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Discover all the wonders South Korea has to offer with Korean Air. The airline currently has a fleet of 147 airplanes flying to 122 destinations across 42 countries, and is part of the Sky Team airline alliance. The airline prides itself in operational excellence, service excellende and innovative exellence to provide an enjoyable and convenient travel experience for travellers flying to and from South Korea.

Pre-Flight Information

Airport Check-In

You can choose to check in at the airport by visiting a Korean Air agent at the check-in counter, where they'll assist you with the process, answer any inquiries and ensure a smooth start to your journey. Alternatively, you can use a self-service kiosk located at the airport, where you can print your boarding pass and check your bags. Airport check-in timings differ depending on your departure airport and destination, so please refer to your booking information for the most up-to-date guidelines.

Online Check-In

Enjoy the convenience of online check-in with Korean Air. You can access your boarding pass and complete the check-in process through the Korean Air official website or the Korean Air mobile app. Online check-in typically begins 24 hours before your scheduled departure, but will vary again, depending on your departure airport and destination.

Baggage Requirements

Korean Air offers various baggage allowance requirements.

Checked Baggage: The amount you pay for extra baggage depends on where you are flying to and from. For some destinations, extra baggage is charged per kilogram, and for other destinations it is charged per bag.

Carry On Baggage: The total of the dimensions of a carry-on bag must be 115cm(45in) or less, or each side must not exceed 20cm (D), 55cm (L), and 40cm (W)


Departing from

Airfare Specials

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KAL Lounge

Indulge in a moment of relaxation within the inviting surroundings of KAL Lounge. Access to the KAL Lounge is available to:

  1. First Class passengers
  2. SKYPASS Million Miler Club members
  3. SKYPASS Morning Calm member
  4. Partnership cardholders
  5. SKYPASS Morning Calm Premium club member
  6. SkyTeam Elite Plus Members
  7. Prestige Class passenger

SKYPASS Morning Calm members have access to KAL Prestige Class lounges up to four times during the two-year period. 

Lounge access is available on the day of the travel and may be subject to lounge availability.


Where are KAL Lounges available?

Korean Air has KAL Lounges in Korea, Japan and the Americas.

Korea: Seoul (Gimpo, Incheon), Busan, Jeju

Japan: Nagoya, Tokyo (Narita), Osaka, Fukuoka

Americas: New York, Los Angeles, Honolulu

In-Flight Experience

Economy Class Services

Korean Air Economy Class is full of comfort and enjoyment, offering the highest-quality service possible, from departure to arrival, no matter where you're travelling.

We have various seasonal meals made with ingredients unique to each season, with wines on-board that have been handpicked by a sommelier. 

Our cabin crew provide a wake-up service, so just request a time that you'd like to be gently awoken and our team are happy to assist.

Mood lighting is on our flights, with dimming and brightening settings on to gradually help you relax and relieve fatigue.

Cabin Classes

Korean Air offers three core classes of travel: Economy Class, Prestige Class & First Class.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How and when was Korean Air formed?

Korean Air, initially known as Korean National Airlines, was founded on March 1, 1969. It has since grown to become South Korea's flagship carrier and one of the world's major airlines.

What do I do if my Korean Air flight is impacted?

If your Korean Air flight is impacted, check for updates via email or notifications. Please visit our support page for more information on what to do if your flight has been impacted.

What is Korean Air doing for the planet?

Korean Air is actively addressing environmental sustainability by investing in more fuel-efficient aircraft, exploring sustainable aviation fuels, and implementing measures to reduce carbon emissions. They are also committed to waste reduction and recycling initiatives to minimize their environmental impact.

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