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Compare Last-Minute Flights from London to Sydney

What is the best time to visit Sydney?

If you’re seeking good weather without the crowds, Sydney’s shoulder seasons, from March to May and September to November, are the best times to visit. Travelling outside the city’s peak season, you’ll find great last-minute flights from London to Sydney, as well as a decent selection of hotel rooms.

The period from December to February is best known for its long, hot summer days, and also happens to be the most expensive time to visit Australia’s Harbour City. Flight prices can rise as visitors, both from other Australian states and from across the globe make their way to Sydney for the great weather and a host of annual events. This means that it’s generally best to book your airfares well ahead of time to avoid paying a premium.

Between the months of June and August, Sydney typically sees its coldest temperatures. While this may mean that most travellers may choose another destination with warmer weather over Sydney, it’s a great time to explore without the peak season crowds. With fewer people flocking to the Harbour City at this time of year, you may enjoy cheaper last-minute flights from London to Sydney and better hotel rates at this time of the year.

What are etiquette tips for visiting Sydney?

Tipping isn’t mandatory in Sydney, but if a waiter or bartender provides good service, you might choose to show extra appreciation for their work. If you do choose to tip, there is no standard amount that you are required to pay. It’s also worth noting that most restaurants won’t provide you with your bill until you ask for it, so don’t be worried if you don’t receive it prior.

If you are planning to catch a train or the light rail in Sydney, it’s standard to allow everyone to alight from the carriage before you board. Stand to the side of the doors as everyone exits before stepping into the carriage. Be prepared for services to be busy during weekday peak periods if your last-minute flights from London to Sydney are arriving at this time, as thousands of Sydneysiders catch trains and the light rail every day. If you see an elderly or disabled person struggling to find a seat, it’s polite to give up your seat, whether it’s on a bus, a train or the light rail.

When walking in Sydney, you should try to keep to the left to allow for the freer flow of pedestrians, especially in busy areas. The same rule applies to stairs and escalators, particularly in high traffic areas such as train stations.

Although Sydney may be Australia’s largest city, it doesn’t mean that its residents aren’t used to enjoying a considerable amount of personal space. If you happen to be exploring the city’s CBD and its busy shopping precincts, take care to give the people around you some personal space. Unless you are travelling on busy public transport, aim to give those near you around a metre and, if you do end up bumping into someone, be sure to say ‘sorry’ or ‘excuse me’.

What are the best things to pack for visiting Sydney?

Temperatures in Sydney are largely comfortable throughout the year, with daily highs sitting, on average, between 17℃ and 26℃. Most people will be comfortable in shorts or jeans and a t-shirt, but it’s good to note that some venues, such as restaurants, may have a dress code. Pack a few pieces of smart casual clothing to cover all your bases. Be mindful too that temperatures can drop after dark, especially by the water, so a light jacket is sure to come in handy.

Sydney summers tend to average daytime temperatures at around a maximum of 26℃, but in January and February, the mercury may reach 40℃, or even higher. If you’ve booked last-minute flights from London to Sydney for travel in summer, pack cool, loose-fitting clothing. Look for clothing made from natural fibres, such as cotton and linen, which will naturally help to keep you cool during hot days. Whether you’re planning to visit Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, laze by the hotel pool or spend time in the great outdoors during summer, be sure to also pack sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from the Australian sun.

Although temperatures do remain quite comfortable throughout the year, Sydney does experience cooler weather during June, July and August. If you book last-minute flights from London to Sydney that are due to arrive during Sydney’s winter, you’re likely to need a jacket or light coat.

There’s plenty to see and do across Sydney’s CBD, with most attractions located within walking distance of one other. If you are planning to skip public transport and explore on foot, be sure to add at least one pair of comfortable shoes to your packing list.

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