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Hainan Airlines


Hainan Airlines is one of China’s fastest growing airlines, and operates flights within China and around the world. Founded in 1993, Hainan Airlines is recognised for its extensive route network throughout Asia, Europe, North America and the South Pacific. Hainan Airlines has an excellent safety record, and is well-known for providing high-quality service.


Pre-Flight Information

Check-In Information

International Flights

Passengers should arrive at Hainan Airlines check-in counters between 2 to 3 hours prior to flight departure time. The check-in counters close 40 to 65 minutes prior to the scheduled flight time. Hainan Airlines’ online check-in service is available from 28 hours, up until 24 hours before scheduled departure. The window for checking in online varies between flight routes.


Domestic Flights

Check-in for Hainan Airlines’ domestic flights closes between 20 and 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.



Carry-On Baggage

Domestic Flights

Business Class passengers are permitted two carry-on bags each, while Economy Class passengers may only carry one bag on-board. A weight limit of 5kg for carry-on baggage applies to all domestic flight passengers, no matter cabin class booked.


International Flights

Passengers departing on flights from the USA are permitted one piece of carry-on luggage, not exceeding 10kg. Travellers on flights departing from other international destinations also have a maximum weight limit of 10kg for their carry-on luggage, however Business Class passengers are allowed two pieces of baggage. Economy Class passengers are permitted one piece of carry-on luggage.


Checked Baggage Allowance

The checked baggage allowance on Hainan Airlines flights varies between cabin class and flight route. Members of Hainan Airlines’ loyalty programs also received additional baggage benefits.


Hainan Airlines Economy Class

For most routes, the maximum baggage allowance for Hainan Airlines’ Economy Class passengers is 23kg. Some routes throughout Asia may offer a maximum allowance of up to 32kg.


Flights from Beijing to Abu Dhabi

Economy Class passengers travelling from Beijing to Abu Dhabi are allowed 30kg of checked baggage. This covers two pieces of checked luggage.


Flights from Beijing to Luanda

Passengers travelling from Beijing to Luanda are allowed 40kg of checked baggage.


Domestic flights within Mainland China

Passengers travelling within mainland China have an allowance of 20kg for checked baggage.


Flights from China to Almaty

Economy Class passengers on services between China and Almaty have a maximum checked baggage allowance of 32kg.


Hainan Airlines Business Class

Hainan Airlines’ checked baggage allowance for Business Class passengers is a maximum of 32kg, covering up to two pieces per passenger for most routes. Some exceptions are listed below:


Flights from Beijing to Abu Dhabi

Passengers travelling from Beijing to Abu Dhabi may travel with a maximum 40kg of checked baggage. This allowance covers up to two pieces of checked luggage.


Flights from Beijing to Luanda

Passengers on Beijing to Luanda flights are allowed 50kg of checked luggage, across two pieces of baggage.


Domestic flights within mainland China

The Business Class baggage allowance for domestic flights within mainland China is 30kg. Passengers may check-in a maximum of two pieces.


Fortune Wings Club

Hainan Airlines’ loyalty program is the Fortune Wings Club. The Fortune Wings Club is also the joint frequent flyer program with other partner airlines including, Hong Kong Airlines, Grand China Air and Lucky Air, among others.The program has five membership levels: Fortune Wings Card, Select, Silver, Gold and Platinum. A certain level of Status Qualifying Points (SQP) or Status Qualifying Segments (SQS) must be achieved in a 12-month window in order to move between membership tiers. Silver, Gold and Platinum Card holders are considered elite tiers. Members can earn points when booking flights with Hainan Airlines or partner airlines. Fortune Wings Club benefits range from priority bookings and check-in, to receiving extra legroom seat, additional baggage allowance, priority boarding, lounge access, and in-flight duty free discounts.




Hainan Airlines has lounges in Beijing Capital International Airport and Hangzhou International Airport. The lounge in Beijing T1 is available to Business Class passengers, as well as those who are Fortune Wings Gold or Silver Card holders. VIP passengers are also welcomed into this lounge. The second of Hainan Airlines’ Beijing lounges is located in T2, and is called the HNA Club. It is available for Business Class passengers, plus Fortune Wings Club Platinum Card holders and Alaska Airlines Elite Members. The Hangzhou HNA Club VIP Lounge is located inside Terminal 3 and is available for Business Class passengers, plus those holding Fortune Wings Club Platinum, Gold and Silver cards. Facilities across Hainan Airlines lounges include leisure spaces, entertainment zones, shower facilities and dining options. Some passengers are welcome to bring guests into lounges, depending on their cabin class or membership level.



Hainan Airlines does not currently operate its own international lounges, but does, however, have partnership agreements that allows its passengers to access an extensive network of international lounges. These lounges can be found across Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and more), North America (Las Vegas, Toronto, Calgary, New York City, Los Angeles and Seattle), Europe (Dublin, Manchester, Brussels, Paris, Rome, Oslo) and the South Pacific (Sydney, Auckland, Melbourne, Brisbane).


In-Flight Experience

In-flight Entertainment

Hainan Airlines’ in-flight entertainment offering includes a variety of films, popular television shows, modern and classic music, and interactive games. In-flight entertainment is available on all of Hainan Airlines’ services.



Meals are included in a Hainan Airlines airfare, no matter if the flight is short- or long-haul. The number of meals and snacks, and meal service times, vary by flight duration. Economy Class passengers are typically offered a choice of Chinese or Western cuisine, and a list of award-winning wines is also available. Passengers with special dining requirements - religious, vegetarian, dietary, children - can reserve their meals at least 24 hours prior to departure. Please note that special meals are not available on all flights. Business Class passengers on long-haul flights receive two meal services and may select from menus including appetizers, salads, main courses, desserts, cheese and fresh fruit. Business Class passengers also have access to snacks at the centre bar, including potato chips, nuts, cookies and chocolate.


Cabin Class

Economy Class 

Hainan Airlines’ Economy Class provides passengers with friendly service and a variety of thoughtfully designed amenities. Some of the features of Hainan Airlines Economy Class include ergonomic seating, full meal services, blankets and waist pillows, and in-flight entertainment. Hainan Airlines’ Economy Class seats have a typical pitch of 31 and 32 inches.


Premium Economy

Hainan Airlines’ Premium Economy class seats come in a 2-3-2 configuration, and have 38 inches of personal space and a recline of up to 7 inches. These seats also have storage areas, USB charging port, leather upholstered headrest and footrest. Passengers travelling in Premium Economy also receive some priority ground services (check-in, upgrades, boarding, disembarkation), plus dedicated cabins and in-flight service.


Business Class

The Business Class cabins on Hainan Airlines are determined by aircraft - usually in a 1-2-1 or 2-2-2 configuration. The seat design also varies depending on aircraft, although 180-degree flat-lie beds are most common. Other design features of Business Class seats include USB ports, privacy partitions, extendable dining tables, multiple storage compartments and generous seat pitch. Business Class passengers enjoy delicious in-flight meals prepared from fresh, seasonal produce, as well as access to an elevated in-flight entertainment system, luxury Bvlgari amenity kits, and airport lounges. Business Class passengers also have access to Bose noise-cancelling earphones and a limousine airport transfer service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hainan Airlines based?

Hainan Airlines is based in the People’s Republic of China. Hainan Airlines connects its passengers to destinations across Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Oceania.


Does Hainan Airlines have WiFi?

On-board Wi-Fi is available on selected Hainan Airlines flights.


When should I contact Hainan Airlines for a special meal request?

If you have any special dietary requirements, select the appropriate dietary meal choice when purchasing your flight ticket online.


Do Hainan Airlines offer First Class?

Hainan Airlines does not offer First Class. It operates Economy Class, Premium Economy and Business Class airfares.


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