Hiring a Car in Hamburg-Lokstedt, Germany

Top Things to Do and See with Car Rental in Hamburg – Lokstedt, Germany


Bremen is a fairytale town located about 1 hour 20 minutes’ drive west of Hamburg. Plan a day trip here when you book cheap car hire in Hamburg – Lokstedt, Germany for a different experience. Paid parking is available all throughout central Bremen, making it an easy place to visit with a car rental in Hamburg – Lokstedt, Germany. In addition to admiring Bremen’s beautiful medieval buildings, attractions to visit include Marktplatz, the Schnoor Quarter, and Mühle am Wall.

Altes Land

Located 45 minutes’ drive west of Hamburg, Altes Land is the largest fruit-growing area in Germany. Visitors with car rental in Hamburg – Lokstedt, Germany can visit Altes Land to experience the scenic countryside of northern Germany. Throughout Altes Land, there are quaint villages, cycling trails and orchards, plus opportunities to try pastries made from local fruit. If you visit in autumn, you can even pick your own fruit when you rent a car in Hamburg – Lokstedt, Germany.

Schwerin Castle

In order to reach Schwerin Castle, pick up your cheap car hire in Hamburg – Lokstedt, Germany and drive 1 hour 20 minutes east. While Schwerin Castle has been altered over the years, it’s been in the same location in some form since about 973 AD. Today, the castle has a beautiful design and appears as if it belongs in a fairytale. Surrounding the castle are gardens to explore and a museum to learn about the castle’s history. While parking isn’t available directly at the castle, several public car parks are available within a five-minute walk away.

Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park

While this national park is only 100 kilometres (60 miles) from Hamburg, it feels a world away from the bustling city. There are incredible wildlife and natural landscapes to experience here when you book car hire Hamburg – Lokstedt, Germany. In order to reach the national park, drive to the coastal town of Cuxhaven. From there, you’ll be able to experience the German coastline by hiking through mud flats and salt marshes, viewing a seal colony, and riding horses along the beach. A few tiny islands are located within Wadden Sea National Park and are accessible by ferry from Cuxhaven. These islands are a haven for avid bird watchers.

Tips for First-Time Travellers with Car Hire Hamburg – Lokstedt, Germany

Brush up on Germany’s basic road rules

When you rent a car in Hamburg – Lokstedt, Germany, there’s no need to obtain an international driving permit if your licence is in English. However, you’ll be required to have had a full licence for at least a year, sometimes two years depending on the rental company. Cars in Germany drive on the right side of the road. Manual cars are the standard in Germany, so if you prefer automatic, make sure to specify this when you book your car hire Hamburg – Lokstedt, Germany on Webjet.

Pay attention to speed while driving on the Autobahn

Germany’s Autobahn highways are famous for their apparent lack of speed limits. While some stretches don’t have a maximum speed, much of the Autobahn has a speed limit of 120 km/h. Also note that faster cars pass on the left and slower cars should stay in the right lane.

Make sure your rental car has an Umweltplakette sticker

When you book cheap car hire in Hamburg – Lokstedt, Germany, make sure you take note of ‘green zones’. These ‘green zones’ are becoming common in urban areas and denote the kind of vehicle permitted in the area. In order to drive through these areas, all cars must have a special sticker to ensure it meets low emission requirements. Driving through these areas without the sticker when you book car hire Hamburg – Lokstedt, Germany could result in a fine. If your car doesn’t have a sticker, the rental company should provide it for you.

The Best Time to Visit Germany

When you rent a car in Hamburg – Lokstedt, Germany, the time of year you visit could change your experience. Summer offers the warmest weather with daytime temperatures reaching about 25°C. During this time, there’s plenty of sunshine, offering the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. However, summer is also high season in Germany. If you book car hire Hamburg – Lokstedt, Germany in summer, be sure to book well in advance. On the other hand, winter is low season to book car rental in Hamburg – Lokstedt, Germany. Christmas season is magical in Germany but can experience some snow. If you aren’t experienced driving in snow, plan your visit for a warmer time. In order to experience pleasant weather with fewer crowds than during the summer months, travel to Germany between April and May or September and October. When you book a car rental in Hamburg – Lokstedt, Germany in spring or autumn, expect temperatures of about 15°C during the day, accompanied by spring flowers or autumn foliage.