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Compare Last-Minute Flights from London to Melbourne

What are etiquette tips for Melbourne?

If you find that a queue has formed for a venue, a service or even for boarding public transport, don’t cut ahead of those already in the line. Doing so is considered to be very rude and should be avoided.

While not all venues may offer the service, bill splitting is quite common in Australia. Allowing people to divide the cost of meal between those who dined, bill splitting ensures that those who don’t order a large amount of food or drinks aren’t required to pay the same amount as those who do. Don’t be surprised either if your bill isn’t delivered straight to you at the end of your meal. Dining in Melbourne is often quite casual, meaning that you'll need to ask your waiter to bring your bill to your table.

Whether you’re set to catch a train or tram in Melbourne, you should wait at the side of the doors before your board. This allows everyone to alight freely and provides you with enough room to board safely, especially when carrying luggage after touching down from your last minute flights from London to Melbourne. Trains and trams are busier throughout weekday peak periods, so be prepared for larger crowds and fewer available seats at this time. Whichever mode of transport you choose, it is always polite to offer your seat to the elderly, pregnant women and people with a disability.

Although it’s fine to quickly answer a call as you ride on a train or tram, talking on your phone for a long period of time as you use public transport is generally frowned upon. With so many people sitting within such a small space, it’s easy for people to hear your conversation, whether they want to or not.

Much like any other city, littering is frowned upon in Melbourne. Look for public bins within the city’s centre to dispose of your waste and, if you happen to be a smoker, be sure to dispose of your cigarette butts appropriately.

If, while visiting Melbourne, you happen to make new friends on a night out, be aware that if someone ‘shouts’ a round of drinks, it’s generally expected that you will also buy a round of drinks at some point during the night. If this is something that you aren’t interested in doing or can’t afford, politely decline when offered a drink.

What is the history of Melbourne?

Founded in 1835 on the traditional land of the Kulin Nation, Melbourne has grown from a small village to a vibrant city in less than 200 years. Melbourne’s growth increased dramatically following the discovery of gold in Victoria in the early 1850s, with people from around Australia and the globe making the long journey to try their luck on the Victorian Goldfields. Melbourne was declared the capital of Victoria in 1851, and the remainder of that decade signaled the start of a period of rapid development that saw the construction of the State Parliament, Queen Victoria Market, St Paul’s Cathedral and many more of the city’s prominent buildings.

The city’s first tramway was opened in 1889, paving the way for today’s modern tram system. Melbourne continued to take shape at the turn of the 20th century, with other key landmarks, including Flinders Street Station, popping up on the cityscape. The 1950s saw the city host the 1956 Olympic Games and the completion of Melbourne’s very first skyscraper. The city continued to flourish, welcoming more new residents from across the world, developing into a captivating multicultural state capital.

What is the cost of visiting Melbourne?

Melbourne boasts more than its fair share of great dining options. If you’re looking for the perfect excuse to indulge after saving on great last-minute flights from London to Melbourne, you’ll find no shortage of incredible fine-dining restaurants, with main meals costing, on average, upwards of $50 AUD. If fine dining doesn’t work with your budget, there are plenty of great mid-range restaurants serving up a wide assortment of international cuisines for less than $30 AUD per main. Melbourne is also renowned for its vibrant cafe culture, where you’ll be able to find meals for around $20.

Whether you’re travelling on last-minute flights from London to Melbourne with the whole family in tow, sticking to a strict budget or planning the trip of a lifetime, it’s easy to find a hotel to match your needs and your budget in Melbourne. Take your pick from serviced apartments, luxury stays and just about everything in between. While some hostels offer beds for less than $100 AUD a night, a stay in a standard 3-star hotel in the city centre will set you back approximately $150 to $200 AUD per night.

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