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Singapore Airlines is a company that prides itself on innovation. Based in Changi Airport, Singapore Airlines has been the first airline to achieve many things. In 2007, they were the first airline to start flying Airbus A380s and are now proud of their fleet of over 100 aircrafts, prioritising comfort and space for all passengers. Flying to over 62 destinations and one of the main airlines throughout South-east Asia, Singapore Airlines now also provides a low-cost option through their own carrier Scoot. In more recent years, they have heavily invested in refining their inflight dining experience, publishing their very own cookbook in 2010.

Pre-Flight Information

Online Check-In

Check-in with Singapore Airlines is possible online or via the SingaporeAir mobile app. Online check-in can be done between 48 hours to 1.5 hours before the flight’s departure. 


Cabin baggage allowances with Singapore Airlines vary based on the passenger's class of travel.

Cabin Baggage

For those travelling in Suites, First Class or Business Class, passengers are given a Cabin Baggage allowance of 2 pieces, 7 kilograms each. The sum of the length, width and height should not exceed 115cm.

Premium Economy and Economy Class travellers are able to bring 1 piece of 7 kilogram luggage, with the sum of the length, width and height not exceeding 115cm.

Passengers must be able to stow their baggage securely overhead or under the seat in front of them.

Checked Baggage

The Checked Baggage allowance with Singapore Airlines varies based on the weight or piece concept and traveler’s final destination. All free baggage allowances will be indicated on your ticket.

When travelling in Suites or First Class, travellers are given a Check baggage allowance of 50 kilograms. For PPS Club members, they are given an additional 50 kilograms and for KrisFlyer Elite Gold and Star Alliance Gold members, they are given an additional 20 kilograms of luggage.

For Business Class travellers, the Checked baggage allowance is 40 kilograms. For PPS Club members, they are given an additional 40 kilograms and for KrisFlyer Elite Gold and Star Alliance Gold members, they are given an additional 20 kilograms of luggage.

Premium Economy travellers have a Checked baggage allowance of 35 kilograms. For PPS Club members, they are given an additional 35 kilograms and for KrisFlyer Elite Gold and Star Alliance Gold members, they are given an additional 20 kilograms of luggage.

For those travelling in Flexi or Standard Economy Class, they are given a baggage allowance of 30 kilograms. For PPS Club members, they are given an additional 30 kilograms and for KrisFlyer Elite Gold and Star Alliance Gold members, they are given an additional 20 kilograms of luggage.

For those travelling in Lite Economy Class, they are given a baggage allowance of 25 kilograms. For PPS Club members, they are given an additional 30 kilograms and for KrisFlyer Elite Gold and Star Alliance Gold members, they are given an additional 20 kilograms of luggage.

Automated Bag Drop

At select airports, travelers are able to drop checked baggage as early as 24 hours prior to take off at automated bag drop counters. All that is required is printing baggage tags at Singapore Airways self-service kiosks, attaching them to luggage and following the instructions on the screens.

PPS Club

The Singapore Airlines PPS Club has been designed to recognise their most valuable customers, rewarding them for loyalty and offering them special treatment. By accumulating 25,000 in PPS Value within 12 consecutive months, traveler’s will be welcomed as a PPS Club member, able to access the exclusive lounge areas around the world, extra check-in baggage allowances, always guaranteed a reservation in Economy Class, seat selection privileges, complimentary WiFi and much more.


Departing from

Airfare Specials


KrisFlyer is Singapore Airlines' very own frequent flyer programme, for rewarding passengers for traveling and when they are at home. Travelers can earn points through flights, shopping, hotels, car hire and more. Customers are also able to earn and redeem miles within the Singapore Airlines Group which includes Virgin Australia and the Star Alliance network.

With three triers, KrisFlyer, KrisFlyer Elite Silver and KrisFlyer Elite Gold, passengers advance as they travel more, with added bonuses such as miles, priority check-in, boarding and baggage handling, lounge access and more.

In-Flight Experience

In-Flight Entertainment

Singapore Airlines has a wide selection of in-flight entertainment offerings, ranging from over 1400 on-demand movies, TV shows, music and more. All entertainment options can be accessed within Krisworld, their very own in-flight entertainment system. To ensure premium comfort, travelers are able to enjoy Krisworld from their very own personal electronic devices. Singapore Airlines also offers a range of games and apps to keep travelers entertained.

In-flight Wi-Fi is one other convenient service offered by Singapore Airlines on all aircrafts to make sure travelers are able to stay connected with loved ones. Customers are also able to access the internet or send text messages via data roaming on-board. For all passengers travelling in Suites, First Class, Business Class, PPS Club members, supplementary cardholders and KrisFlyer members in Premium Economy or Business Class are given a Wi-Fi allowance based on their class of travel.


When designing the premium menu for Singapore Airlines, chefs have taken a range of elements into account including the cabin pressure of flights, which can influence the perceived taste of different foods.

Once Suites, First, Business or Premium Economy Class travelers receive confirmation of their booking, they are able to pre-select their main course meal up to 7 days before their flight.
Pre-ordering of meals varies from flight to flight. Traveler’s are able to confirm upon booking.

The ‘Book the Cook’ experience offered by Singapore Airlines is not one traveler’s find frequently, presenting travelers with a restaurant look and feel and serving up world class dishes. Passengers are able to select from a range of meals, including creations inspired by their International Culinary Panel. ‘Book the Cook’ availability varies between aircraft and travel class.

Singapore Airlines prides themselves on providing meals for enjoyment as well as catering to dietary requirements such as religious, dietary or allergy needs, or even for teething toddlers. All that is required is a request from the list of Special Meals. They ask travelers to make any requests at least 48 hours prior to departure from Istanbul and at least 32 hours prior to takeoff when departing from Dubai, Fukuoka, Haneda, Hong Kong, Incheon, Nagoya, Narita, Osaka, Perth, Taipei.

Singapore Airlines also strives to serve the best wine to travelers, having the world’s leading experts tasting over 1000 different drops each year. They again, ensure to take into account all the elements when flying like cabin pressure, to ensure passengers can enjoy something special onboard.

Cabin Classes

Economy Class

Singapore Airlines Economy Class has been designed to ensure travelers the maximum amount of personal space. For those who require extra legroom, there are Extra Legroom Seats available with wider pitches and located near exits.

Premium Economy Class

Designed with greater width seats, the Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Class experience is designed for enhanced comfort. With premium options such as the ‘Book the Cook’ experience available, flying Premium Economy lets passengers sit back, relax and smile.

First Class

Singapore Airlines First Class travel offers a range of features across their Boeing 777 aircrafts. With sculpted headrests, extra-wide, plush seats and extended curved partitions for added privacy, they ensure premium comfort. With all the KrisWorld in-flight entertainment and the ‘Book the Cook’ experience available, the First Class Singapore Airlines experience offers a premium experience.

Business Class

The Singapore Business Class experience strives to ensure everything goes to plan. Allowing customers to pre-book their meal with ‘Book the Chef’ and an uninterrupted sleep with a fully reclining bed, so passengers are refreshed and awake ready for business upon landing.


Singapore Airlines also has Suites available for travelers looking for added privacy. With rich, leather upholstery seats that are reclinable and swivel freely, double bed suites suited to those travelling with loved ones, sliding doors to create a private space and HD touchscreen monitors paired with noise-cancelling headphones for an enhanced KrisWorld experience. These gorgeous suites also have spacious lavatories to complete the experience, with a sit-down vanity counter and range of luxury toiletries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When was Singapore Airlines formed?

Starting out in 1947 as Malayan Airways Limited, their initial destinations consisted of Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang. In 1963, Malayan Airways Limited became Malaysian Airways Limited in commemoration of The Federation of Malaysia forming. In 1966, Malaysian Airways Limited became Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA). In the 1970s, MSA was the first airline to give out free headsets for in-flight entertainment and a choice of meals in Economy Class, demonstrating their ambition to innovate. In 1971, they made their first transcontinental journey from Singapore to London and in 1972, MSA separated into two airlines forming Singapore Airlines as we know it today.

Throughout the years, Singapore Airlines has rapidly grown and innovated, in 1989, being the first airline to send a Boeing 747-400 commercial flight from Singapore across the Pacific and also the first airline to start flying Airbus A380s in 2007. 

Do passengers have to pay to select their seats in advance?

When passengers are travelling in Suites, First Class or Business class, seat selection is complimentary at all times. Those travelling in Premium Economy als enjoy complimentary seat selection, however fees apply for Extra legroom seats.

When travelling as an Economy Flexi passenger, Economy Standard and Forward Zone Seats can be selected for free in advance, from time of booking. Economy Standard fares allow passengers to select their seats in advance for free, while those travelling on Economy Lite or Value fare can select Standard or Forward Zone seats for a small fee.

For PPS Club, KrisFlyer Elite Gold or Silver members, selecting seats in certain categories in advance is free, in accordance with their membership tier.

How can you check in online?

Visit the Singapore Airlines website. Passengers will first need to get their e-ticket and booking reference number handy and your last name. Check the box next to your name, all your details should already be there! Check all of your details are correct, fill out what might be missing. This will make things easier at the airport. You should now be all set! Don’t forget your passport.

How can you change your seats online?

Didn’t pick a seat when you were booking? Passengers can now change their seats online when they have changed their mind. Visit the Singapore Airlines website and enter your booking reference number. You should now be able to adjust your seat to what else might be available under the ‘change seat’ selection.