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What are the top things to do and see in Burnie?

After you book your Melbourne to Burnie flights, it's time to start building the ultimate itinerary. While driving around Tasmania is certainly a great idea, set your sights on ticking these attractions off your to-do list if you're planning on hitting the highway.

Makers' Workshop

Burnie is home to some of the most creative hands and minds in Tasmania, and the place that celebrates them the loudest and proudest might just be the Makers' Workshop. Located on the Bass Highway near the coast, the workshop hosts artisans who spend their days working in a variety of mediums. Visitors are able to watch them in action and shop for locally produced pieces. Make sure you take a 30-minute tour of Creative Paper to learn how to make paper by hand.

Hellyers Road Distillery

Much like some other Tasmanian destinations, such as Hobart and Launceston, Burnie is home to some incredible whisky producers. Hellyers Road Distillery gives you a chance to take a stroll along its Whisky Walk, which takes you behind the scenes and shows you what goes into making one of the most respected single malts in the world. You'll even be able to pour and wax seal your own bottle to take home with you.

Guide Falls

Take a quick trip outside the city limits and get in touch with the great outdoors with the help of Guide Falls. Just a 20-minute drive, which is quite scenic in its own right, south of Burnie sits this easily accessible waterfall. Simply park inside Guide Falls Reserve and walk a few minutes to see this gorgeous cascade of water.


What are the best cafes and restaurants in Burnie?

Flights from Melbourne to Burnie, Tasmania, give you access to some of the amazing diners that the island state is so well known for, as well as favourites that have been welcoming locals for decades. Here are a few great options to try while you're in town.

Bayviews Restaurant and Lounge Bar

With scenery as tasty as the food itself, Bayviews has quickly become a go-to for those looking for a great night out in Burnie. Sitting on West Beach, the restaurant's wall of windows provides expansive sightlines out across the ocean. Go a la carte or splash out for a six- or nine-course tasting menu. With a seasonal list of plates based on the best Tasmanian produce, it’s hard to go wrong with anything off its extensive menu.

The Chapel

The Chapel is a cafe, bar and music venue located inside a restored 1890s chapel and it draws in the patrons weekend after weekend. While the whole menu is strong, it really shines at brunch. With dishes such as maple bacon French toast and lemon and coconut chia pudding, through to fish and chips and soup, there's something to cater for just about every craving.

Mandarin Palace

A local favourite for more than 30 years, Mandarin Palace is the place to go if you're in the mood for Chinese food. You'll find all the staples (lemon chicken, fried rice, spring rolls and more) and delightful staff ready to cater for your needs, whether you're dining in or taking away.


What is the history of Burnie?

Burnie was settled on the north coast of Tasmania in 1827 when Henry Hellyer of the Van Diemen's Land Company decided Emu Bay would provide a quality port for settlements in inland Tasmania. The company bought up the area's lush green hills, thinking they would provide a sustainable natural food source for livestock. 

The town did not see much progress until 50 years later, when mineral deposits were discovered in the west coast of Tasmania. Burnie acted as the port for these mines, which led to a population spike. Improved railway services to mining locations in the west and south saw the number of residents continue to grow, with the rise slowly and steadily continuing for decades. The introduction of several factories and manufacturing plants in the late 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s, including the Associated Pulp and Paper Mills, drew enough people for Burnie to obtain city status in 1988.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average flight time from Melbourne to Burnie?

Non-stop cheap flights from Melbourne to Burnie, Tasmania, are approximately 70 minutes in duration.

Which airlines fly directly to Burnie from Melbourne?

Regional Express Airlines (Rex) operates Melbourne to Burnie flights.

How far is Melbourne to Burnie?

Burnie is approximately 370 kilometres from Melbourne.

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