra budget-friendly Europa House Lofts.


Things to do in Alicante Before You Embark

Castle of Santa Barbara

The Castle of Santa Barbara sits on a tall hill in the heart of Alicante. The castle was constructed in the 9th century when the Iberian Peninsula was under Muslim control. The castle reflects the architectural style of that period, with lots of Arabian influence. Visitors can reach the castle by catching a lift to the top of the hill or by making the hike up the tall, winding path. Atop the hill, there are a number of places to explore. Alongside the castle, there are a variety of historic buildings, including the ruins of an old church, a guardhouse, and a governor’s house. There is also a large market where you can buy some local crafts, and the hill offers stunning views over the city.


Tabarca is a small island that can be reached from Alicante by ferry. It’s a quiet and secluded island, offering a different experience to lively Alicante. Due to the island’s small size, it’s perfect to explore on foot. Coastal paths make their way around the island, winding past whitewashed houses and historical landmarks. Tabarca is also a marine reserve where visitors can snorkel to witness unique fish and colourful coral.

El Barrio

As the oldest neighbourhood in the city, El Barrio is the heart and soul of Alicante. Throughout the neighbourhood, visitors can enjoy old-world charm between the traditional Spanish architecture, winding cobblestone streets, and brightly-coloured flowers. El Barrio is also known among locals and tourists as the city’s foodie hub. It is teeming with lively restaurants and bars where you can try some Spanish staples, such as tapas, paella, and sangria.

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