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Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines, based at Incheon International Airport in Seoul, is one of South Korea's two major airlines (alongside Korean Air), and has flights going into 73 international airports in 15 countries.


Asiana has a fleet of 62 aircraft and flies direct from Seoul to Sydney, daily.


About Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines was introduced as the second flag carrier in Korea in 1988.The company philosophy for Asiana Airlines is to take customers to their destination on time, in the fastest, safest and most convenient way. Asiana Airlines maintains the youngest fleet worldwide. Their 61 aircraft serves 45 cities in 15 countries, including 18 destinations within Korea. Asiana Airlines provides the largest connection between mainland China and the rest of the world, focusing not only on playing a significant role in covering all major Asian destinations, but is also expanding its global network coverage. In 2002, Asiana carried more than 12 million passengers with 283 scheduled daily flights. Asiana Airlines became a member of the Star Alliance in 2003, joining the world's largest global alliance and providing valuable network and loyalty benefits to customers.


Classes of Travel


First Class

Asiana Airlines has a brand-new premium service First Class cabin which offers comfort and convenience unrivalled in the aviation world. Asiana Airlines offers the advanced sleeper seat, which can be folded by 180 degrees, to ensure a sleep experience for the greater comfort of the passenger. The passenger will enjoy all the comfort offered in the first-class hotel bed, in Asiana Airlines First Class. Asiana Airlines provides a variety of inflight meals for the route, including "Royal Court formal dinner", Formal Western Cuisine that reflects the character of the destination city as well as various light meals and snacks. Each customer in Asiana Airlines First Class can choose to watch their own movie from their individual video system.,/p>


Business Class

Asiana Airlines Business Class aims to make the journey more enjoyable and allow business to be executed faster and more conveniently. Business class in Asiana Airlines aircraft has a wider gap between seats, exceeding 50" and full automatic, reclining seats are installed in Asiana Airlines B777 aircraft for added convenience and composure during long-distance travel. Asiana Airlines Business Class cabin comes equipped with a satellite phone and facsimile for smooth communication with the ground. An SMS service is also available, in addition to a PC power outlet installed for each seat. In Asiana Airlines Business Class various courses of formal Western cuisine are offered. More elegant Korean food service, which is unique to Asiana Airlines, is provided with various menus, depending on the route. Passengers can watch a movie using the AVOD (Audio and Video On Demand) service on an individual monitor in Asiana Airlines Business Class.


Travel Class

In Asiana Airlines Travel or Economy Class, passengers can enjoy the comfortable and cozy mood and unique service offered only by Asiana Airlines. In particular, all seats in the A330-300 and B777-200 aircraft are equipped with an on-demand audio/video service (AVOD), as well as 6.5" LCD monitor. Asiana Airlines provides unique and elegant inflight meals including Western, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine in Travel Class. The departure country's food is served as the basic menu according to the operating route.


In-flight Entertainment

The inflight entertainment system of Asiana Airlines is AVOD, the Audio Video On Demand system. On Asiana Airlines the passenger can elect the movie, music, game and contents of choice using the AVOD system, with stop and resume playback settings that can be used at the passengers discretion.

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