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Compare Last-Minute Flights from London to Perth

What is the best time to visit Perth?

Perth’s shoulder seasons fall between September to November and then again from March to May. These seasons not only offer comfortable daily temperatures, but also reduced demand for flights and accommodation. Perth’s shoulder seasons are great for finding last minute flights from London to Perth and better hotel deals, plus it also means you may have some of the city’s top attractions to yourself.

December, January and February are the hottest months on Perth’s calendar, with average daily temperatures sitting at around 30℃. During summer, the days are long and warm, and this attracts holidaymakers from Australia’s east coast and beyond. This time of the year coincides with summer school holidays, so hotels and flights can be in higher demand.

Perth’s low season is during the Australian winter, from June to August. Although the weather is cooler during this time and rain is more common, temperatures tend, on average, to stay above 18℃, making it a good time to visit if you don’t mind a cloudy day here and there. With more rain falling at this time of year, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the city’s museums, sit down to cosy dinners at some of the best restaurants, or spend time getting to know Perth’s arts scene.

What are packing tips for Perth?

Packing for a trip to Perth is generally pretty simple. Most visitors will be comfortable with a combination of t-shirts, shorts and jeans, but, as with any destination around the world, it’s always a good idea to pack some smart casual options in case you choose to dine somewhere high-end or attend an event with a dress code. Outside of summer, temperatures tend to fall once the sun sets, making a medium-weight jacket another good item to add to your packing list. Be sure to also pack a supportive pair of walking shoes as exploring art galleries, shopping up a storm and discovering Perth’s top attractions is likely to see your daily step count increase.

Throughout Perth’s warmest months, daily temperatures hover at 30℃ and above, meaning that it’s a good idea to pack comfortable and, most importantly, cool clothing if you happen to be visiting at this time of year. If you’re thinking about securing-last minute flights from London to Perth during summer, look for pieces in your wardrobe that have been made using natural fibres that help to cool your body naturally, and be sure to pack a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen to shield your body from the sun’s hot rays. Whether you’re planning to spend a whole day outside or are just wanting to set out on a quick stroll, sun safety is important. Visiting during Perth’s warmer months, a swim at the beach or in a hotel pool is sure to be very tempting. Pack a swimsuit, boardshorts or whatever you feel comfortable swimming in and you’ll be ready to go once you check-in.

How to get around Perth?

Perth’s free Central Area Transit buses operate in loops around the city, making it easy to travel between the CBD’s top attractions. The buses run every five to 15 minutes depending on the stop, and there are services every day although operating times vary according to the route. The city’s SmartRider Free Transit Zone for trains offers another great way to get around, with stops including City West, Perth, McIver, Claisebrook, Perth Underground and Elizabeth Quay. To access travel within the SmartRider Free Transit Zone for trains, travellers must tag on and off using a reloadable SmartRider card. Standard SmartRider cards cost $10 AUD and require an initial minimum top-up of $10 AUD. Cards can be purchased from selected SmartRider Retail Outlets at the airport after your last-minute flights from London to Perth arrive, or at Transperth InfoCentres.

How to get to Perth from Perth Airport?

Perth’s public buses are the cheapest way to get from Perth Airport (PER) to the city centre after touching down after your last-minute flight from London to Perth. The 380 bus operates daily between Perth Airport’s T1 and T2 terminals and the Elizabeth Quay Bus Station, and the 40 bus runs between the T3 and T4 terminals and the Elizabeth Quay Bus Station. Passengers require a SmartRider card or cash ticket to ride either bus. Standard cash ticket fares for each route are $4.90 AUD, while SmartRider card holders travel one way for $4.41 AUD.

Taxis from Perth Airport to Perth's CBD are generally quite easy to find, and taxi ranks are situated outside each of the airport’s terminals. The journey from the airport to the city’s centre typically takes around 20 minutes and can cost anywhere between $40 and $50 AUD depending on the location of your Perth accommodation.

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