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Flights from Melbourne to Nội Bài International Airport travel via destinations such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney, and are serviced by a number of domestic and international carriers including Qantas, Air Asia, Jetstar, and Virgin Australia. 


Travelling to Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is the exciting and fast-paced capital of Vietnam characterised by its incredible street food, chaotic pace, and the architectural remnants of its time as a French colony.

This is truly a city that never sleeps; at any hour, you’ll find pots of noodle soup being cooked on the pavement, goods being transported on the back of motorbikes, and ubiquitous kegs of Bia hơi, fresh beer, being sold for just 30 cents per glass.

Sit with the locals and cool down with a pot of traditional Vietnamese iced coffee. Jump on a xe om, a motorcycle taxi, and try to keep your eyes open as you weave through the bustling traffic of the Old Quarter. Hunch on a roadside stool to enjoy a delicious bowl of phở, get lost in a backstreet market, and tell a well-deserved break overlooking the calm waters of Hoan Kiem Lake.


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