Archerfield Airport (YBAF)

Archerfield Airport is Brisbane's secondary airport, located at Archerfield 12 kilometres southwest of Brisbane. For an extensive period, Archerfield was Brisbane’s primary airport. The airport is Queensland busiest terminal in terms of general aviation movements and contains the largest number of aviation operators and flying schools.\

Airport History

Due to the convenient location, Archerfield has become a popular destination for Stradbroke, Moreton and Fraser islands aviation operators.
The airport dates back to 1929 when the government originally purchased the land and named the space Archerfield. From the 1930’s, QANTAS, Ansett, ANA and TAA moved their operations to Acherfield until after World War II, where they moved back to Eagle Farm. In World War II the airfield was occupied by The Royal Australian Air Force, The US Army Air Forces, Royal Navy Air Arm and the Royal Netherlands Air Force. It was also a port for equipment and arms.  Heritage listed, Archerfield. Second World War Igloos Complex is also found on the borders of the airport.

The airport now facilitates as Brisbane’s southeast for Civil Aviation and where vintage airplanes from the World War era are regularly spotted. Archerfield offers 4 runways. The main runway is integrated with pilot activated lighting for night flights. Helipads are also on site for helicopter services. There are 68 hangars found at the airport as well as more than 80 businesses and workshops. A combination of aviation and non-aviation services is in operation including aircraft sales, flying schools and pilot supplies.

For those with a keen aviation interest, the Aviator Store gift shop is the place to purchase souvenirs; from memorabilia to aviation books and navigation equipment. Archerfield is also home to a historic passenger/administration building. The beautifully preserved art deco design was completed in 1941, with oak rich interior and carpeted flooring popular to the times.

The air traffic control tower was also erected at the same time; however it has now been replaced by Archer Tower. Archer Tower is located on the southern boundary and is open between 7am and 5pm.

Archerfield Airport has short term and two long-term car parks available. Short-term parking is available for travellers who require parking for less than 12 hours. Car parking is available at $2.00 per day. Visitors are also required to register their vehicles with the Archerfield Airport Corporation within 72 hours of arrival.  The car parks facilities are not secured.

Archerfield has many development prospects with over 75 hectares of land intended to house a variety of commercial and industrial businesses for both non-aviation and aviation operations.