New York City (NYC)

New York is home to many famous attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Time Square, Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge and is also the most populated city in the USA, home to more than eight million people. There are three airports located in New York, John F Kennedy Airport, Newark liberty International Airport and La Guardia Airport.


JFK Airport - John F Kennedy International (JFK)

JFK Airport Terminal MapNew York’s largest airport, John F Kennedy Airport is situated on Jamaica Bay in Queens. JFK Airport is conveniently located 25 kilometres from New York City, approximately an hour drive.



Queens, NY 11430,
Tel: +1 718-244-4444


JFK Transportation

JFK International airport offers many forms of transport including car hire, taxi, airport shuttle buses, limousines and train.


JFK Rental Cars

Car hire is available from John F Kennedy International airport from the following car rental providers:


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Taxis at John F Kennedy International Airport

The taxi ride from JFK airport will cost a flat rate plus tolls to any location in Manhattan. However to return to the JFK airport the taxi driver will charge you the metered fare plus tolls.


Limousines and car services

Car services at JFK airport can either be pre booked before arrival or you can call as soon as you land. Although more expensive than a taxi car services are ideal for people who don’t want to wait in long lines. They are also perfect for people traveling in large groups as limos and vans are often provided for groups over 10.


John F Kennedy International Airport Shuttle Bus

There are several shuttle bus services to Manhattan including the New York Airport Service Express bus and the Super shuttle.

The New York Airport Service Express bus departs every 15-30 minutes between the hours of 6:30 am and 11:10 pm and the journey takes an hour. Families should take note that for each ticket purchased a child travels free. Passengers can either be dropped off at a general designated area in Manhattan for a lower price or at their specific midtown hotel for a slightly increased fare. Discounted roundtrips can also be purchased online for.

Providing a 24 hour service the Super shuttle bus charges you a certain price depending on your destination. No reservations are required to get from the airport and the shuttle bus is a door to door service. However reservations are required for your return trip back to JFK airport.


Parking at JFK Airport

Both short and long term parking is available at JFK international airport.

The four short term parking lots are located close to the terminals and long term parking is approximately 5 or 6 kilometres from the airport. Passengers can reach this car park via the Airtrain.


Airtrain JFK

The light rail Airtrain connects directly to New York’s subway system which will then take you directly to Manhattan. The trip takes an hour and you will have to purchase both an Airtrain ticket and a Subway ticket.


Hotels at JFK Airport

Many hotels are located in and around JFK International airport with the closest only a 5 minutes drive from the terminals.

On the other hand if you wish to stay in downtown New York, there’s a large range of hotels from budget accommodation to luxury resorts.

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Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Newark Airport Terminal MapNewark Liberty International Airport is not actually located in New York however it is an important travel hub for travelers heading to New York City. The airport is in fact located in Newark, New Jersey only 26 kilometres from midtown Manhattan. The best thing about Newark Liberty International Airport in comparison to the other airports is it offers direct flights from numerous cities that don’t have direct services from the other airports.



3 Brewster Rd,
NJ 07114,
Tel:+1 973-961-6000


Newark Airport Transportation

Passengers will never get stuck at Newark Liberty International Airport as there a so many ways to travel to their selected location. Available for use are car rental services, taxis, shuttle buses, limousines and train services.

Car Hire at Newark International Airport

Car hire is available from Newark Liberty International airport from the following car rental providers:

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Newark Airport Taxi

Taxi services are available at Newark Liberty Airport and will transport you to any location in Manhattan.


Limousines at Newark Airport

Throughout New York taxis are unable to be pre booked so as an alternative car and limousine services are available. Though a more expensive alternative to a taxi, car and limousine services offer passengers the relief of knowing they have transportation waiting for them immediately when they get off the plane. This option is also an ideal choice as vans and limos are provided for groups in excess of 10 people.


Newark Liberty International Airport Shuttle Bus

The Newark Liberty Airport Express travels from the airport to midtown Manhattan every 15 to 30 minutes every day of the year. Tickets can be bought at the airport or pre purchase discounted tickets online. A child under 12 travels free with every adult ticket bought.

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Newark Airport Long Term Parking

Short and long term parking is available at Newark Liberty Airport. Short term parking can be found in 3 different parking lots out the front of each terminal.

Daily parking is connected to the terminals by a free airtrain service and has the same rates as short term parking aside from the maximum fee.

Valet Parking is located in garage P4 and costs a little more while economy long term parking found in the P6 parking lot is a cheap for a 24 hour stay.

For more information about parking at Newark Liberty International Airport visit:


Newark Airtrain

The Airtrain provides a low-cost way to reach Manhattan from the airport. In order to reach downtown Manhattan simply take the Airtrain to Newark Liberty Airport station and buy a ticket for a NJ Transit or Amtrak train that stops at the station. Tickets can be purchased from ticket machines at the stations.


Accommodation near Newark Liberty International Airport

Located on the Newark Liberty Airport premises the Marriott hotel is a convenient place for travelers to stay as it offers express check in and out.

Conversely if you’re looking for a hotel closer to Manhattan there is large variety of accommodation to match anyone’s budget.

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LGA - LaGuardia International Airport

LaGuardia Airport Terminal MapOf all three of New York’s commercial airports LaGuardia Airport is the smallest. The airport mainly handles domestic flights but some international flights do use this airport. It is located in the borough of Queens, New York, bordering both Bowery Bay and Flushing Bay. It is conveniently situated 13 kilometres from downtown Manhattan which is a 20-40 minute drive.


NY 11371,
Tel: +1 718-533-3400


Transport to and from LaGuardia Airport

Car hire, Taxis, limousines and shuttle buses are among the many forms of transport available from LaGuardia Airport.


LaGuardia Airport Car Rental

LaGuardia offers car hire from the following car rental providers:

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Taxis at LaGuardia Airport

Taxis can be hailed from LaGuardia Airport, they will take you the 20- 40 minute trip to Manhattan. It is common curtesy to tip the driver per bag.



For a little more money than a taxi ride travelers can be given a first class experience in a limo or sedan. This service means the driver will open doors and help you with your luggage.


LaGuardia Airport Shuttle Bus

There are a number of shuttle bus services operating out of La Guardia Airport, the main one being the New York Airport Service Express Bus. The Express Bus service leaves for Manhattan every 20-30 minutes.

For more information on LaGuardia International Airport shuttle bus services visit


LaGuardia Airport Parking

There are 7,500 public parking spaces available at LaGuardia Airport made up of both short and long term parking. There are 5 parking lots for short term and daily parking and one onsite long term parking lot. There is additional private long term parking garages near the airport. Metered parking is also available at the Marine Air terminal for people staying only a short time.


RER Train Service

In order to reach Manhattan by train passengers must firstly take a complimentary M60 bus ride to the train station. The train ride into Manhattan will need to be paid using a token or a Metrocard.


Hotels near LaGuardia Airport

Lots of hotels are located near LaGuardia airport however the LaGuardia Airport Hotel would defiantly be the closest.

Alternatively if you prefer accommodation closer to Manhattan there is an endless amount of great hotels to match anyone’s budget.

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